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TRX Home vs Pro – Check Why You Should Go For TRX Pro!

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TRX Home vs ProWe choose TRX Pro 3 to compare with the TRX Home. And which model is right for you depends on your needs and budget. But we suggest the TRX Pro 3.

Why We Suggest TRX Pro 3?

  • The TRX Pro 3 is designed with non-slip rubber handles so that you can easily use this kit. While the TRX Home has dense foam handles that are slightly tough to hold. 
  • It has a locking carabiner security system, while the TRX Home won’t provide this feature. This kit is more secure than the Home, so you can be worry-free during workouts.
  • You will get adjustable foot cradles size with the TRX Pro 3 kit. But the other one is missing this feature. However, you can do any barefoot training with this safely. 
  • TRX Pro 3 combines 12 printable workouts, as well as 9 video workouts. Thus, you will get many workout programs with this kit. On the other hand, the TRX Home has 7 printable exercises, including 6 video workouts. 
  • It is perfect for both home and professional usage. At the same time, its competitor is an ideal choice for home use only. 

These features made the TRX Pro 3 the best suspension kit for you. If you are searching for a kit for professional purposes or home use, you can go with this kit.


Similar Features

  • TRX Home and TRX Pro 3 weigh 1.4 lbs plus come with a mesh bag. Hence, you can carry these suspension kits effortlessly on the go. 
  • These kits cover a one-year warranty against any manufacturer issues.
  • Both TRX kits deliver you door and suspension anchoring. Therefore you can mount them inside or outside of the Home.

TRX Home vs Pro: Quick Comparison Chart

Specifications TRX Home  TRX Pro
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Security  No Locking Carabiner 
Foot Cradles Size  Standard  Adjustable
Design Dense Foam handles Non-slip rubber handles
Printable Workouts 7 12
Anchoring/Mounting Options
  • Door Anchor 
  • Suspension Anchor
  • Door Anchor 
  • Suspension Anchor 
  • Xtender
Video Workouts 6 9
Ideal For Home Use
  • Professional Use 
  • Home Use
Workout Program Does not offer any weeks 8 Weeks 
Weight 1.4 lbs 1.4 lbs
Bag Mesh Bag Mesh Bag
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities: TRX Home vs Pro


These two TRX suspension kits are very lightweight; the whole set is only 1.4 lbs. But the TRX Home and Pro 3 have strong build quality. These kits are safe to use for both lightweight and overweight people. People who are more than 350 lbs can use TRX kits. So, don’t worry about the weight or the durability. 

Handle Grips

TRX Home is built with dense foam, which is comfortable to hold. The foam material makes this kit solid. And the Home kit won’t lose shape or become flat over time. However, the downside is – the dense foam will absorb sweat. Hence it will gradually build bacteria which is not pleasant. That’s why it is recommended to clean the handle grips of the TRX Home regularly. 

TRX Pro 3, on the other hand, has an antimicrobial rubber grip handle. Hence, it is very durable plus comfortable to hold. This material also makes the Pro 3 slip-resistant. Thus, there are few chances of unexpected accidents. Moreover, the Pro 3 is easier to clean and won’t absorb sweat. 

Anchoring Options 

You will get three anchoring options on the TRX Pro 3. Besides, TRX Home offers two options. Both have Door Anchor and Suspension Anchor. While the Pro 3 also has an Xtender anchor. The Xtender anchor increases the security since it is 37 inches, which is very handy in some situations.

However, the door anchor lets you install the kit on your room’s door but before installing it make sure the door is solid. At the same time, the suspension anchor can be installed with any tree branch. 


Both TRX kits combine several workout programs. Therefore, you can choose the workout you love. The kit also lets you create a custom workout routine. 

They come with printable workout programs. With the TRX Home, you will get 7 workouts. Besides, the TRX Pro 3 includes 12 printable exercises. Since the Pro has more programs, it would be your best bet.

Moreover, they come with video workout programs too. For example, TRX Home has 6 video workouts. Besides, Pro 3 combines 9 workouts. Usually, the workouts are designed for total body exercise, training arms & shoulders, chest & back, and legs & hips. 

Additionally, TRX Pro 3 offers an 8-week challenge, but the rival kit doesn’t include this. Anyhow, this is great for the people who want a dramatic improvement in their bodies. 

Bottom Line

TRX Home and TRX Pro 3 offer more challenging constructions for durability. But the TRX Pro 3 is better than the Home, so we highly suggest you choose the Pro 3. This kit combines more workout programs, better features than the TRX Home. Or if you need equipment for personal use, plus you have a tight budget, then grab the TRX Home.

Frequently Asked Questions of TRX Home vs Pro

Do they come with a warranty?

Yes, TRX delivers a one-year limited warranty. 

Are the foot straps of the Pro 3 adjustable?

No, the TRX Pro3 does not provide adjustable foot cradles.

Can I use the Pro 3 outside?

Yes, you can use this suspension kit outside of the Home. 

What is the max weight limit for the TRX Home?

There are no weight limits for the TRX Home or TRX Pro 3 materials. 

Can I attach the Pro 3 with a portable pull-up stand?

Yes, you can attach this kit to the portable pull-up stand, and it is very stable.

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