Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 – Which is the Best Laptop?


Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 tablets are perfect for on-the-go creativity. However, both have unique features themselves, but we suggest you pick Surface Pro X.

Why Should You Pick Surface Pro X?

  • Surface Pro X is integrated with Microsoft SQ® 2 processor with eight cores, and it delivers 1.80GHz speed. Besides, the Surface Pro 7 has Intel Core i7-1065G7 Processor, including four cores, and you will get 1.30GHz speed. However, the Pro X’s processor makes the device faster than its competitor. 
  • In terms of GPU, this tablet beats the Pro 7 because it has Adreno™ 690 GPU that takes the device performance to the next level. On the other hand, its sibling combines Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics i7, which is not responsive like Pro X. 
  • You can use this device for up to 15 hours on a single charge, while the Pro 7 battery can last for 10.5 hours. At the same time, this offers a fast charging feature. Therefore it takes one hour to reach 80% battery. Unfortunately, its brother does not have a fast charging function which is a downside of the device. 
  • Both have 16 GB RAM, but there’s a slight difference between them. Surface Pro X has an LPDDR4 drive while Pro 7 has DDR, whereas LPDDR4 provides faster performance. Also, it helps improve the battery life, which is very convenient. 
  • These two tablets are equipped with Dolby audio, but the Pro X produces slightly better sound. This device has a 2W stereo speaker. In contrast, the Pro 7 has a 1.6W stereo speaker, so the Pro X can produce clear and rich sound.

These features make Surface Pro X a decently powerful tablet compared to Surface Pro 7. Therefore, you should consider its best features to make your investment worth it. 


Similar Features

  • Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X have Windows 10 operating systems, which improves the security of the devices that is very convenient for you. 
  • Both tablets’ screens can adjust the brightness automatically when the sun goes down. Thus, your eyes won’t be affected by the blue rays of the device.
  • These two devices have 512 GB of storage which gives enough speed to play games or watch HD video, or whichever you want to do.

Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7 Comparison Chart

Specifications Surface Pro X Surface Pro 7
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5  4.6 out of 5
Processor  Microsoft SQ® 2 Intel Core i7-1065G7 Processor
Graphics Microsoft SQ® 2 Adreno™ 690 GPU Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics i7
Battery Life  15 hours  10.5 hours 
Camera Resolution  Front: 5 MP

Rear: 10 MP

Front: 5 MP

Rear: 8 MP

Speaker 2W Stereo Speaker 1.6W Stereo Speaker
Hard Drive  512 GB 512 GB
Operating System  Windows 10  Windows 10 
Automatic Display Brightness Adjust Yes Yes
Measurement 9.35 x 12.55 x 1.89 inches ‎7.9 x 11.5 x 0.3 inches
Weight 1.7 pounds 1.7 pounds
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Similarities & Differences Between Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7

Processor and Graphics 

Surface Pro X built with Microsoft SQ® 2 processor with Adreno™ 690 GPU. The combination of the SQ processor and GPU increases the machine’s performance. These functions make multitasking effortless so that you can open any file within seconds. In addition, the CPU delivers 1.8x speed while GPU improves the performance. 

On the other hand, Surface Pro 7 has Intel Core i7-1065G7 Processor, including Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics i7. These properties also make the device faster plus improve its performance as well. The Core i7 CPU speed is 1.3GHz, slightly slower than Pro X. 

Since the Pro X has better CPU and GPU speed, you can go with this device instead. 

Operating System 

These Surface tablets are built with Windows 10 operating system. This OS is the most secure version rather than earlier versions. The Win 10 OS has two-factor authentication to keep all your computer’s data safe. Anyhow, this function also ensures the tablet runs quicker so that you get the ultimate user experience. 


Since Surface Pro X and Pro 7 are tablets’ so obviously, they are integrated with the touch features. But the Pro X has a 13-inch screen size while the Pro 7 built a 12.3-inch screen. However, both displays can automatically adjust the brightness when the sun goes down. At the same time, it protects your eyes from harmful blue rays. 


Both devices have a 5 MP front camera with 1080p full HD video. But the Pro X has 10 MP rear-facing with autofocus. Moreover, it offers 1080p video and 4K video.

Besides, the Surface Pro 7 has an 8 MP rear camera, and it also can create 1080p full HD video. As the Pro X has better camera quality, you can consider going with the Pro X. 


Surface Pro X and Pro 7 come with 16 GB RAM with 512 GB internal storage. Additionally, you can extend the memory storage up to 1 TB on Pro 7. Nevertheless, even though they include 16 GB RAM, Pro X can provide you with slightly better performance. 

That’s because Pro X is built with an LPDDR4 drive while Pro 7 has DDR. And the LPDDR4 gives faster performance and takes any app or software to open within seconds. 

However, their massive storage capacity allows users to keep essential files or play high-end games. Also, you can play high-end video on these devices in seconds. 


Usually, Surface devices offer a one-year warranty limited warranty if there are any manufacturer damages. In addition, they provide a 90-days return policy, and if you do not like the tablet, you will get a full refund as well. Anyhow, they are built with quality materials, so you can use them for years to come. 


Surface Pro X and Pro 7 are quality tablets from Microsoft. Both have their own unique functions, but we found Surface Pro X is better after comparing these devices. Thus, we strongly recommend you go with this tablet rather than Pro 7. Yet if you like Surface Pro 7’s functions, then this could be your best bet. 

Frequently Asked Question about Surface Pro X vs Surface Pro 7

Do they come with a pen?

Yes, these Surface tablets come with a pen so that you can effortlessly use them. 

Can I upgrade the internal storage on Surface Pro 7?

Yes, you can upgrade the storage up to 1 TB on the Pro 7 device. 

What is the expected battery life on Surface Pro X?

The device can last for 15 hours on a single charge. At the same time, it has a fast-charging feature. 

Which processor does Surface Pro 7 have?

It has Intel Core i7-1065G7 Processor that gives 1.30GHz speed. 

Do they offer a warranty?

Yes, you will get a one-year limited warranty, including a 90-days return policy. 

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