sony a6100 vs a6400

Sony a6100 vs a6400 – What are the best features of Sony a6400?


sony a6100 vs a6400Sony a6100 and  a6400 have some similarities but some advanced features made the Sony a6400 a better choice.

What are the Advanced Features of the Sony a6400?

  • Sony a6400 has an extended ISO of 100-102400 that provides the advantage of shooting long exposure images better. The a6100 comes with an ISO range of 10-51200 when extended mostly.
  • You will have better image output on the a6400 as it comes with a 2359K electronic viewfinder. The competitor has only a 1440K electronic viewfinder.
  • Sony a6400 comes with the fastest and most reliable autofocus tracking that will lock the object or a moving object so quickly. On the contrary, the Sony a6100’s autofocus is fast but not much reliable.
  • It has a large sensor and the latest image-processing engine that help to capture super clear images with natural color even in low-light settings. In contrast, the a6100 sensor is not large and image processing isn’t much updated.
  • The body of this camera is very ergonomic which will make you feel comfortable even after long use, but the Sony a6100 won’t be suitable for every hand or long use.

You will surely love all these amazing specs while holding the Sony a6400 in your hand. Thus, the Sony a6400 is perfect for stunning photos and videos as well.


Similar Features of Sony a6100 vs a6400

  • They have a common base ISO range.
  • They can record videos in 4K.
  • Both the cameras have a touchscreen display.
  • They are very lightweight compared to other devices.

Quick Comparison Between Sony a6100 vs a6400

Specifications Sony a6100 Sony a6400
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Mirrorless Yes Yes
Sensor APS-C Exmor Sensor Exmor RS CMOS Sensor
Native ISO 100-32000 100-32000
Extended ISO 100-51200 100-102400
Shutter 1/4000 – 30 sec 1/4000 – 30 sec
Electronic Viewfinder 1440K 2359K
Eye Tracking No Yes
4K Video Yes Yes
Display Tiltable LCD Display Tiltable LCD Display
Touchscreen Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Product Dimension 6.18 x 5.67 x 4.53 inches 6.2 x 9.2 x 4.55 inches
Product Weight 13.9 ounces 27 ounces
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Sony a6100 vs a6400 


The cameras are perfect in shape and won’t make you feel any issues after long usage. The controls are placed well so that you don’t get distracted while capturing a photo or video. Sony a6400 has a grip where your right hand will be placed to make sure that you are holding the camera well. You may not feel good while holding the a6100 as this one has a slightly different shape.


Both the cameras come with upgraded sensors to provide you with a stunning output. Sony a6100 comes with a 24.2 MP APS-C Exmor sensor. The other one, the Sony a6400, also comes with a 24.2 MP but a different version. This one is integrated with the Exmor RS CMOS sensor.

Image Quality

You will be totally satisfied with the image quality of the cameras. Sony a6100 will produce images with realistic color reproduction. You will get more vibrant colors of flowers and similar objects with this device. Sony a6400 does a fine job of using every megapixel. This device uses an effective circuit process that results in an efficient light collection to make the image better. The front-end LSI supports image processing with the help of the BIONZ X image processing engine. These processes make sure to deliver an image with superb clarity. 


Both the devices come with a different ISO range. Sony a6100 comes with the base ISO range of 100-32000. This base ISO is the same as the Sony a6400. You will get an extended ISO of 100-51200 on the Sony a6100, but the Sony a6400 has a better ISO range while extended. The ISO of Sony 6400 can be extended up to 100-102400; thus, you will have a better image in any light if you have the Sony a6400 in your hand.


Sony a6400 comes with the world’s fastest autofocus. This device has an unrivaled 4D focus system that can lock focus on any object. This is efficient for moving objects as well. The camera has 425 phase detection and tracks subjects if they move across the frame. You should not expect this performance on the Sony a6100, and the device doesn’t have this feature.

Real-Time Eye AF

Real-Time AF is very much essential to have a stunning portrait. You will be fully satisfied with both the device’s portraits. They both have real-time Eye AF, which means you will have a top-notch image of the subject even if it moves or moves fast. The devices do this job with the help of AI that detects and precess eye data in real-time. You can even select the left or right eye by using the touch screen.


The tiltable touchscreen made these devices more user-friendly. They are super comfortable to use because of the large LCD screen. You will be able to select a focus area or change settings easily through the touch screen. The screen can be customized for vlogging or still photography exactly how you want it. 


Sony a6400 comes with a 180-degree tiltable touch screen so that you can use it for self-recording. This will be helpful if you are a regular video maker. This option will let you see the frame and make the video more interactive. This feature can be used during photos or videos both. Sony a6100 also has this feature but doesn’t look as much effective as the a6400.


You will be able to record 4K videos on both camera. They are capable of recording videos in QFHD. You will get exceptional detail and depth in your videos. Sony a6400 is capable of shooting full HD videos in 120fps for up to 5x slow motion. There is a Zebra functionality to make the output more enhanced.  

Durability & Warranty

They both have a premium build quality, and there is no doubt about that. You will be able to use the devices for an extended period as they are made to last long. Sony offers a 1-year of warranty for the cameras.

Final Words

Sony a6100 & a6400 are both two quality cameras with all the required features. But the Sony a6400 is perfect for both photo and video. This one has a better ISO with some upgraded features. If you are satisfied with the basic features, you may go for the Sony a6100, and this one will cost you less than the a6400.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a6100 vs a6400. 

What is the fps while shooting 4K videos with Sony a6400?

The Sony a6400 will shoot 4K videos in 30fps.

Can I rotate the screen of a6400?

You can flip the screen around for 180-degree.

Can I track an object through the screen?

Sure. They have a touchscreen screen, so you can do that.

Are they compatible with external mic input?

Yes. They both are compatible with external mic input.

Do they have WiFi connectivity?

Yes. They both have a WiFi connectivity option.

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