TicWatch Pro 2020 vs Fossil Gen 5

TicWatch Pro 2020 vs Fossil Gen 5 – Check the differences.

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TicWatch Pro 2020 vs Fossil Gen 5TicWatch Pro 2020 & Fossil Gen 5 are two premium smartwatches. If you are confused about which one will be better, then we recommend TicWatch Pro 2020 for you

Why We Recommend TicWatch Pro 2020?

  • TicWatch Pro 2020 has a 415mAh powerful battery that will provide 5-30 days of backup, whereas Fossil Gen 5 comes with a 310mAh battery, which will last for only 1-4 days.
  • You will have a PPG heart-rate sensor on the TicWatch Pro 2020 that provides accuracy compared to the ECG readings. On the contrary, Fossil Gen 5 is not compatible with this useful feature.
  • TicWatch Pro comes with an upgraded Wear OS 2.8 version. On the other hand, Fossil Gen 5 comes with the Wear OS 2.4 version.
  • The edges of this smartwatch are in a higher position than the watch screen that will protect your display to avoid scratches. In comparison, Fossil Gen 5 has a flat display.
  • This smartwatch is IP68 rated waterproof device and comes with a Military Standard 810G. The other one is a 3ATM waterproof watch, which doesn’t give protection like the TicWatch.
  • It comes with dual-layer screen technology, while its competitor comes with the traditional screen spec.

These unique specs of the TicWatch Pro 2020 are the best smartwatch compared to the Fossile Gen 5. So, if you want to upgrade your experience,  you should consider this one.


Similar Features

  • The devices are compatible with Google Pay that ensures contactless payment without a phone or wallet.
  • They provide stats with maximum accuracy that perfectly detects and tracks your fitness records.
  • You can use voice commands on the devices to set your calendar, alarm, or checking the weather, map, etc.

Quick Comparison: TicWatch Pro 2020 vs Fossil Gen 5 

Specifications TicWatch Pro 2020 Fossil Gen 5
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
OS Version Wear OS 2.8 Wear OS 2.4
Waterproof IP-68 rated  3 ATM/Splashproof
Dual-Layer Screen Yes No
PPG Yes No
Battery 415 mAh 310 mAh
Battery Run-Time 5-30 days 1-4 days
Color Black/White 6 Variants available
Connectivity Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC/LTE Bluetooth/WiFi/NFC
GPS Yes Yes
Speaker Yes Yes
Microphone  Yes Yes
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between TicWatch Pro 2020 vs. Fossil Gen 5 


The smartwatches come with a sound shape and kind of a similar outlook. Their belt pattern and the adjustment buttons on the right of the body enabled them to be identified. TicWatch Pro 2020 has higher edges in the corners that will protect you from any scratch.

They vary from fitness bands in appearance and can be worn for any event. The belts of the TicWatch Pro 2020 have some patterns on them that make them look very classy, while the belt of the Fossil Gen 5 doesn’t have any such patterns. They will surely bring a premium vibe into your personality.

OS & Memory

TicWatch Pro 2020 has an updated OS than the Fossil Gen 5. TicWatch Pro 2020 runs with Wear OS 2.8. The Fossil Gen 5 has a bit older operating version of OS 2.4. You will have more accurate stats on the TicWatch because of the upgraded sensors.

In terms of memory, they both are quite the same. They both have 1GB of RAM included, with a ROM of 4GB for the TicWatch and 8GB for the Fossil. The watches will run smoothly without any lag because of this configuration. 


Compared with traditional smartwatches, these devices come with a better battery backup. TicWatch Pro 2020 comes with a 415 mAh battery that will provide you a run-time of 5-30 with a single charge. The other one, Fossil Gen 5, will give you 1-4 days of run-time, which may not be enough if you are on tour for a couple of days. 

Heart & Health Rate

You will always stay updated about your health information if you have them on your wrists. TicWatch Pro 2020 will track your heart rate all the time will provide you with the related stats. Fossil Gen 5 will also provide you the health status with a chart. If the rate is different from normal, you will be able to notice it.

Sensors & Display

The smartwatches are integrated with different sensors for specific purposes.  These watches come with an updated accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Magnetic sensor.

TicWatch Pro 2020 has a sensor to detect PPG Heart Rate & a Low Latency Off-Body sensor that is not available in the Fossil Gen 5. Both the TicWatch Pro & Fossil Gen 5 come with an AMOLED touch display, so it will be very easy to control them. 

Variants & Watch Face

There are two color variants of the TicWatch Pro 2020. This watch has a black and white variant. The change in the variants is only the body color. The other watch, Fossil Gen 5, comes with six different color variants.

Fossil also has three types of belts with the watch such as leather, metal, and silicone. There are a large collection of watch faces that lets you change the display face as per your choice. There are customizable faces available for these devices. You need to use the dedicated app to use a custom watch face.

Workout Tracking

The smartwatches are perfect for tracking activities. TicWatch Pro 2020comes with the TicMotion technology that automatically detects your movement and provides you the stats based on your performance.

If you are running or walking, the device will automatically track this activity, and you will see your scores on the screen. On the other hand, Fossil Gen 5 is also a decent smartwatch with incredible features, but unfortunately, there are no activity modes included on this device.  


You will get your sleep score on the watch & the app as well. The sensors will detect your sleep, and you will get your sleep score on the watch after the moment you woke up.

There will be a breakdown of different stages of your sleep. These stats will keep you updated about your routine, and you will be able to detect any unusual activity in your daily routine. 

Voice Assistants

There is a built-in microphone in these smartwatches. You will be able to perform different tasks through the voice command. They are compatible with Google Assitant.

You will get weather updates, or you can even make calls & read messages through the voice command. The speaker will let you listen to the outcome efficiently. This feature made them very handy and comfortable to use. 

Google Pay

The smartwatches are compatible with the contactless payment system. As they run with the Google OS, they have the Google Pay pre-installed. This feature lets you pay your bills without making any contact. You are required to add your card information to Google Pay to avail of this system.  


If you sync your smartphone with the watches, you will have the notifications on your screen in real-time. You can even see information from apps directly on the watch screen.

There are customized quick replies on the watches that can be used to reply to a call or SMS. The quick reply of the TicWatch is compatible with Andriod devices only. You will never miss an important mail or call if you have them in your hand.

Durability & Warranty

There should not be any doubt about the build quality of the smartwatches. They are waterproof and come with a top-notch display. TicWatch Pro 2020 is a US Military Standard, and also IP68 rated waterproof device that will save you from any submerge into the water while the other one has a 3ATM waterproof rating. You will have a 1-year of warranty for these watches from the manufacturers.

Final Words

The watches have almost all the features, and they provide very accurate reports of health-related information. TicWatch Pro 2 is the winner in this comparison. This one will even cost you less than the alternative. Fossil Gen 5 can be an option for you if you are not satisfied with the sporty outlook of the TicWatch Pro 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions about TicWatch Pro 2020 & Fossil Gen 5 

Do they have an always-on display mode?

Sure. Both devices have this AOD mode.

Where will I get the app for the devices?

You can get the apps from Google Play Store and App Store.

How many sports/activity modes are loaded in the TicWatch?

There are six sports modes in the TicWatch.

Do they have any issues with connectivity?

Not at all. They will stay connected without any issues.

What is the Body material?

The body material is stainless steel.

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