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Taylormade Sim and Sim Max have many similarities and differences. But TaylorMade Sim Max comes with some upgraded features which make it better than Sim driver.

Why should you consider TaylorMade Sim MAX? 

  • TaylorMade Sim Max driver has a bigger face that is precisely 8% bigger than Sim driver, so it ensures better pliability and better forgiveness.
  • Its V steel is designed to reduce friction with the turf at impact and give you the confidence to attack any lie. But Taylormade Sim isn’t produced in this way.
  • With Sim Max, you will get mid-launch, but the previous one gives you a low launch.
  • You may face backspin with Sim, but with Sim Max, you will not face such a problem. 
  • Sim Max driver’s shaft material is Fujikura Ventus Blue 6, and Sim driver’s shaft material is ordinary graphite.

These features made the Sim Max better than the Sim, you can consider this one if you want an upgraded drive. 


Similar Features of TaylorMade Sim Max and Sim:

  • These drivers have Asymmetric soles and inertia generators that deliver more clubhead speed and enhanced aerodynamics at the most critical stage of the swing.
  • Speed injected twist face technology which gives everyone straighter shots on mis-hits.
  • The head size of these drivers is 460CC and limited warranty for 2 years.
  • They are available in Black, Titanium, and Blue color.

These are the same functionality you are gonna enjoy with both drivers. But if you want comparatively better performance with improved features then you have to go with TaylorMade Sim MAX.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Sim MAX Sim
EDITOR’s RATING 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of  5
COLOR Black, Titanium, Blue Black, Titanium, Blue
HEAD SIZE 460cc 460cc
FACE SIZE Large (+8% vs SIM) Midsize
Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees 10.5 Degrees
SHAFT MATERIAL Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 Graphite
WARRANTY Limited 2 years Limited 2 years

Similarities and differences in TaylorMade Sim Max Driver and Sim Driver

Taylormade Sim Max driver and Sim driver may seem similar, and many features of these are almost the same. But some different features seemed in the Sim Max driver. We are going to discuss all these features with full details below:

Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole and Inertia Generator: 

Both TaylorMade Sim and Sim Max drivers are formed with a design that brings revolution. The Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole shape has been installed in these drivers. Besides, the inertia generator design provides you with faster clubhead speed for more ball speed, and long-distance and the rear weight provides high MOI, so you will get better forgiveness.

Speed injected technology:

Amazing technology has been put in these drivers by the Taylormade Brand known as Speed injected technology. This innovation astutely improves C.O.R, where for the most part, Golfers hit it. This innovation also improves ball speed by adjusting each head to the edge of the lawful speed limit. Sim Max’s face is 8% larger than Sim’s Driver’s. So, with a Sim Max driver, you will get better optimization than a Sim driver. 

Twisted face technology:

Both TaylorMade Sim Max and Sim driver have twist face technology. Sim Max and Sim driver, Sim Max driver, has a larger face area that ensures correct face angles and will help you overcome miss-hit tendencies. Most importantly, you can produce a straighter shot every time. But with a sim driver, you would not get such facilities. 


These drivers are amazing for their construction. These drivers are built with Multi-material development. Carbon, Titanium, and steel are utilized in these drivers. These materials make ahead a plan where weight is situated vitally in the head for super low CG and high MOI.

Sliding weight technology and loft sleeve:

TaylorMade Sim and Sim Max drivers have sliding weight technology which provides these drivers with amazing adjustability. Besides, this innovation uncommonly streamlines the driver for every golf player’s direction and face point. These drivers ensure flight bias preferences change( up to +/-2°) and draw-fade bias( up to +/-20 yards). 

Other features:

Sim’s shaft material is only graphite, but the shaft material of Sim Mx is Fujikura Ventus Blue 6. Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 is much better than graphite. Besides, with Sim Max, you will get a mid-range launch, and Sim provides you only a low-range launch. They do not provide draw bias. These drivers can be used on tour. The Golf Club Loft of these drivers is 10.5 Degrees. These drivers are easily movable. 

These drivers have amazing professional looks. When you carry these drivers, they will look amazing, but we still recommend choosing a Sim Max driver. 


TaylorMade Company provides a warranty for 2 years, and this warranty policy has some limitations. But, if you are an original consumer, you will definitely have the opportunity to avail this warranty policy.

Besides, you must provide proof of purchase, which must be in the form of an original cash register receipt from the authorized retailer, and the driver hasn’t been abused, misused, altered, defaced, or damaged through neglect. So, as you can see, you have to use these drivers with proper care. 

Final thoughts:

Here, we have tried our best to provide you with in-depth information about TaylorMade Sim and Sim Max drivers. After comparing these two drivers, we found TaylorMade Sim Max driver is the preferable one. 

Frequently asked questions about TaylorMade Sim Max and Sim Driver

Are there any differences between the red shaft and a blue shaft?

 The red shaft is slightly lighter with a higher launch angle, whereas the blue shaft is just a touch heavier with a Mid-launch. Higher handicap players seem to like the red shaft better as opposed to lower handicap players that like the blue.

Can I select a jumbo grip?

The manufacturer made these drivers with standard grips.

Can I return to these clubs after the hit? 

There is a two years warranty policy of the TaylorMade brand. You have to prove that you brought this driver from the original store and didn’t misuse it. 

What is the shaft of Sim Max Driver?

The Sim Max driver’s shaft material is Fujikura Ventus Blue 6, which is upgraded to the Sim driver. 

What is the length of the club? 

The shaft length for the TaylorMade SIM Driver is 45.75″.

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