Squier vs Fender Telecaster

Squier vs Fender Telecaster – Which is better between them?


Squier vs Fender TelecasterSquier and Fender Telecaster are two outstanding beginner guitars with a beautiful finish, but Buywithme.org suggests the Fender Telecaster

Why Do Buywithme.org suggests the Fender Telecaster?

  • It includes an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD to help you learn your instrument perfectly. Besides, the Squier doesn’t include an instructional DVD. 
  • It has an S-S pickup configuration that offers a bright tone, plus you can also warm up the tone from the neck pickups. In contrast, Squier has an S pickup configuration, so it cannot create wonderful harmonics like this one. 
  • Fender Telecaster comes with a gig bag so that your device is safely packed in it when you’re on the go. Also, it includes an extra Fender instrument cable. At the same time, these are available with the Squier.
  • You will get a guitar strap with this, but the Squier does not offer a strap. It also comes with picks so that you can start playing right after unboxing it. However, the other one has no picks, hence you need to purchase separately. 

These were the Fender Telecaster’s outstanding features that make it an excellent fit for the newbie to experts. 


Similar Features 

  • Squier and Fender Telecaster built with Poplar material. 
  • Both of them have a hardtail bridge option. 
  • They include a 10G Amp. 
  • The neck material of these guitars is Maple. 
  • Both come for a year warranty. 

Quick Specifications Chart of Fender Telecaster and Squier 

Specifications  Squier Fender Telecaster
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Dimension 44.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches 57 x 17.1 x 7.9 inches
Weight 9.9 pounds 26.1 pounds
Instructional DVD No  Yes
Guitar Strap No  Yes
Instrument Cable No  Yes
Guitar Pickup Configuration S SS
Gig Bag No  Yes
Picks No  Yes
Body Material Poplar Poplar
Guitar Bridge System Hardtail Bridge Hardtail Bridge
Back Material Ebony Poplar
Fender Play  Yes Yes
Fingerboard Material Options Laurel, Maple Maple
10G Amp Yes  Yes 
Number of Strings 6 6
Neck Material Maple Maple
Warranty  One Year One Year

Differences and Similarities Between Squier vs Fender Telecaster 


When it comes to purchasing a guitar, considering the shape is an important thing. Who is going to use the instrument, this what you need to consider first? Is a child or an adult person going to use it? 

Anyhow, these guitar shapes are perfect for around 8 years old up to any age. Squier dimension is 44.5 x 4 x 14.5 inches, and it is around 9.9 pounds. On the other side, the Fender is 57 x 17.1 x 7.9 inches, whereas it is 26.1 pounds. 

As you can see, the Squier would be ideal for the child or teenagers for its weight. At the same time, the Fender is a good choice for adults. But the size or weight does not matter, and Fender is not that heavy instrument. You can still carry it easily to start playing. 


Squier and Fender Telecaster comes with the same bridge option. They have a Hardtail Bridge on the device. Also, the bridge features six individual saddles. It will give you accurate intonation with each string. 

But the downside of a hardtail bridge is, you cannot move it since it is secured to the body. That’s the reason you cannot move it. And you cannot create different effects in your guitar’s sound. 


When it comes to sound, the Fender is better than the other one. Because it comes with an S-S pickup configuration while the Squier configuration is S. So, with the S-S configuration, you will get the bright tone that can also be warm-up from the neck pickups. The device is also straightforward to tune than Squier. 

Neck Profile 

Both of them are built with a “C”-shaped neck profile which is very comfortable. You will find the shape in the cross-section. It will give you a vintage-style playing feel than other guitars. Moreover, the “C”-shape profile makes it remarkably comfortable and ideal for any type of playing style. 

Fender Play 

They feature Fender Play which is perfect for beginners. It is an easy-to-use online platform that will help you learn new and necessary skills to play. It has some lessons, such as song- and riff-based that use instantly recognizable and popular songs. It will also add an ever-expanding song library in the future. 


To start playing immediately with the Fender Telecaster, you will get everything included with this instrument. But unfortunately, the Squier does not provide anything except the guitar itself and the 10G Amp. 

However, the Fender will provide you with a headphone jack so that you practice silently. It also comes with an instrument cable, a gig bag, Fender clip-on tuner. Additionally, it has a guitar strap so that you can practice or perform with your guitar while standing. Picks and an Instructional DVD are included with this. 


Squier and Fender Telecaster musical instruments offer a warranty for one year from the date you purchase. You’ve to get it from the authorized dealer plus the warranty will only work for the original purchaser. They will cover defects in workmanship or materials. Also, the transportation, freight charges, insurance are included with the warranty service. 

And if the fret, saddle or strings, or batteries are worn, this will not be covered by this warranty if you damage the finishes or cracks them. If there is any rusting or corrosion on the guitar or any damages, the warranty will not cover it. 

Final Words 

Squier and Fender Telecaster provides a quintessential tone with their legendary design. These guitars are ready to accompany any player on any stage. Since you will play the guitar, it’s totally your decision which one you want to choose. But we strongly recommend the Fender Telecaster as it has a better sound & tuning feature, also comes with all the handy items you need. And the Squier does not include any accessories, but still, it is a good choice too. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier and Fender Telecaster

Do they come with a stand?

No, Squier or Fender Telecaster does not come with a stand. You’ve to purchase one separately.

Does the Squier tuning gears are adjustable so that I can tighten them?

Yes, the guitar has a screw in the tuner that lets you tighten the button onto the guitar shaft. 

Can I plug the amp into a regular electric outlet?

Both Squier and Fender amp can be plugged into a regular wall electrical outlet, so yes, you can do it. 

What are the Fender Telecaster’s size and weight?

The actual size of this guitar is 57 x 17.1 x 7.9 inches, and its weight is 26.1 pounds. 

What is the manufacturer warranty of these instruments?

Squier and Fender offer a one-year limited warranty to their original purchasers. 

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