Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 – Check Which one is Best & Why?


Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300Are you in confusion about Which one is better between 5200 and 5300? well, let me help you to make it easy.

Definitely, I will say Vitamix 5300 is the best. Now the question is, why? Okay, let’s see why.

Why Vitamix 5300 is Best? 

  • The 1st thing is Vitamix 5300 comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor which is 1640 watts. On the other side, Vitamix 5200 comes with 2 horsepower motor which is 1380 watts. That means Vitamix 5300 is more powerful than 5200.
  • Vitamix 5300 contains a 64-ounce low-profile container that’s why this blender can easily fit into your countertop. Though 5200 contains a 64-ounce container, it’s taller than Vitamix 5300 containers, so it will be hard to fit onto your countertop.
  • The weight of Vitamix 5200 is 10.56 lbs, and 5300 is 11.95 lbs. It’s a little bit heavy for its powerful motor base.

In price comparison, Vitamix 5300 comes at a lower price than Vitamix 5200. When you are getting the updated model with extra features at a lower price, why you will buy Vitamix 5200? But after all, it’s your choice you can grab which one you want.


Similar Features

  • Both have 10 variable speed control.
  • A pulse feature is available in both.
  • The container made of BPA free plastic
  • Both contain a Hard stainless steel blade.

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 Comparison

Specification Vitamix 5200 Vitamix 5300
Editors rating 4.5  4.7
Dimension 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 in 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in
Motor 2 horsepower motor 2.2 horsepower motor
Watt 1380 1640
Blade Hardened stainless steel Hardened stainless steel
Weight 10.56 lbs 11.95 lbs
Container 64-ounces Low profile 64-ounces
Variable Speed Yes Yes
Material Plastic Plastic
Capabilities Blending, chopping, grinding, and shredding Blending, chopping, grinding, and shredding
Self-cleaning Yes Yes
Color White, Black, and Red Black and Red
Warranty 7 years full warranty 7 years full warranty

Differences – Vitamix 5300 vs 5200

If you are still confused about which one will be the right pick, you can look at this section to know the detailed difference between these two blenders based on features.


Vitamix 5200 is an industrial blender that comes with 1380 watts of blending power. When the blender is in use, it will not overheat as there is an adjusted cooling fan on the motor that keeps the blender cool. You can control the speed of the blender as the motor contains a variable speed control system. During the blending process, at any point, the dial can be rotated, which makes the blender very handy to use.

Besides, on Vitamix 5300, the motor is updated, and it is 1680 watts, which makes it more powerful than 5200. The motor is powerful enough that it can blend any solid ingredients within a few minutes.


5200 vs 5300 Vitamix here you can see the Vitamix 5300 has a laser-cut hardened stainless steel blade that can provide you very fine texture no matter what you blend. Even you don’t need to sharpen the blade frequently like other cheap blenders. The blades are very durable as well.

Their sharp blades can handle any solid ingredients easily. Their blades can provide you with the same quality blending from the first to last. You can shred or grind any items in these blenders. You can make hot soup within seven minutes with powerful blending through the blades.


There are differences in the containers of both Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300 blenders. The Vitamix 5200 model has a classic 64-ounce container, while the Vitamix 5300 container has a low-profile design.

But the 5200 model container holds a small batch of items. On the other hand, the 5300 model can hold large amounts of ingredients. So for the multiple servings and for larger families, the 5300 model would be a good choice. Also, the 5300 model is easy to fit under most of the kitchen cabinets as it is small in size compared to the 5200 model.


Between these two blenders, the ease of use varies. Rather than the Vitamix 5300, the Vitamix 5200 comes with a high feature. But in both of the blenders, there is a pulse function that has a 10-level variable speed knob.

Also, the blender’s control panels vary. There is a power button on the right side, while the three-knob with the speed control is located in the middle, and on the left side, there is another button.


There is no such blender that provides blending, shredding, grinding, and chopping all the features together. In Vitamix 5200, you can make anything you want like soups, nut butter, smoothies, fruit sorbet, etc.

Also, with the Vitamix 5300, you can do the same. In fact, you can get the perfect consistency of the food you want from the 5300 model rather than the 5200.

Noise Level

Vitamix is a high-speed blender compared to other blenders out there. So they make loud noises. But we also know that noise is not a big issue in the blender, right? However, the Vitamix 5300 is noisier than Vitamix 5200, as it has extra power in the motor.


The Vitamix 5200 blender comes in white, red, and black colors when it comes to color. Besides, Vitamix 5300 has only two colors like red and black. When choosing the color, keep in mind that – depending on the color, the price of the blender varies, but the performance never varies.


The self-cleaning feature of the Vitamix blender is very popular with users. Because of this feature, the cleaning process has become much convenient. You will just need to add a few drops of dishwasher into the container and fill the container halfway. After that, run the blender for 30 seconds, and then rinse off with water thoroughly. Super easy, right?

The Final Words

Vitamix 5300 is the upgraded version of the Vitamix 5200. Both blenders almost have the same feature, but the Vitamix 5300 has some additional functions. Finally, when it’s time to choose one of these two blenders, my suggestion is to go with Vitamix 5300.

Frequently Asked Questions of Vitamix 5300 and 5200

Do these two Vitamix blenders run at 220v?

All the Vitamix blenders are made for runs at 120v, so you cannot use them at 220v.

Does Vitamix 5200 mince the meat?

No. You cannot mince the meat for you with the Vitamix 5200 blender. This is not ideal for this job.

Can I pour the whole fruit into the container to make a smoothie?

Yes! You can add any whole fruit into the container, and it will give a smooth, silky smoothie.

What is the main difference between the Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300 blender models?

Both of them are almost the same, but the Vitamix 5300 model comes with a short container but wider than the Vitamix 5200 and is easy to fit under any kitchen cabinet.

Between the Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300, which is very noisy?

When comparing the noise, the Vitamix 5300 is noisy than the Vitamix 5200 model. And all the high-end blenders are noisy while in use, so you have to adjust to it.

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