TRX Go vs All-In-One

TRX Go vs All-In-One – Check Which is the Best Training Kit!

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TRX Go vs All-In-OneIf you are confused about choosing between TRX GO & TRX All-In-One, I suggest you go for the TRX Go. This training kit has some advantages that will help you to get a better training session.

Why I Suggest TRX Go?

  • TRX Go is the lightest convenient travel trainer that helps you do an intense full-body workout anytime you want, while the TRX All-IN-One has a basic setup but isn’t as light as the previous one.
  • This suspension kit allows you to train anywhere as the anchors support up to 350lbs. Thus you can set them up at the door, rafter, or any beam. The competitor won’t provide you with this flexibility.
  • The integrated foot cradles of this kit are well-designed and won’t make you feel uncomfortable during training, whereas All-In-One also has a foot cradle but is not as comfortable as the TRX Go

These are the unique features of the TRX Go. You will surely love this one as your training partner.


Similar Features Between TRX Go vs All-In-One

  • They come with a mesh pouch bag.
  • They can be used for multiple exercises.
  • Both the kit has a fundamental setup.
  • They have a guidebook included for the users.

Quick Comparison: TRX Go vs All-In-One

Specifications TRX Go TRX All-In-One
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Color Grey Grey-Yellow
Travel Pouch Included Included
Anchor Support 350lbs N/A
Material Nylon Nylon
Anchor Point Single Single
Workout Guide Included Included
Binding Sports Sports
Product Dimension N/A 53 x 1.5 x 6 inches
Product Weight 0.45 kilograms 0.77 kilograms
Warranty 12-months warranty 12-months warranty

Differences & Similarities: TRX Go vs All-In-One


TRX Go is the lightest and leanest home training kit of TRX. You will have an intense full-body workout through the kits. They are travel-friendly and allow you to carry them wherever you want. On the other hand, TRX All-In-One is also a decent kit for workouts. This kit weighs around 0.77 kilograms, while the previous one weighs only 0.45 kilograms.

Incredible Result

If you use them properly, you will get an incredible output within a brief period. TRX Go provides you the power to hit fitness at home. There is some digital workout session available for the kits that will teach you core strengthening exercise that helps to build muscle. TRX All-In-One is also a standard home training kit, but the overall output will be better on the TRX Go.

Easy Setup

Both pieces of equipment come with a straightforward setup. They will take only around a minute to start the exercise. You can have an instruction from the workout guide if you need any guidelines about setting them up. If you have a few minutes, you are still prepared for a training session.


The training kits are designed for a full-body workout. You can do the plank, push, squat, and other foundational movements by using the kits. The foot/hand cradles are designed well for a comfortable grip. In addition, the locking loop of the kits will maximize the effectiveness of your workout. 

Train Anywhere

TRX Go allows you to train anywhere you want. You can use this kit at the door, beam, tree, or even pole as the anchor supports up to 350 lbs. So it doesn’t matter where you are; you are always ready to go for training. This feature made them a perfect choice for everyone as you can carry them with you if you leave your house for a couple of days.

Including Components

The exercise training kits come with some components to make your training more effective. You will get a mesh travel pouch for carrying them with you. There is a guidebook included with the kits to continue your workout even if there is no instructor around you. TRX has some online sessions for their users to provide digital sessions.

Durability & Warranty

They are built with premium material and won’t make you feel any issues. The cradles are well designed, and the hooks are top class to ensure the safety of your workout. In addition, TRX provides a 1-year of warranty for the training kits.


The training kits will keep you fit and focused. You are always ready to go for your training session. They are easy to set up and can be used anywhere in the house or garden. TRX Go is the preferable one because of its more durable design. You may try the TRX All-In-One if you don’t do heavy exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions about TRX Go vs All-In-One

What are the materials on the handles?

The handles have foam over plastic.

Is it possible to hang them on a tree branch?

Sure. You can hand them in poles or doors as well.

How long are the straps while extended?

The straps can be extended for up to six feet.

Is there any weight limit on the TRX Go?

The TRX GO has a weight limit of 350lbs.

Can I do planks by using the kits?

Sure. You can use the cradles to do a plank.

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