Sony WH1000xm3 vs Beats Studio 3

Sony WH1000XM3 vs Beats Studio 3 – Check Our Recommendation!


Sony WH1000xm3 vs Beats Studio 3If you compare Sony WH1000XM3 and Beats Studio 3 you will see some similarities. But some technological advancement made Sony wh1000xm3 is the winner here.

Why Sony WH1000XM3 is Winner?

  • Sony WH1000XM3 has a neodymium magnet that makes your sound definition and base performance eight times better than other ferrite magnets. Besides, Beats Studio3 has an ordinary ferrite magnet that is not good like Sony wh1000xm3.
  • It weighs 255 grams while Beats Studio 3’s weight is 260 grams. Simply a lightweight headphone is better than a heavy one because of the ease of carrying or using for a long session.
  • The WH1000XM3 comes with 3 microphones, which provide you with crystal clear sound while making voice or video calls. In contrast, Studio 3 has got only 1 microphone.
  • Sony WH1000XM3 provides you with 30 hours of listening time, while Beats Studio 3 gives you 22 hours of battery life. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the charge even if you are on a long journey.

All these improved functions made Sony WH1000XM3 better than Beats Studio 3 headphone. Hope you understood why we recommend WH1000xm3 for you.


Similar Features

  • Sony WH1000XM3 and Beats Studio 3 are over-ear from headphones.
  • They come with a stereo speaker system that provides a smooth sound quality.
  • These headphones have a battery level indicator, which will notify you if the battery gets low.
  • Both include noise cancellation microphones that block the background noise for precise sound.

These were the similar features of these two headphones, and now if you think the Beats Studio 3 is the better choice, you can choose this device.

Comparison Chart: Sony WH1000XM3 vs Beats Studio 3

Specification Sony WH1000XM3 Beats Studio 3
Editors Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Weight 255 grams 260 grams
Battery Life 30 hours 22 hours
Number of microphones 3 2
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Dimension 7.31 x 2.94 x 10.44 inches 6.3 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches
Has Neodymium Magnet Yes No
Has battery level indicator Yes Yes
Has USB-type c Yes No
Has Bluetooth APTX Yes No
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Similarities & Differences Between Sony WH1000XM3 and Beats Studio 3


If we talk about the design, then both headphones have an incredible design. We think that more lightweight is better than heavyweight. A lower weight is also easy to transport for carrying anywhere. Sony wh1000xm3 weight is 255 grams while Beats Studio 3 weight is 260 grams.

So Sony wh1000xm3 is easier to take anywhere. These headphones come with comfortable full-size earcups that fully enclose your ear. It offers you maximum bass and loudness level. Anyways both are amazing at design, but Sony wh1000xm3 is better for their lower weight.

Sound Quality:

Sony wh1000xm3 has the lowest and highest frequency, giving you stronger and juiciest bass and clearer and crispier treble. Both devices have a passive noise reduction system that reduces background noise and prevents your music from coming out. Sony wh1000xm3 has a neodymium magnet which is lighter and more potent than other magnets.

It provides you 8 times better base performances. It creates a higher susceptibility sound output using low power. Besides, Beats Studio 3 has ordinary ferrite magnets. In this section again, Sony wh1000xm3 is the best choice for you.

Noise cancellation:

This device has a noise cancellation system that adjusts your sound system. They use a new HD noise cancellation processor, and noise cancellation power is greatly enhanced. An NC processor also secures the reproduction of your music is never compromised to the processor’s performance.

While Beats Studio 3 has pure adaptive noise cancellation, which can block external noise. In this section, Sony wh1000xm3 provides you with better noise cancellation than Beats Studio3.


This device gives you 8 hour longer battery life than Beats Studio3. Sony wh1000xm3 gives you 30 hours of listening time, while Beats Studio3 gives you 20 hours of listening time. For the battery life, we strongly suggest you choose Sony wh1000xm3. Both devices have a battery level indicator system that shows you the battery level.


Both devices can be used wirelessly. Sony wh1000xm3 has Bluetooth APTX, and it supports Bluetooth version too. While Beats Studio 3 does not support the Bluetooth version. Both devices have a 3.5mm male connector. Sony Wh1000xm3 is easier to connect to any device.


The microphone gives you better sound quality and filters out the background music. A more number of microphones results in better sound quality. Sony wh1000xm3 has 3 microphones and Beats Studio3 has 1 microphone. So Sony wh1000xm3 is better for you.

Stability and Warranty:

These devices are made from soft-touch materials that your finger can easily glide over. It makes your device more long-lasting than other devices. Both devices give you a 1-year warranty. You can use this warranty period from the product purchase date and for the damaged problem contract with the company site.

Final Word:

Both headphones are a great choice for you. Sony wh1000xm3 gives you longer battery life for that you can enjoy your music for extra time. You can choose Beats Studio 3 also for its other features, and the decision is yours. Choose wisely and enjoy your headphones.

Frequently Asked Question about Sony WH1000XM3 and Beat Studio3

Can I connect with multiple devices with these devices?

Yes, you can. You can connect these devices with your windows too. In the meantime, you can connect this with your device also.

Is Sony wh1000xm3 audiophile?

They aren’t audiophile headphones. They are very good-sounding headphones. Especially the previous obstacles companies have had in matching the sound quality and ANC technology. As a complete package, this is a headphone that is extremely hard to criticize.

Does Beats Sound 3 leak sound?

The Beats Studio3 is suitable for office use. They’re very pleasurable and have a good sound quality and have low leakage. This means they can not distract those background noises properly.

Do Beats Studio 3 break easily?

The Beats Studio 3 is a wireless over-ear Headphone that is cheaply made and damaged easily. This affects the fit and does not good while you wear them, but it makes the noise-canceling weak. We do not recommend the Beats Studio3  Headphones for you.

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