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Ultraboost 19 vs 20 – What Makes Ultraboost 20 Best?


ultraboost 19 vs 20Ultraboost 19 and 20 are two of the most amazing pairs of shoes from Adidas. Between them, I would highly recommend Ultraboost 20.

Why do I recommend Ultraboost 20?

  • Ultraboost 20 comes with a tailor fiber placement, which will support the midsole and provide a 20% more boost than Ultraboost 19.
  • Its amplified energy return feature will experience you the run-forever feeling better than Ultraboost 19.
  • Ultraboost-20 arrives with the latest stitched-in reinforcements that will boost the walking experience, while Ultraboost 19 has an older version.
  • The shoes will wrap your feet like socks with their natural fit and make you feel comfortable while walking or running better than Ultraboost 19.

There is no doubt that Ultaboost 20 will give your feet more solace than Ultraboost 19. You will be delighted with the performance you get from this pair. To check their price just click the buttons below.



  • They come with Adidas’ latest upgrades on shoes.
  • Available in a different variant of colors.
  • Available for both men and women and also in uni-sex design.
  • Imported and regular fit.
  • Available for almost all kinds of sizes (7-14).

Quick Comparison between Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost 20

Specifications Ultraboost 19 Ultraboost 20
Editor’s rating 4.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Product Dimension 14.63 x 10.75 x 6 inches 12.3 x 8.3 x 4.9 inches
Department Men/Women Men/Women
Product Color Core Black / Cloud White / Solar Orange Core Black/ Boost Blue /Violet Met
Weight 11 ounces 10.9 ounces
Regular Fit Yes Yes
Imported  Yes Yes
Lace Closure Yes Yes
Outsole N/A Stretch web
Midsole drop 10 mm 10  mm
Warranty/Replacement 12 months 12 months

Detail about the features of Ultraboost 19 and 20

Engineered Fit

The Ultraboost 20 comes with Adidas PrimeKnit and also a textile upper, which will support your feet where they need. This feature will expand and support you as you move through different kinds of steps. On the other hand, the Ultraboost 19 doesn’t include the textile upper +. It comes only with the Primeknit.

Color Variants

There are some variants in color for these models of pairs. The Ultraboost 19 has three variants, which are – Core Black, Cloud White, and Solar Orange. The Ultraboost 20 has three variants: Core Black, Boost Blue & Violet Met. They considered all kinds of customers in terms of design or color. So you can pick whatever color you like as per your choice. 

Endless Energy

While wearing the shoes, you will feel very energetic as the Ultraboost 20 comes with a responsive boost midsole. There is a torsion spring embedded in the midsole to provide support during landing or other stunts. While the Ultraboost 19 has dual boost cushioning on the medial side that will provide energized stability for a smooth ride. Here the Ultraboost 20 will provide you with better smoothness while riding or using these shoes without any doubt.

Sock-Like Fit

The most significant function arrives here. With the PrimeKnit feature, the shoes will cover your feet like a sock. Your movement will be enhanced as this will wrap the foot so nicely. Whereas, The Ultraboost 19 doesn’t have this feature. This made the Ultraboost 20 the winner in terms of comfort.

Durability & Warranty

The shoes are made with the latest technology and also considering the satisfaction of customers. With very fair pricing, these pairs are the most comfortable sneaker from Adidas. The reviews did not provide a single negative review. You can use these pairs for a long time without any doubt. In case of any size issue or replacement, you must contact Adidas support within 12 months of the purchase.  

Precise Support

The Ultraboost 20 comes with tailored fiber placement finishing, which will provide you reinforcement exactly where you need it. These shoes are stated as Goodbye Gravity and tested on the International Space Station about the out-of-the-world energy return. So you shouldn’t worry about the support from the shoes as it comes with the latest innovation from Adidas to provide you the best.

Final Words

Comparing all the features and latest upgrades, I notice that the Ultraboost 20 has everything 19 has. Also, it has some enhancements and additions to the features. So the final recommendation is, going for the Ultraboost 20 over the Ultraboost 19 will be a wiser decision, and you definitely should make it.

FAQ about Ultraboost 19 and Ultraboost 20

What does the M stand for?

The M is for men’s sizing.

What about the Arch support? Is it good?

Yes, absolutely. Even for high arches, it’s great.

How is the shoe for flat-footed?

These shoes are great for flat feet too.

How can I be assured of the shoe size?

Just go half or one size smaller than the traditional Adidas shoes.

Does the pair come with a box?

Absolutely. Very well packaged.

What is the return condition? Should I have to pay some return fees if I want to?

No, it’s free. You just need to contact the manufacturer.

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