Sony a5100 vs a6000

Sony a5100 vs a6000 – Check Why you should choose Sony a6000!


Sony a5100 vs a6000If you are confused to choose the best one between Sony a5100 & a6000, I would strongly recommend you to pick the Sony a6000 because of its impressive features.

Why I recommend Sony a6000?

  • Sony a6000 is integrated with an upgraded viewfinder for better output. You will have an electronic viewfinder on this device, while the Sony a5100 comes with an ordinary viewfinder.
  • There is an external flash shoe available on this camera, but you won’t have this advantage on Sony a5100. An external flash is highly effective for outdoor photography.
  • a6000 can capture 11 fps and its superb moving-subject tracking performance ensures you get a great shot during still or video capture. On the contrary, a5100 provides only 6 fps.
  • The flash of this camera covers 6.0m, whereas the alternative’s flash will cover only 4.0m. You will get better images outside because of this more flash coverage.
  • Sony a6000 is compatible with the PlayMemories app that can be used for a faster image transfer, while the Sony a5100 isn’t compatible with this feature.
  • It comes with four different color variants that allow you to choose your desired one. The other camera, the Sony a5100, is available in only two color variants.

These above points made the Sony a6000 more preferable than the other one. Choosing this one will be surely the best decision for you.


Similar Features of Sony a5100 vs a6000

  • They come in a 3.00-inch tilt screen which is essential for perfectly framed selfies.
  • Both the devices have 179 focus points that help to shoot crucial moments with ultra-fast autofocusing.
  • These devices contain a similar sensor resolution. As a result, you will get the ultimate image quality and light sensitivity.
  • They both can record HD videos that are crucial for serious videographers or uncompressed clean-screen video files.
  • They have the same ISO range and sensor versions that provide stunning detail in low-light conditions.

If you are gonna get these similar functions with both cameras. But if you want the best performance with some impressive features then you have to go with the Sony a6000.

Quick Comparison: Sony a5100 vs a6000

Specifications Sony a5100 Sony a6000
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Black/White Black/Silver/White/Graphite
Sensor APS-C CMOS Sensor APS-C CMOS Sensor
ISO 100-25600 100-25600
Focus Points 179 179
Display 3.00-inch tiltable  3.00-inch tiltable 
Viewfinder None Electronic
PlayMemories Compatible No Yes
Sensor Resolution 24.3MP 24.3MP
Flash Coverage 4.0m 6.0m
External Flash No Yes
Video Record 1080p 1080p
Optical Zoom 3x 3x
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities: Sony a5100 vs a6000


Both the devices have the latest sensors to provide you with quality images and videos. Sony a5100 comes with the Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. This sensor will provide you with images with incredible detail.

The other device, the Sony a6000, comes with the same sensor version as the BIONZ X image processing. This advanced image processor will reproduce the textures and details of your image in real-time. The image processor does the job of increasing the tonal gradients and decreasing the noise of your image to provide you a realistic output.


The cameras come with a similar range of ISO. The ISO range of Sony a5100 is 100-25600. This range will help you to get stunning detailed pictures even in oddly light conditions. Sony a6000 comes with the same ISO range. You will get an advantage on this device because of the better flash coverage.


Sony a5100 can be used to record full HD videos. As they both have 179 focus points, it will be easier to shoot videos without missing any moments. Sony a6000 allows you to record full HD 1920x1080p videos in 60fps. You will be able to shoot cinematic videos with this device. The autofocus system of this device does an excellent job of tracking a moving object.


The cameras come in a small shape and can be carried anywhere without any issue. They have a 3.00-inch tiltable display. Sony a5100 comes in two colors while the other device, the Sony a6000, has four different color options. You can choose your favorite one from Black, Silver, White, and Graphite variants.

Photo Sharing

You will have an instant photo sharing feature in the Sony a5100 & the Sony a6000. The devices are compatible with WiFi & NFC connectivity. WiFi connectivity allows you to control your camera through a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the Sony a6000 is consistent with the PlayMemories Camera app that will help you for a faster image transfer.


Sony a6000 comes with an OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF). This OLED EVF feature has the latest visual framework that provides a 100 percent frame cover with four double aspheric lenses. The viewfinder gives you good visibility. The EVF will allow you to see any scene in rich contrast. Unfortunately, the Sony a5100 comes with an ordinary viewfinder.


The small-sized cameras have a compact design, and all the controls are placed well for comfortable use. Sony a6000 provides you with complete DSLR monitoring and direct access to functions. Two dialers are placed on top, and the rear control wheel enables fast shooting modes to be quickly selected. Sony a5100 also has a user-friendly design that will surely satisfy you.

Durability & Warranty

Sony a5100 and a6000 are two great cameras for any purpose. They can be used for a prolonged period without experiencing any defect. You will get a 1-year of warranty from the manufacturer for the mentioned cameras.


The devices are standard in every aspect. They can capture quality images and can be used for recording HD videos as well. Sony a6000 is the winner in this comparison because of the upgraded viewfinder and the flash section. You may go for the Sony a5100 if you are satisfied with the basic settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a5100 vs a6000

Does the Sony a5100 have the silent shutter mode?

No. You may check the Sony a7 III for a silent mode.

Are the devices compatible with the Sony E mount?

Yes. The devices are compatible with the Sony E mount.

Is it possible to adjust the display of the cameras?

Sure. The displays are tiltable at various angles.

What is the photosensor size of the Sony a6000?

The photosensor size of the Sony a6000 is APS-C.

How good are they for low-light photography?

They are pretty decent because of the ISO range.

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