a7s ii vs a7r ii

Sony a7SII vs a7RII – See Why Sony a7RII is the Winner!


a7s ii vs a7r iiSony a7SII & a7RII both are fantastic camera models with some identical features. But between them I suggest you to pick Sony a7RII.

Why I Suggest To Pick Sony a7RII?

  • Sony a7RII contains 399 focal points that make it easier to maintain focus on an object to capture incomparable exposure. On the contrary, Sony a7SII comes with only 169 focal points.
  • The sensor resolution of the Sony a7RII is 42 megapixels, which provides truly remarkable image quality. In contrast, the other one has a resolution of 12 megapixels only.
  • You will get better video output on the Sony a7RII as it is capable of recording at 2160p while the competitor can shoot videos at 1080p.

These unique specs made the Sony a7R II unbeatable in this comparison. Go for this one if you want to get a satisfactory performance.


Similar Features of Sony a7SII vs a7RII

  • Both cameras’ continuous shooting speed is 5fps. So, you can capture any fast-moving object effortlessly.
  • They have a tiltable display that makes it simple to photograph crowds, or objects close to the ground.

Quick Comparison: Sony a7S II vs a7R II

Specifications Sony a7SII Sony a7RII
Editor’s Rating 4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Sensor Resolution 12 megapixels 42 megapixels
Focus Points 169 399
ISO 100-102400 100-25600
Video Resolution 1080p 2160p
Color Black Black
Mirrorless Yes Yes
Battery 1 Lithium-ion Battery (pre-installed) 1 Lithium-ion Battery (pre-installed)
Display 3-inch tiltable  3-inch tiltable 
Continuous Shooting 5 fps 5 fps
Weather-Sealed Body Yes Yes
Product Dimension 9.61 x 6.1 x 5.67 inches 9.61 x 6.1 x 5.67 inches
Product Weight 1.29 lbs 1.28 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Detail about the features of a7S II vs a7R II


The devices have almost the same structure. They come with a black variant and a rigid grip that will provide you with balance while shooting an object. You will get a shoulder strap with these devices that can be used to carry them to any function.

The machines weigh significantly little compared to the traditional devices. Thus, it will be a matter of comfort for you to continue your session for an extended period.  


Sony a7S II comes with the full-frame BSI sensor, and the sensor is paired with an advanced BIONZ X image processor. The extra-large pixels of this device will dramatically collect more light than the usual camera devices.

The other camera, Sony a7R II, comes with a full-frame 42.4 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. You will get remarkable visuals because of the black-illuminated sensor with advanced structure. 

Image Quality

No doubt, you will get stunning quality images from these devices. They have a decent ISO range with focus points that are enough to satisfy you with the visuals. Sony a7S II comes with a broader range of ISO that will be perfect for any light situation.

The other one, Sony a7R II, is a winner in terms of focus points. You will be able to maintain and track the focus while shooting an object. The images will be with less noise and more details.


The camera devices are capable of recording 4K videos with maximum resolution. Sony a7R II is the first camera device from Sony to record 4K video to the internal media with the full-frame format.

The focus points and the stabilization will provide you with cinematic video output from this device. The other camera, Sony a7S II, is also an excellent device for video recording. You will get an FHD video with a full-pixel readout on this device.


The camera devices are integrated with Xtra Fine LCDs. Sony a7R II has a 3-inch tiltable display that can be swiveled up and down at different angles.

The WhiteMagic technology of this display will adjust the brightness automatically based on the environment. You can quickly check the focus and image details on display without any complexation. Sony a7S II also has a decent display but not as great as the previous one.


This is a segment that is required to enhance the beauty of your output. Sometimes you may not get your expected output because of the camera shake. The 5-axis stabilization of the camera devices will eliminate the camera shakes that may occur from five different directions.

The stabilization will work for the video recording as well. This feature made the devices suitable for vlogging. If you walk while shooting with the devices, there won’t be any shake because of the stabilization.


You will be able to connect your Android or iOS devices easily with your camera devices. They both are compatible with multiple connectivity options. Sony a7S II & the a7R II are compatible with Bluetooth,  NFC, and WiFi. By using the NFC feature, it would take very little time to transfer files, even if they are large in size.

Durability & Warranty

Sony a7S II & the a7R II are two great camera devices from Sony. The solid build quality and the weather-sealed body of the devices will provide you with a long service without any issues. The manufacturer offers a 1-year of warranty for the mentioned devices.

Final Words

The camera devices are packed with so many features that it was tough to choose one. Sony a7S II has a better ISO range, but overall the a7R II is the winner. Sony a7R II has more focus points with better sensor resolution. The final recommendation would be Sony a7R II for its improved ratio in every aspect. Sony a7S II is also a great device if you want to get better images with videos as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about a7S II vs a7R II

Are they compatible with the PlayMemories app?

Sure. They both are compatible with PlayMemories that can be used to shoot, share and save your captures.

Is there any vibration on the shutter?

No. The devices come with a reduced vibration shutter.

What is the video duration limit on the Sony a7S II?

The device can record video for up to 29 minutes.

What is the viewfinder type?

The devices have an electronic viewfinder.

Are they compatible with the 24mm G Master lens?

Sure. You can use this lens with both devices. 

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