Yeti 35 vs 45

Yeti 35 vs 45 – Check and pick the premium one!


Yeti 35 vs 45Yeti 35 and 45 are the two best coolers of YETI Tundra company. Here I prefer Yeti 45 as the best cooler because it has some premium features that made it incomparable to its competitor 35

Why I prefer Yeti 45?

  • You can keep 28 beer cans into the 45, and in the 35, you can keep only 20 beer cans. So, if you choose the 45, then you will get a larger space. 
  • It can hold 34 pounds of ice, while 35 can take only 20 pounds of ice. When you go for a long vacation, the Yeti 45 would be the right choice for you. 
  • About 37.6 quarters available in the 45. And the 35 has 28.8 quarters. You will get a higher capacity for the quarter if you choose the 45.
  • The ice retention of the 45 is about 3.5 days. And the 35 is about 2.5 days. For a long vacation, the 45 would be the best option.

I found these features of the 45 so impressive if compared with the 35. But the 35 also has similar features but not the same capacity of features as the 45. So 45 will be the best buying option. Are you looking for the best deal? Follow the link below for the best price.


The similar options that match with each other

  • The material of these coolers is made of Polyester.
  • The insulated material of both of the machine is Polyurethane Foam 
  • Both of the cooler is a flat wall designed
  • They offer five years of warranty service.

Check the Full Comparison Chart below

Specification Yeti 35 Yeti 45
Editor’s Rating  4.3 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Weight 20lbs 23 lbs
Outside Dimensions 21’L x 16’H x 15.5’W 16.1” × 15.4” × 25 .8”
Inside Dimensions 15” x 9” x 10.5 9.4” × 10.6” × 18.4”
Can Capacity 20 Cans 28 Cans
Ice Capacity 20 pounds 34 pounds
Quarts Capacity 28.8 quarter 37.6 quarts
Ice Retention 2.5 days 3.5 days
Material Polyester Polyester
Insulation Material Polyurethane Foam Polyurethane Foam
Design Fatwall design Fatwall design
Warranty Period 5 year 5 year

Differences and Similarities Between Yeti 35 and 45

Cooler Weight

The weight of the cooler Yeti 35 is 20 lbs, and the Yeti 45 weight is 32 lbs. The greatest features made the 45 a little heavier than the 35. 

Outside Dimensions

If we check, the complete dimension of the 45 is 21’L x 16’H x 15.5’W. Thus, the dimensions of the 35 is 16.1″ × 15.4″ × 25 .8″. If you want to know about these coolers’ footprints, the 35 is a little smaller than the 45.

Inside Dimensions

The inside dimensions of a cooler are so crucial because of the goods we keep in those dimensions. You will get a space of about 15″ x 9″ x 10.5″ inches. And with the 45, you will get 9.4″ × 10.6″ × 18.4″ inches of dimensions.

Can Capacity

The noticeable difference in both of the machines is their can capacity. The 35 can take 20 Cans of beers. And the 45 can take 28 beer cans. Here the 45 is excellent for this feature.

Ice Capacity

When you go out for a long duration, you might need more ice. The 35 can take 20 pounds of ice. And the 45 can take 34 pounds of ice. So the 45 is capable of taking more ice. For that option, the 45 will be perfect.

Quarts Capacity

The quarter capacity of the 35 is 28.8 quarter, and the quarter capacity of the 45 is 37.6 quarts. The largest quarter capacity is available in the 45. For that feature, the 45 will be the best cooler.

Ice Retention

Ice retention of the 35 is about 2.5 days. And the ice retention of 45 is about 3.5 days. When you are about to go on a long vacation, the 45 could provide you a longer backup.


Both of the bodies of the cooler are made of Polyester. There is no difference with the material of these coolers. It is one of the good materials that comes with the latest coolers.


Yeti 35 and 45 both come with the same design. It is called a flat wall design. Though there is no difference in the design, there are differences in the shapes of these coolers. 35 looks like a cube, and 45 looks like a rectangle.

Warranty Period

The Yeti offers the Tundra 35 and 45, five years of warranty. Within five years, if any problem occurred with these cooler, users can claim for repair. Then the user Will able to repair the cooler, free of cost.


In a nutshell, I want to say the cans, ice, quarter capacity, and ice retention durability of the Yeti 45 is better than the Yeti 35. So I would highly recommend you to buy the Yeti 45.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Yeti 35 vs 45

Is there any problem, If I have to go out in the cooler in the sun?

No to worry about if you go out with the cooler in the sun. For better service, you should avoid the sun.

Can I keep dry ice cream in my Yeti 45?

The insulating material of the Yeti 45 will allow you to keep dry ice cream in it. 

What is the thickness of the Yeti 45 coolers?

The thickness of the Yeti 45 is about 5 inches. The thickness made the cooler more retentive.

Can I keep hot goods in the tundra?

Yes, you can keep hot too. The wall of the cooler can keep your goods warm.

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