Dyson V11 vs Shark

Dyson V11 vs Shark – Check out which one I suggest?

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Dyson V11 vs Shark

I pick Shark NV356E S2 to compare with Dyson V11. If you ask me which one is the best, I’d recommend you choose Shark.

Why do I recommend Shark?

  • The Shark vacuum comes with an Anti-allergen complete seal technology that will trap 99.9 percent of dust and allergies inside the vacuum and give you a safe cleaning, while the other one doesn’t come with this feature.
  • You will be able to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under the table by lifting the canister away, whereas the Dyson V11 won’t provide you this advantage.
  • The bagless XL dust cup of this machine allows you to extend your cleaning without any interruption. The alternative doesn’t have this handy feature.
  • As this vacuum cleaner runs with electricity, there is no worry about the battery backup. You can finish the vacuum tasks without any hassle of charging the device during any cleaning.
  • The Shark vacuum cleaner is easy to move from one room to another because of the advanced swivel steering, while the Dyson V11 doesn’t provide this feature.

These features made the Shark winner in this comparison. You will surely love cleaning your house with this vacuum cleaner.


Similar features between Dyson V11 vs Shark 

  • Both the cleaners are suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • You can clean the dirt on carpets with both cleaners.
  • They are suitable for cleaning the corners.
  • Both the machines trap 99.9% dust.
  • They can be easily switched for different types of floors.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications Dyson V11 Shark NV356E
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Blue-Silver White-Silver
Power Source Battery Powered Corded Electric
Voltage N/A 120 volts
Product Dimension 50.63 x 9.84 x 10.28 inches 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
Product Weight 6.68 pounds 13.7 pounds
Battery  1 Lithium Polymer Battery required (included) N/A
Swivel Steering No  Yes
Suction Control Yes Yes
Anti-Allergen Technology No Yes
Dust Cup No  Yes
Warranty 2-Years of Warranty 5-Years of Limited Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Dyson v11 vs Shark


The vacuum cleaners come with the traditional vacuum design. Dyson V11 comes with a white-silver body, while the Shark comes with a blue-silver body. They look very premium because of the top-notch build quality. A large handle is included with some controls with the body for making the job easy. The vacuum part of the machines is designed to clean any corners or even under the tables. They are lightweight and come with around 50-inch height.


It doesn’t matter what the type of your floor is, and you can clean them all with the Dyson V11 or Shark vacuum cleaner. You can clean your hard floor or even the thick carpets with the Shark vacuum cleaner. This cleaner will tackle embedded dirt and debris from any floor. You have the option to switch into the floor types for an incredible multi-surface cleaning. The other one, Dyson V11, also does a standard job by cleaning different types of floors. This machine optimizes suction and run time according to the floor types.


During cleaning, you may face trouble because of the clouds of dust. Spark comes with the Anti-allergen feature with a sealed HEPA filter that traps 99.9-percents of dust and allergens while cleaning a space. So you will stay fresh even after a whole-house cleaning. There is a whole-machine filtration feature available at the Dyson V11, but that is not effective as the HEPA filter of the Shark.


The cleaners may look large, but they are very comfortable to carry from one room to another. There is a handle on top of the pod of the Shark vacuum cleaner so that you can easily lift it away to clean or move. You can even lift the canister just by pressing a button to clean the hard-to-reach areas easily. On the other hand, Dyson V11 is also an easily portable device. This is pretty lightweight and engineered for whole-home cleaning.

DLS System

There is a Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) on the Dyson V11 that automatically changes the speed of the motor according to the floors. You will have a more effective performance because of the DLS system. This intelligent mode will give you the right balance of power and runtime exactly how you need it. This is a unique feature of Dyson V11 that the Shark doesn’t provide.

Cleaning Modes

You can switch between cleaning modes while using the cleaners on different types of floors. The shark vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful suction that will clean any floor, and you can easily switch between the surface modes. The brush-roll can be turned off for a gentler cleaning. The other one, Dyson V11, comes with the same feature but with a user-friendly option. There is an LCD screen included to check the cleaning mode. The suction power has three different types of settings on this machine. Eco mode, auto mode, and boost mode – choose according to your need.


The vacuum cleaners have different power sources to run. Dyson V11 comes with a powerful battery of 20% more suction delivery capacity. This battery will provide you a runtime of 60 minutes without any break. On the other hand, Shark comes with a corded power source. So there are no worries about a charge back up. On one go, you can clean your whole house doesn’t matter how big it is.

Dust Cup & LCD Display 

This is one of the unique features of the Shark vacuum cleaner. The XL dust cup will allow you an extended cleaning so that you can clean the whole area without any interruption. Dyson V11 won’t deliver you the same.

The LCD of the Dyson V11 will keep you updated about the vacuum cleaner. This screen will update you about the remaining run time so that you can charge the cleaner when it’s required. The LCD screen will notify you if any maintenance is needed for efficient performance.

Included Accessories 

The vacuum cleaners come with some accessories to minimize your hassle. The shark vacuum cleaner comes with Pet Power Brush to tackle pet hair and reach tight spaces. Dyson V11 comes with a docking station that is required to charge the machine and hold additional attachments. Dyson V11 also includes a mini motorized tool to clean pet hair and dirt from carpets.

Durability & Warranty

Dyson and Shark are such brands that anyone can trust without any hesitation. The build quality is noticeable from the outlook, and they have focused on the quality and features. Dyson provides 2-year for the V11, and Shark provides a 5-year warranty for the Shark vacuum cleaner.

Final Words

The vacuum cleaner is a crucial device in our daily life. We should choose a machine that will perform our task with perfection. Shark is ahead in this comparison because of the XL dust cup and the anti-allergen feature. This one even costs less than half of the other one. You can pick the Dyson V11 if budget is not an issue for you, plus you want a user-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyson v11 vs Shark 

What is the capacity of the Dust Cup?

The Dust cup of the Shark comes with a capacity of 2.2 quarts.

Where is the suction control located?

The suction control is located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

What is the batter of the Dyson V11?

Dyson V11 comes with 7-cell lithium-ion batteries.

Is there any pet hair removal mode or tools?

Yes. Both the cleaners have dedicated tools for pet hair cleaning.

How to charge the Dyson V11?

You can charge the Dyson V11 by placing it in the docking station.

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