Surface Book 3 vs MacBook Pro

Surface Book 3 vs MacBook Pro – Learn Why MacBook is Better!

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Surface Book 3 vs MacBook ProAfter comparing Surface Book 3 and MacBook Pro we saw MacBook Pro has got some advanced functions. That’s why we suggest you go with this laptop.

Why We Suggest MacBook Pro?

  • MacBook Pro has 16GB RAM including 512GB SSD, the memory provides you super-fast and cool performance. On the contrary, Surface Book 3 includes an 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD.
  • This laptop has an excellent display and it is bright, has a fantastic color balance also the screen is very convenient. Even, it can automatically adjust the brightness when the sun goes on your location, but Surface Book 3 cannot adjust the brightness.
  • MacBook is lighter than Surface Book 3 where it’s only 3.1 pounds whereas the other one is 6.54 pounds. So, you can carry this laptop easily on the go.
  • It has a fast-charging feature so it takes only 2 hours to charge the device fully. In contrast, its competitor does not have a fast charging option.
  • MacBook Pro is built with an M1 chip system that makes it fast and powerful so that the device delivers incredible performance while operating heavy apps or software. Besides, Surface Book 3 doesn’t include an M1 chip.

After reading all the differences, now you understand why MacBook Pro is best for you. You can choose this one if you want a device that will provide you with fast performance.


Similar Features

  • Surface Book 3 and MacBook Pro have LED-backlit displays which provide better image quality.
  • These have a stereo microphone which provides you with the best audio sound quality.
  • They have a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack, with this audio jack you can use the device with most headphones.
  • Both devices have voice-command features that make it easy to operate them remotely.

Comparison Chart: Surface Book 3 vs MacBook Pro

Specification Surface Book 3 MacBook Pro
Editors Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension 12.3 x 0.91 x 9.14 inches 8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches
Weight 6.54 pounds 3.1 pounds
CPU Intel 10th Gen Core i5 Intel 10th Gen Core i5
Graphics Intel Iris Plus or Nvidia GeForce 1650 Max-Q Intel Iris Plus
Screen Size 13.5 inches 13.3 inches
Screen Resolution 3000 x 2000 px 2526 x 1600px
Ports 2 USB-A, USB-C, SD Card Slot, Headphone/Mic Jack, 2 Surface Connect 2 or 4 Thunderbolt 3, Headphone/Mic Jack
Battery Life 15.5 hours 10 hours
Battery Level Indicator Yes No
Stylus Included Yes No
Number Of Microphones 2 3
Stereo Microphone Yes Yes
USB-Type C port Yes Yes
Storage 256GB 512GB
Pixel Density 267 PPI 227 PPI
Backlit Keyboard Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Similarities & Differences Between Surface Book 3 and Macbook Pro


This device’s weight is 6.54 pounds, and its dimension is 12.3 x 0.91 x 9.14 inches. On the other hand, the Macbook Pro-weight is 3.1 pounds, and the dimension is 8.36 x 11.97 x 0.61 inches. The lighter weight is more comfortable than the heavy one.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 has a flip and fold design, and it allows you to fold the screen over the keyboard and turn it into a tablet. Besides, Macbook Pro does not have this feature. Surface Book 3 has a detachable keyboard, while Macbook Pro does not have this detachable keyboard.


Microsoft Surface Book 3 screen size is 13.5 inches, and the other screen size is 13.3 inches. The bigger screen gives a better experience. This device screen resolution is 3000 x 2000px, and Macbook Pro screen resolution is 2526 x 1600px. Better screen resolution provides better image quality. Surface Book 3 has a touch screen feature, whereas Macbook Pro does not have this feature.


It comes with 8GB Ram, and MacBook Pro comes with 16GB Ram. More Ram enables fast data processing and increases the performance speed. This device comes with 256GB of internal storage, besides Macbook Pro comes with 1000GB of internal storage.

In this section, Macbook Pro is one step ahead of Surface Book 3. Microsoft Surface Book 3 has an external memory card slot that extends built-in internal storage. On the other hand, Macbook Pro does not have this function.


Both devices have USB-Type C ports. It can be used to charge larger devices like laptops. With Surface Book 3 you will get three USB ports, and Macbook Pro has 4 USB ports. With more USB ports, you will be able to connect to more devices.

Battery Life:

This device comes with 15.5 hours of battery backup, and Macbook Pro comes with 10 hours of battery backup. More battery backup gives more time to use these devices. Surface Book 3 has a battery level indicator, while Macbook Pro does not have this feature.

Additional Feature:

They have a stereo speaker that provides richer sound and gives a better experience. Both devices have a 3.5mm audio jack; with this cable, you can use the device with most headphones. MacBook Pro comes with 3 microphones, while the Surface Book comes with 2 microphones. The number of microphones provide better sound quality and filter out the background noise.


Both devices come with 1 Year warranty. In the meantime, if the product gets damaged, then you can contract with the company helpline. You will get a 90-days return policy, and if you don’t like the product, you can return it or exchange it.


The Macbook Pro might not be as pretty as Surface book 3, but it is more lightweight, it has a higher ram with more storage, and this device is built with an M1 chip. So, Macbook Pro is the perfect choice for you. Otherwise, Macbook Pro is also a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surface Book 3 and Macbook Pro

Can I use the USB-C port on Surface Book 3?

The USB-C port can provide USB, display port, output power, and draw power for charging.

Does it connect with a portable monitor?

Yes, You can connect this MacBook Pro to an external monitor or projector using the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

Can memory upgrade?

No. Memory (RAM) is not user upgradeable on the MacBook Pro.

Does it have a DVD port?

No, it does not have a DVD port.

Which processors are included with Macbook Pro?

The MacBook Pro processor is 10th generation intel core i5.

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