Weber Genesis 310 vs 315

Weber Genesis 310 vs 315 – See Why Weber Genesis 315 is Best!

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Weber Genesis E-310 and E-315 contain almost the same features. Thus, check out their differences to make your decision easier.

What Are the Differences Between Weber Genesis 310 vs 315?

Weber Genesis 310 Weber Genesis 315
Weber Genesis 310 Weber Genesis 315
Weber Genesis E310 provides uneven temperature. Weber Genesis E315 gives even temperature.
The E310 is likely to get rusty soon. This machine does not get rusty.
The E310 is slightly heavier. The E315 is lightweight.
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They do not share many similarities, but the E315 has better features. So, I strongly recommend this grilling machine to you. Also, I’ve described them in details here.

Why do I recommend Weber Genesis E315?

  • The heating time is the major difference between Weber Genesis E-310 and E-315. Both contain three burners that produce 39,000 BTUs per hour, but Weber E-310 heats unevenly as it cannot hold temperatures properly.
  • Genesis E-315 uses high-quality stainless steel materials to make it durable, while the E-310 is likely to rust soon and reduce the machine’s lifespan.
  • When it comes to moving the machine, Weber E315 is easier because Weber E310 is heavier.

Weber E315 exclusively contains these features; I mentioned it better than the previous version. It will be a great addition to your yard as you can enjoy your BBQ party with it conveniently.


Similar Features of Weber Genesis 310 vs 315

  • Weber E310 & E315 are built with a lid-thermometer; it let you check the temperature level.
  • The machines contain Flavorizer bars so you can eat your favorite flavored grilled food.
  • You can find side tables on both sides of these machines, including tools hook.
  • They are compatible with the iGrill 3 apps that help to check if the food is grilled perfectly.
  • The grill machines have a GS4 system that ensures high performance while grilling anything,

Other Specifications Chart of Weber Genesis 310 and 315

Specifications  Weber Genesis E-310  Weber Genesis E-315
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.9 out of 5 
Dimension  59 x 29 x 47 inches 31 x 59 x 62 inches
Stainless Steel Burner
BTU 39,000 BTU 39,000 BTU
Cooking Area  669-square inch 669-square inch
BILT App Yes Yes 
Lid-thermometer  Built-in  Built-in 
Flavorizer Bars  Yes  Yes 
Side Table  2 side table  2 side table 
iGrill 3 Yes  Yes 
Grease Management Yes  Yes 
Infinity Ignition  Yes  Yes 
Cooking Grates  Porcelain-enameled  Porcelain-enameled 
Warming Rack  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  10-years  10-years 

Features and Benefits of Weber Genesis 310 vs 315

Stainless Steel Burner

Weber Genesis E310 and E315 are built with three burners so that the users can prepare large batches of bbq foods. They use the same 39,000 BTUs per hour, yet the E-310 takes a little time. Also, it cannot hold temperature and provide uneven heat.

As a result, the Genesis E-310 cannot prepare your favorite food in time, so the E-315 is an excellent addition to your yard.

Cooking Area 

Genesis E-310 and E315 were built with a 669 sq-inches cooking area ideal for preparing medium to large batch meals. And the cooking grates are porcelain-enameled, which makes the cleaning straightforward; moreover, the grates will last longer.

iGrill 3 

Both are compatible with the iGrill 3 app, which is very handy. While preparing a recipe, the app will check the temperature level, and when it reaches your desired temperature level, it will send a notification to your phone.

The app reduces your stress from cooking; you do not need to check the recipe repeatedly.


Assembling the E-310 and E315 is easier because the machine is equipped with the BILT app. The BILT app shows you step-by-step how to set up the device. The app is very convenient, as you can easily understand that it is possible by reading the manual.

Side Table 

A side table is an excellent addition to the Genesis E310 plus E315. The table is built with 6 tool hooks as you can keep grilling tools in it. However, the side table can cut meat or vegetables and maintain the items you need.

Size and Weight

The grilling machine’s size is crucial, and if you are seeking a compact Weber, E315 could be your choice. It is less heavy than E310 and takes little space in your backyard.

The Genesis E310 is 133 pounds, plus it is 59 inches long by 29 inches wide by 47 inches high. At the same time, the E315 is 121.2 pounds, and its total dimension is 31 inches long x 59 inches wide x 62 inches high.

Flavorizer Bars

The Flavorizer bar is an innovative addition to the Weber series, and both E310 & E315 contain this design. The design catches the drippings that make your food smokey and adds aroma or flavor to your favorite bbq.

Also, it will create sear marks on food so that it looks tasty. The Flavorizer bars grill grates are made with unique slope stainless steel material to ensure long-lasting plus easy cleaning. Your grill’s Flavorizer bars always perform the best if you periodically brush them.

Grease Management

You will get a catch pan and an angled tray with both machines. It stays underneath the cook box from a safe distance to prevent grease from catching fire. The pan will capture oil or other cooking residues. If the pan is full, then replace it with a new one. And you can clean them and keep them for next time.


Weber Genesis is equipped with a 10-year warranty on all the parts; when the user has any defects, they will replace them or repair them. The machines are made with high-quality materials to make them durable.


Both are impressive and slightly different, and these little yet strong features make Weber Genesis E315 the best grill machine. You can prepare a large batch of meals in it; it can cook for you quicker than E310. So E315 is an ideal choice; also, the E310 is perfect, and if you do not need a larger cooking area, you can select this one.

Frequently Asked Questions of Weber Genesis E-310 vs E-315

Can I convert the gas system later?

You can convert the propane gas to natural gas when you want but remember that the machine will not be valid for a warranty when you will do it.

What is the material of this grill?

Both of them are made with stainless steel material that is very durable.

What is the average assembly time?

Assembling these two machines is more comfortable and takes approximately 2 hours.

Do they contain a thermometer?

Yes, the machines’ lids are built-in thermometers; you don’t need to purchase one separately.

What is the warranty period?

They are manufactured with a 10-year warranty that covers any defects in machines.

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