Sony A9G vs A8G

Sony A9G vs A8G – Why Should You Buy the Sony A9G?

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Sony A9G vs A8GSony has become remarkable in its television manufacturing sector by producing incredible smart television with revolutionary features. So, choosing the best one according to your needs seems complicated. However, we have checked every significant segment and found the Sony A9G is the best instead of the Sony A8G.

Why is the Sony A9G the best?

  • Sony A9G comes with the Sony X1 Ultimate processor, known as the best of sony processors. As a result, you will get outstanding gaming performance with flawless vibrant picture quality. Besides, this X1 ultimate processor utilizes the 120 Hz refresh rate accurately so that no lagging can be found. In contrast, the Sony A8G tv runs with the Sony X1 Extreme processor, which is also an efficient processor. Compared to the X1 ultimate, some advantages are missing in the X1 extreme.
  • It is compatible with Oled pixel contrast booster features that identify every detail from the video and make it more vibrant. That’s why you feel a realistic vibe while watching a video on the screen. Consequently, the A8G features an OLED screen that delivers a satisfying viewing experience, but vivid color can sometimes be missing. So, you will find the difference between the pixel contrast booster and the only OLED featured display.
  • The sound quality of this Sony A9G is much more improved than the previous sound technology. It uses the latest Acoustic Surface Audio+ to produce surround sound that makes you feel the maximum score of the sound. On the other hand, the Sony A8G supports Acoustic Surface audio, which is also promising with sound, but the surface Audio+ performs somewhat better than the A8G.
  • It supports eARC, which is known for its incredible;e sound quality. Whereas the Sony A8G supports only ARC over HDMI, the sound quality remains standard but not extraordinary.
  • The Sony A9G offers three different screen sizes (55″ / 65″ / 77″), which allow you to choose according to your desire. On the contrary, the Sony A8G has only 2 screen sizes (55″ / 65″). So, you will have an extra screen size with the A9G, which makes choosing the screen size easy.

Overall, the Sony A9G proved that it is developed and comes with some updated essential features. Besides, we have mentioned those features on the top. So choosing the Sony A9G will be great Oled TV undoubtedly.


Similar Features 

  • Both of these TVs’ display resolution is 4K HDR. As a result, they remain outstanding with video quality and maximum support formats of the video. Also, the display technology is the same. The Oled technology is used on these TVs.
  • The refresh rate of these TVs is also identical. The Motionflow XR 120 Hz is available with these televisions.
  • These television come with Oled Wide Angle viewing angle. So, the picture quality remains high from every angle you watch.
  • The A9G and A8G are compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. As a result, the voice command becomes so accurate and responsive.

Quick Comparison Chart: Sony A9G and A8G

Specifications  Sony A9G Sony A8G
Editors Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Picture processor  Son X1 ultimate  Sony X1 extreme 
Display technology  OLED OLED
Available screen size 55″ / 65″ / 77″
Refresh rate  MotionFlow XR 120 Hz MotionFlow XR 120 Hz
Viewing angle  OLED wide angle OLED wide angle
Contrast booster None  Yes 
Display resolution  4K HDR 4K HDR
Dolby vision  Yes  Yes 
Sound technology  Acoustic Surface   Acoustic Surface Audio+
Voice assistant  Google and Alexa Google and Alexa 
Warranty  1 year 1 year 

Things that you can consider about the Sony A8G

  • Firstly the price can be the deciding factor, besides the specifications of this TV over price is appreciable.
  • We found that the color accuracy seems somewhat brighter than the Sony A9G.So, if you have a liking for colorful displays, then it can perfectly fit your choice.

Overall, the Sony A8G is briefly behind the A9G. But we assure you that the A8g will not disappoint you if you pick this.

Differences & Similarities between the Sony A9G and A8G


The Sony A9G features a Sony X1 Ultimate processor, the latest and updated chipset from Sony. Besides, this X1 ultimate processor assures you pinpoint accuracy to the picture’s details. In addition, the sound quality and the refresh rate become flawless through this processor. As a result, you can get a new viewing experience from Sony A9G.On the other side, the Sony A8G offers an X1 Extreme processor, which is the ancestor of the X1 ultimate. However, the X1 Extreme is pretty behind with the performance of the X1 ultimate. Therefore, the overall performance seems good at Sony A9G for X1 ultimate processor.

Picture Quality 

These TVs are impressive with picture quality by supporting 4K HDR resolution. But, as a result, the output from the display looks so animated. But, in terms of color contrast features, the Sony A9G is best because it offers Oled Color Contrasts Booster that makes the picture so realistic and vibrant at the same time. But unfortunately, the Sony A8G is not compatible with this contrast booster. However, it is hardly noticed you should consider it if you want the best viewing experience.

Sound Quality 

The Acoustic Surface Audio+ is available in Sony A9G, which delivers incredible sound quality. Besides, you will get a surround sound experience that lets you feel the genuine vibe from the video. In comparison, the Sony A8G comes with an Acoustic Surface sound option, which is also great with the sound quality but compared to A9G, it is briefly behind from A9G.

Refresh Rate

The display of these TVs contains MotionFlow XR 120 Hz refresh rate that delivers smooth picture quality with flawless details. In addition, the gaming experience gets boosted for this 120Hz refresh rate. You can also feel the speed of the operating system for this refresh rate.


Sony grants a 1-year official warranty to these smart TVs under some policies. You can claim the warranty either from their authorized showroom worldwide or via amazon. They are very professional with after-sale service.

Final words

It is pretty tricky to choose a smart tv from a brand like Sony because they produce high specs TVs every time. However, we compare every single segment to ensure the best deal for you. Finally, we found the Sony A9G best instead of the Sony A8G. We already mentioned the difference between the A9G and A8G.So, buying the Sony A9G will be the perfect deal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do these TVs support Dolby’s vision?

Yes, they support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Are they compatible with Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, they are compatible with Amazon Prime Video.

Can I buy extra remotes in case the main remote breaks?

You can purchase the remote from an authorized showroom by proving the remote model name.

Does the Sony A9G support HDMI 2.1?

Yes, it supports HDMI 2.1 implanted with eARC.

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