Weider Pro 8500 vs Marcy Diamond Elite

Weider Pro 8500 vs Marcy Diamond Elite – Which one is Best & Why?

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When the question is about choosing the best one between Weider Pro 8500 and Marcy Diamond Elite, this is not easy. These home gym-machines have many similar features. So, I created a differences chart to make it easier for you.

What Are the Differences Between  Weider Pro 8500 vs Marcy Diamond Elite?

Weider Pro 8500  Marcy Diamond Elite
Weider Pro 8500 has 16 exercises. Marcy Diamond Elite built with more than 100 workouts.
This machine does not have butterfly press station. It has butterfly press station.
This gym machine does not have preacher curl pad. This gym machine has preacher curl pad.
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If you need an effective home gym machine then Marcy Diamond Elite is the best choice since it has better functions as you can see. Do you want more precise explanation? Well, check out the following section –

Why is Marcy Diamond Elite the Best?

  • Marcy Diamond Elite supports more than 100 exercises, while Weider Pro 8500 comes with 16+ exercises. Marcy Diamond Elite should be your choice if you have any workout goals. Or, if you are just a beginner, Weider Pro 8500 could be your choice.
  • You will get a butterfly press station and preacher curl pad features in Marcy; in contrast, these are not available on its competitor. If you want to make your exercise effective, then this will help you.
  • Marcy Diamond provides a two-year warranty on the machine so you can repair or replace it within the period. Besides, Weider Pro 8500 includes only a 90-day warranty; that’s why Marcy is an ideal choice for you.

Hopefully, now you can understand why Marcy Diamond Elite is their best option. If you love those features, you can pick this home gym machine without thinking much.


Similar Features

  • They were built with a single lower and dual cross-over upper pulleys system.
  • Both machines come with an adjustable utility bench to provide you with the best fit for your body.
  • Weider and Marcy have 300 lbs maximum weight level on the bench, and the weight level, including the user, is 600 lbs.

Other Specifications Chart of Weider Pro 8500 and Marcy Diamond Elite

Specifications  Weider Pro 8500  Marcy Diamond Elite
Editor’s Rating  4.2 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  84.66 x 10.43 x 30.32 inches 70 x 83 x 86 inches
Pulley System Cable Pulley System  Cable Crossover, High and Low Pulleys
Maximum Weight 300 lbs  300 lbs 
Adjustable Bench  Yes  Yes 
Pull-up Bar Yes Yes 
Warranty  90-days Two Years 

Features and Benefits of Weider Pro 8500 and Marcy Diamond Elite


The Weider and Marcy machines are designed for the home, yet they are built like the club machine. These machines are considered all-in-one versatile machines plus attractive. They are built to last as they use heavy-duty frames that include a powder-coated finish.

So both of them are rust-resistance, and you don’t need to maintain the machine much. But the Marcy is sturdier than the Weider; it has aircraft-grade cable with a tensile strength of 2,000 lbs. And it guaranteed the machine would withstand intense, long-lasting use.

Multi-functional press arms

The Marcy Diamond Elite machine is designed with dual action press arms to let you perform various arms and chest exercises to build muscle groups. Versatile muscle makes Marcy the best choice for people with the ultimate fitness target. However, Weider does not contain this feature.

Dual-action leg developer

Marcy Diamond Elite and the Weider Pro 8500 feature the dual-function leg developer with six oversize rocker pads plus a curl bar. This unit is very effective since it allows the maximum effect on the targeted muscle groups. The leg extensions target your leg muscles; more specifically, they will target your quadriceps.

Olympic free-weight rack 

Both home gym machines feature the Olympic free-weight rack to engage you with intense weightlifting comfortably in your home. Marcy includes 6-weight plate pegs built with the frame, but these are not available on the Weider Pro 8500. And you can easily organize these weights right on the machines; on the other side, the Weider doesn’t provide you with this convenience. So you’ve to organize the weight plates once your workout is done.

Maximum Weight on Bench

When it comes to the weight level, fortunately, these two are the same. Usually, they have 300 lbs weight, and including the user, the machines have 600 lbs weight. And another best part is that both home gym machines let you adjust the bench so you can find the right fit every time for your body. Remember one thing; if you are more than 300 lbs, these machines are unsuitable for you.


Weider and the Marcy are bulky plus heavier machines. The Weider Pro 8500 dimension is 84.66 inches long, 10.43 inches wide, and 30.32 inches high. The Marcy Diamond Elite dimension is 70″ long, 83″ wide, and the high is 86 inches. The Marcie is smaller in size; it will save you space.

Cable pulley system

Weider Pro 8500 and Marcie Diamond Elite are equipped with a unique cable system. It allows the user to perform the functional types of exercises that employ any movements to complete your day-to-day tasks. Additionally, the machines come with an exercise chart; you can keep your workout progress on it.

Easy to assemble

Assembly is relatively straightforward compared to other machines. The machines contain an instructional manual that includes how to set up the machine. But make sure you have a person before assembling the machine. And remember, on average, the machines will take 6 or 7 hours to assemble.

Adjustable Bench Back and Seat Pad

You will feel comfortable on the Marcy Diamond Elite as the machine contains an adjustable seat pad and a back pad. Also, it can be adjusted to your needs from 13 degrees up to 81 degrees. The Weider Pro 8500 is not equipped with this handy feature.

Included Accessories

Both home gym machines come with a few handy accessories, and you will get an exercise guide. The Weider includes a 4-post squat rack, 6-part foam leg developer, multi-function pulleys, butterfly arms, a preacher pad, extra weight plate storage, and a weight bench. Besides, the Marcy Diamond Elite includes several accessories: a triceps rope, pulley cable handles, v-bar, ankle strap, shiver bar, and lat bar. These convenient goodies made the home gym machines very useful.


The 100-plus exercises are the main differences between these two fantastic gym machines. The Weider Pro 8500 is only an ideal machine for beginners because it has 16+ exercises, but this one is perfect for both beginners plus intense workout lovers.


The warranty period of a machine usually decides the quality of the product. However, the Marcy Diamond Elite provides you with a two-year warranty on the frame. On the other side, the Weider Pro 8500 offers a 90-day warranty on the parts and labor. I recommend you go with the Marcy Diamond Elite because the machine has a better warranty period.


Weider Pro and the Marcy Diamond Elite can provide you the intense full-body workout convenience right in your home. These appear like a great option that is great for the dependable home gym machine.

But I strongly suggest the Marcy Diamond Elite because it is better than the Weider Pro, as you can see. Also, this will help you to reach your fitness target quicker than the Weider Pro. Moreover, it will be durable plus offer the best warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weider Pro 8500 and Marcy Diamond Elite

Will the seat cushion pop up for a declining position?

It will not decline the position as the cushion pop-up makes the machine stable when you decline it.

Will Weider Pro 8500 allow me to pull up?

Yes, you can pull up on this since the machine has a place for pull-ups in it.

Does Marcy Diamond come with an Olympic bar?

The machine includes a bar connected to the Smith system, but it has no weights and does not provide the 45 lbs Olympic bar.

Can I adjust the bench on Elite?

The Elite bench is adjustable, and the Weider pro 8500 bench is also adjustable.

How many exercises are contained in the Marcy Diamond?

It has more than 100 exercises; you will get the advantages of versatile training.

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