Sony a9 vs a7iii

Sony a9 vs a7iii – Which One Should You Choose & Why?


Sony a9 vs a7iiiThere are very few differences between the Sony a9 & Sony a7 III, but the Sony a9 has some updated features that are not available on the Sony a7iii. 

What are the updated features of Sony a9?

  • You can shoot 450 images with this camera per charge, while the Sony a7 III can shoot only 410 pictures with a single charge. So, the Sony a9 has a better run-time than the competitor.
  • Sony a9 comes with an upgraded viewfinder with more dots. There are a total of 3568k dots on this device, while the Sony a7 III has a total of 2360k dots.
  • This camera weighs less than the alternative. Thus, it will be easier for you to continue a long session with this device.
  • The SD card of this device has a monolithic structure that made the card water and dustproof and increased its durability. The other camera has an ordinary SD card structure.
  • You will get more details on this device during continuous shooting. Sony a9 does the job at 20fps, while the Sony a7 III does the same at 10fps.

For these reasons, we genuinely recommend the Sony a9. This device will satisfy you with its generalist performance.


Similar Features Between Sony a9 vs a7iii

  • They have the same ISO range & focus points.
  • The devices can be used to shoot 4k videos.
  • Both the cameras have dual memory slots.
  • They have a weather-sealed body.

Quick Comparison: Sony a9 vs a7iii

Specifications Sony a9 Sony a7 III
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Color Black Black
Mirrorless Yes Yes
Sensor BSI CMOS Exmor R CMOS
ISO 100-51200 100-51200
Battery 650 shots 610 shots
Continuous Shooting  20fps 10fps
Focus Points 693 693 
Optical Sensor Size Full-frame Full-frame
Compatible Mountings Sony E Sony E
Display 3-inch tiltable 3-inch tiltable
Storage Slots Dual Dual
Weather-Sealed Body Yes Yes
Video Resolution 2160p 2160p
Product Dimension 5.67 x 9.61 x 6.14 inches 5 x 3.88 x 3 inches
Product Weight 1.30 lbs 1.44 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Sony a9 vs a7 III


Both the devices have the traditional camera structure. They have a solid build quality with a rigid grip on the body to make you feel comfortable while using the device. The inputs are placed on the left side with a rubber cover on top of it. The display can be adjusted in different angles as per your requirement.


Sony a9 is integrated with a 24.2 megapixels 35mm full-frame sensor. The sensor version of this device is a stacked CMOS sensor.  On the other hand, Sony a7 III comes with the Exmor R CMOS sensor with a black-illuminated structure.

Both the cameras have the latest BIONZ X image processing engine that will ensure that you are getting stunning visuals every time you click a picture or video.


To get great images, you should choose a device with a standard ISO range. Sony a9 and the Sony a7 III have a similar ISO range that will provide you with great images no matter what the light condition is. They both have an ISO range of 100-51200. 

Focus Points & Battery

These are the two crucial factors we should consider while choosing a camera. Both the devices contain the same amount of focus points. The devices have 693 focus points that are enough to track focus on an object without any complexation.

In terms of battery run-time, the Sony a9 is a winner. This device will last for 650 shots, while the alternative will last for only 610 pictures with a single charge.


The camera devices have a 3.00-inch display with the touchscreen feature. The display is tiltable. Thus, you will feel flexible while using these devices for video vlogging. The display of the Sony a9 contains 922k dots and provides natural color gradation with accurate visuals.

Continuous Shooting

Most devices don’t provide images with decent details while continuous shooting as they have very low fps. Sony a9 will surely satisfy you with the image quality as this device captures images at 20fps. You won’t miss any details, plus you will get a stunning image during continuous shooting. The other camera does the same job at 10fps.


You will be able to shoot fantastic quality videos with the devices. They both are capable of shooting 4K videos with maximum coverage. Sony a9 will provide you with images with a cinematic vibe. This device features a new HLG picture profile that supports instant HDR to enhance your visuals.


Sony a9 & the Sony a7 III come with an electronic viewfinder with impressive resolution. There will be perfect contrast gradation with corner-to-corner visibility. The viewfinder of this device provides a 40% faster startup. 

Durability & Warranty

The devices have a weather-sealed body that makes them suitable for any condition. The SD card of the Sony a9 has a monolithic structure that will protect the card from water or dust contact. You will be offered a one-year warranty for the mentioned cameras.


Sony a9 and the a7 III are two impressive cameras from Sony. They have a decent ISO range with standard run-time. If you want to choose the best, pick the Sony a9 without any second thought.  Sony a7 III can be an option for you if you are satisfied with the basic specs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a9 vs a7iii

Do they have an image stabilization feature?

Yes. Both the cameras have image stabilization features.

Which one is preferable for continuous shooting?

Sony a9 is the winner with a 20fps feature.

How good are they with a telephoto lens?

They are perfect. There is also a variant available with this lens.

Do they include any shoulder straps with the devices?

Sure. You may check the other included components in the product description.

What is the filter diameter of the Sony a7 III?

This device comes with an 82mm filter diameter.

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