Weber Spirit vs Spirit II

Weber Spirit vs Spirit II – Check the difference & pick the best.

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Weber Spirit vs Spirit IIHere we will compare Spirit E-330 and Spirit II E-310, The best two from these series. Though both of these are impressive Weber grilling machines Weber Spirit II E-310 is the ideal one. It is fancier than the previous version plus includes additional features.

Why Spirit II E-310 is the Ideal one?

  • The GS4 feature creates the main difference between these grilled machines. The four grilling systems are improved infinity ignition burners, grease Management system, porcelain-enameled Glamorizer Bars, and stainless steel burners.
  • It is compatible with iGrill 3, while the Spirit E-330 is not. The iGrill 3 will look after your grilling food from first to last, and once your recipe is ready, you’ll be notified on your phone.
  • Spirit II E-310 offers you an extended folding table with hook tools, but the Spirit E-330 has no folding table.

These were the main reasons mentioned that Spirit II E-310 is a better option than the previous version. If you also love these functions, you can select this one; plus, check the click on the button below.


Similarities between Weber Spirit vs Spirit II

  • The Spirit and Spirit II have three stainless steel burners so that you can prepare the same batches of meals on these grilled machines.
  • These feature Flavorizer Bars so that you can eat smoky grilled food that you love.
  • Both Weber Spirit grill machines share an impressive 10-year convenient warranty to use them with confidence for more than a decade.
  • They have stainless steel porcelain-enameled grates that are rust and water-resistance, and they offer durability.
  • You can find a side burner on both Weber grill machines; it helps you take your grilling experience to the next level.

Comparison Chart: Weber Spirit vs Spirit II


Weber Spirit 

Weber Spirit II
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  32.28 x 25.59 x 24.17 inches 32 x 52 x 63 inches
Weight  116 pounds 130 Pounds
BTUs (Main Burner)  32,000  30,000 
Cooking Area (total)  529 sq inches  529 sq inches 
Grease Management No  Yes 
GS4 No  Yes 
Folding Side Table  No  Yes 
iGrill 3 compatible No  Yes 
Tool Hooks  No  Yes 
Infinity Ignition Yes  Yes 
Flavorizer Bars Yes  Yes 
Side Burner  Yes  Yes 
Porcelain Enameled  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  10-years  10-years 

Differences and Similarities Between Weber Spirit vs Spirit II


In terms of grilled machines, you should consider the BTUs since they’re essential. Weber Spirit-330 has 32,000 BTUs per hour; on the other hand, Spirit E-310 contains 30,000. As you can see, the upgraded version reduces the gas to 30,000, and you may be thinking it will affect your food. But no worries, you will get perfectly grilling food. Both are constructed with 3-burners that are perfectly sized for hosting everyday family BBQs.

Cooking Area 

Both machines have the same 529 sq inches cooking area over the burners that let you prepare small to medium batch meals. And they share the same 424 sq inches primary cooking area, including 105 warming racks. You can make at least 12 burgers at one time on these grilling machines.

Foldable Side Table 

A foldable side table is convenient when it comes to preparing grilling food. As you can easily access the tools, you need to prepare the food. The Spirit II E-310 also contains a foldable side table that is 42 inches wide. It also includes tool hooks so that you can keep your grilling tools for convenience. You can find a button, just push it to fold down the table.

iGrill 3 compatible

The Spirit II is compatible with the iGrill 3 apps, convenient while you prepare your favorite dish. It’s a smart device, plus it will monitor your grilling food from first to last. And when the food will reach the perfect temperature or when it’s ready, you will be notified on your smartphone.

If you have the Spirit II, you do not need to stand with the machine, while the older Spirit does not contain this feature to keep checking your grilling food.

Lid Thermometer 

Spirit E-330 is built with a lid thermometer while Spirit II does not. However, the thermometer shows you the temperature while preparing food. You can increase or decrease the temperature to get an optimal result. On the other side, Spirit II does not have this, but it is combined with the iGrill 3 apps.


The machines are very durable since the cast irons are made with stainless steel porcelain. The material is rust-resistance to ensure you use them for more than a decade. Furthermore, the cooking grate lets you be creative with your favorite dish. The cooking grates are thin and perfect for preparing shrimp or fish or other foods you want thick sear marks.

GS4 System 

It is the latest technology in the Weber series grill that is available on Spirit II E-310. The Grill System 4 is uniquely designed to provide you unequaled satisfaction to your backyard grilling experience. The GS4 system contains grease management, porcelain-enameled glamorizer bars, ignition burners, and stainless steel burners.


Both Weber grilled machines offer a satisfactory 10-years full warranty, but you can use them for more than a decade. If you find any obstacles while using the machine, you can repair them free of cost in the USA or Canada. The best part is that these machines are constructed with high-quality material to make them last longer than other traditional grilled missions in the market.


Hopefully, this guide helps you get the best Spirit grill machine, yet I highly recommend selecting the Spirit II. Since the previous one has no upgraded features, that’s the reason you should consider the latest model.

It is also a budget-friendly grill machine, while the Spirit E-330 is a little pricey. You will get all the handy features from the upgraded version; I suggest you check the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weber Spirit vs Spirit II

Can I fold down the side burner?

No, the side burner cannot fold down since these are fixed, but the Spirit II has a foldable table.

What is the Spirit E-330 dimension?

This grill machine’s dimension is 32.28 inches long, 25.59 inches wide, and 24.17 inches tall.

What is the cooking area of the Spirit II?

Both Spirit and Spirit II have a 529 sq inches cooking area that allows you to cook small to medium batch grilling food.

How many burgers can I cook on them?

These two Weber Spirit lets you prepare 8 to 12 burgers at one time.

Can I connect natural gas with Spirit II?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to hook up the Spirit II to the natural gas; it’s a propane grill that needs a bulk or 20lb propane.

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