Wonderboom vs Wonderboom 2

Wonderboom vs Wonderboom 2 – Check Why Wonderboom 2 is Best!

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Wonderboom vs Wonderboom 2Wonderboom and Wonderboom 2 are very similar in outlook, but there are some differences. You should consider the Wonderboom 2 as this one has a better battery and more natural sound quality.

Why should you Pick Wonderboom 2?

  • The Wonderboom 2 will give you a battery backup of 13 hours, while the other one comes with only 10 hours of battery backup.
  • This speaker is IP67 rated, which means there won’t be any water or dust problem, whereas the Wonderboom is IPx7 rated, which is only a waterproof speaker.
  • It is specially designed for the outdoors with a bigger sound and crisp bass, but its competitor doesn’t have these features.
  • The Wonderboom 2 can be paired with other devices in stereo or mono mode. On the other hand, the Wonderboom doesn’t have this unique feature.

These special characteristics made Wonderboom 2 a winner over the other one. You will definitely enjoy this one for the specs it provides with the same size as Wonderboom.


Similarities between Wonderboom & Wonderboom 2

  • They are small-sized premium quality speakers. So, you can easily carry them for bikes, backpacks, and big adventures.
  • The speakers are waterproof. As a result, there won’t any problem while using in the pool, the beach, or as a shower speaker.
  • They can be paired with other speakers for louder sounds. Thus, you can get party sound too.
  • Available in multiple color variants that allow you to choose according to your personality.
  • They have a very decent battery backup which is perfect for day trips, beach detours, and biking adventures.

These similar functions you are gonna enjoy with both speakers. But if you want the best sound experience then you have to go with Wonderboom 2.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Wonderboom Wonderboom 2
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Color Variants Available Variants Available
Product Dimension 4.1 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches 3.68 x 3.68 x 4.02 inches
Product Weight 15 ounces 15 ounces
Battery 1 Lithium Polymer Battery (included) 1 Lithium Polymer Battery (included)
Warranty 2-Years of Warranty 2-Years of Warranty

Detailed Comparison of Wonderboom & Wonderboom 2


The Wonderboom series has an effortless yet portable design. They are tiny in size and can be easily carried away. There is a hang loop on the top that will help you carry or hang the speaker anywhere you want. There are two giant plus and minus buttons in the body of the speakers. The top and bottom contain other buttons such as power and Bluetooth control. 


The speakers are designed to provide you a 360-degree sound. The Wonderboom 2 has a bigger sound with more crisp and natural sound than the other one. The speakers are perfect for any outdoor party. There is an Outdoor Boost feature included on the Wonderboom 2.

This will boost the loudness and clarity of sound way more than the normal one. The Wonderboom also has a decent sound quality, but there is no outdoor boost feature on this one. So, Wonderboom is not that suitable for any outdoor purposes.


You will be delighted with the bass performance of the speakers. The Wonderboom 2 comes with way more bass than the previous one. The quality of sounds won’t lack for a high bass level. These small-sized speakers will provide you better bassy sounds than the other usual speakers.

True Stereo 

During a party, if you want to enhance the sound and bass as well – pair your speaker with another Wonderboom nearby. This feature enables you to pair two Wonderboom 2 or Wonderboom together for a louder sound. You can connect Wonderboom 2 with a Wonderboom as well.


You will use these speakers in multiple color variants. The UE Wonderboom is available in a total of 9 color variants. The unicorn and the concrete variant are unique and mixed with several colors. You can check them out. Wonderboom 2 has 4 color variants of blue, grey, black, and red.


When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the main concern will be the battery backup. You can play Wonderboom 2 for continuously 13 hours with its powerful battery backup. This device will give you an excellent backup with a single charge. On the other hand, the Wonderboom has a weaker battery than the Wonderboom 2. This will last only 10 hours with a single charge.  


There is no need to worry about the speakers during a party. The Wonderboom 2 is IP67 rated waterproof speakers that mean there is no problem carrying this one into the poolside party or any beach area. This is completely waterproof and dust-proof. The Wonderboom speaker is rated as IPx7. So this is only a waterproof speaker. You can’t play this one in a dusty area. It may create an issue then.

Durability & Warranty

The speakers are built with high-end materials, and they will last a long period for sure. The portability made them more durable as they can be placed anywhere. They have the solid build quality, and the waterproof feature is a plus. The manufacturers provide a 2-year of warranty for the speakers. 


The speakers may look small, but they are completely packed with features. There is no doubt that you will be delighted with the bass and sound of the speakers. Comparing the features and the battery backup, the Wonderboom 2 is the speaker you should go for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wonderboom & Wonderboom 2 

Can I play the speakers while charging them?

Sure, there won’t be any problem.

Is there a 3.5mm headphone jack?

No. The speakers don’t have any headphone jack.

Is the charging cable included?

Yes. A charging cable included a Micro USB type. 

Am I required to buy a battery for the speakers?

No, there are batteries pre-installed.

How good are the speakers for the outdoors?

They are pretty good, but Wonderboom 2 will be perfect.

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