Sole f63 vs nordictrack c990

Sole F63 vs Nordictrack C990 – Check why you should pick c990?


Sole f63 vs nordictrack c990Sole F63 and NordicTrack C990 are both the top-selling treadmill in recent years. But maybe you are excited to know which one is best?

Between them, you can choose the NordicTrack C990 because some cool features are added to it. Below I put together the best parts of the C990.

Why is C990 the best option to choose?

  • The NordicTrack C990’s motor comes with 3.0 horsepower. And the Sole F63 has 2.5 horsepower. So the C990 has stronger motor power than the F63. Your speed will remain the same when you take extra weight on the C990.
  • The speed of the C990 is 12 miles per hour. On the other treadmill, the F63 is capable of 10 miles per hour. So we can see the C990 can perform 1-mile faster than the F63. You can run faster on C990.
  • The Running Surface of the C990 is 20 by 60 inches. And the F63 has only 20 by 55 inches. So you will have a larger running surface if you choose the C990.
  • The C990 has a 7 inches HD display with a smart touch feature. But the F63 doesn’t have the same type of display feature. So if you choose the C990, you will enjoy comfortable viewing and controlling the machine.
  • There are 32 onboard programs in the C990. On the other side, the F63 has only six standard programs. So if you choose to buy the C990, you can maintain your workout differently with these programs’ help.

These are the top 5 reasons to be the best between these two treadmills. And the F63 is also favorable for the user who doesn’t care about the top 5 reasons. But if you are looking for the best of them, then I will recommend you buy C990. If you really want to buy now, please click on the link below for the best price.


Specification Chart: Sole F63 vs Nordictrack C990

Specifications Sole F63 Nordictrack c990
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.9 out of 5
Dimension  75 x 33 x 58 inches 79.5 L x 35.5 W x 60.3 inches
Motor 2.5 horsepower 3.0 horsepower
Speed 0.5 to 10 miles per hour 0 to 12 miles per hour
Running surface 20 by 55 inches 20 by 60 inches
Roller 2.5 inch  1.9 inches
Weight capacity 325 pounds 300
Display type LCD Smart HD
Display size Single LCD 7 inches
Heart rate programs no Yes
Standard programs 6 32
Cooling fan Yes Yes
Display message Yes Yes
Heart Chest Strap Yes Yes
Warranty 20 years on motor 10 years on motor

Differences & similarities between the Sole F63 vs Nordictrack C990

The dimension of the Sole F63 is 75 x 33 x 58 inches. And the NordicTrack C990 has 79.5 L x 35.5 W x 60.3 inches. The C990 is a little larger than the F63.

Motor Power
The motor capacity of the F63 is 2.5 horsepower, And the C990 has 3.0 horsepower. So we identify that the C990 has stronger horsepower than the F63.

Motor Speed

The F63 can run 10 miles per hour, And the C990 can run up to  12 miles per hour. We see the C990 able to run 2 miles faster than the F63. C990 will be best for the speed workout lover.

Running Surface

The running surface of F63 is 20 by 55 inches, and the C990 is 20 by 60 inches, so C990 will be best as we can see that the surface of the C990 is longer than the F63.


The F63 treadmill has a regular display. But the C990 has an HD display with a smart touch feature, which is 7 inches. So it will be comfortable for the regular user to control the treadmill.

Weight Capacity

In the weight capacity, the F63 is the winner, as it can bring 325 lbs compared to C990. And the C990 can take only 300 lbs. For weight capacity, F63 will be best.

Cooling fan
Both of the machines have a cooling feature next to the display. For the colling feature, the users can get some fresh air from the treadmill. But there is a special colling feature in the C990. That is, it has an AutoBreeze™ Workout fan that automatically cools the machine.
Heart rating Program and other

There is no heart rating program in the F63, but the C990 has this feature. With the help of the feature, you can monitor your heart rate. Besides, the F63 has only 6 standard programs. But the C990 has 32 types of workout programs. In that feature, you can manage your workout in a different way.

The F63 lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2 years of parts and other, one year of labor. On the other hand, the C990 has a warranty Lifetime frame, 10-year motor, 2 years of parts, and labor warranty.


In comparison, The NordicTrack C990 has the coolest features that users would love to have. It has a great rating and best display, motor power, larger running surface, More workout program, etc. than the F63. The Sole F63 is also a great treadmill for the users if those features might not need them.
In the end, C990 will be the best option for you.

Frequently asked questions  about the Sole F63 and the NordicTrack C990

Do I need a NordicTrack technician for the assembly of the C990?

Yes! You may need it. First, but before that, you need to contact a local technician to assemble the machine.

Is there any discount offer for NordicTrack C990?

No, but you better communicate with the dealer.

Are the general parts available for these treadmills?
Yes, available. In the electronic shop, you can find them.

Any issue with Sole F63 after a year of use?
No issue after the use of a year. But you have to handle the machine with care.

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