Sole F63 vs F65

Sole F63 vs F65 – Check why you should pick sole f65?


The Sole F63 and F65 contain all the features for the regular user. Since they share many features, so I’ve described their differences here. Let’s dive into it –

What Are the Differences Between Sole F63 vs F65?

Sole F63 Sole F65
Sole F63 Treadmill Sole F65
Sole F63 built with a 2.50 HP motor. Sole F65 built with a 2.75 HP motor.
It has a 20 by 55 inches running surface. It has a 20 by 58 inches running surface.
The max weight capacity of this treadmill is 325 lbs. This can hold up to 350 lbs.
It has no heart rate program. It has heart rate program.
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What makes the Sole F65 better? 

  • The Sole F65 has a 2.75 HP motor, and the machine can run 11 miles per hour. On the other side, the F63 has a 2.5, and it can run only 10 miles per hour, which is 1 mile slower than the F65. Sole F65 can provide you with a faster workout; that’s why it would be your best bet.
  • The running surface of the F65 is 20 by 58 inches with a 2 inches roller, And the F63’s is 20 by 55 inches. You can find a larger running surface if you choose F65, which can help you with a comfortable workout.
  • The weight capacity of the F65 is 350 lbs, and the F63 has 325 lbs. Since the Sole F65 has 25 more lbs, you can go with this, and it will be ideal for both higher and lower-weight people.
  • The Display of the F65 is a little larger than the F63. So you don’t have to fall in trouble with the viewing message or seeing the treadmill’s status if you choose F65.
  • The Sole F65 has a Heart rating program that lets you check your heart rate status in displaying the treadmill’s monitor. But the F63 doesn’t have that feature; if you want to check your heart race status, you need to choose the F65.
  • If you check the warranty, the F65 motor has a lifetime warranty. But F63’s motor has only 20 years of warranty. The Sole F65 is worth your money as it provides a lifetime warranty.

These are the top best reasons that make the Sole F65 best. The F63 is also a good treadmill. But if you want a greater version between these two treadmills, the F65 will be the best buying option. To check the F65 best price, click on the button below.


Other Specifications Chart of Sole F63 vs F65

Specifications Sole F63 Sole F65
Editor’s Rating 4.3 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimension  75 x 33 x 58’ 33 x 78.’
Motor 2.50 horsepower 2.75 horsepower
Speed 0.5 to 10 MPH 0.5 to 11 MPH
Roller 2.5 inches  2-1/2 inches
Weight capacity 325 pounds 350 pounds
Display type Blue Backlit LCD Blue Backlit LCD
Display size Single LCD 7.5 inches
Standard programs 6 6
Cooling fan Yes Yes
Display message Yes Yes
Heart Chest Strap Yes Yes
Warranty 20 years on motor Lifetime Warranty on motor

Features and Benefits of Sole F63 vs F65

Motor Power and running speed

The motor power of the Sole F63 is 2.50 HP and able to run up to 10 miles per hour, and the F65’s power is 3.75 HP; it can be 11 MPH. In that difference, the F65 has more power and speed.

Running Surface

The F63 has a belt of 22 by 55 inches, called a running surface. And the F65’s running surface is 22 by 58 inches. We see the F65 running surface is larger than the F63.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the F63 is 325 Pounds, and the F65’s capacity is 350 pounds. So we can see any heavy people can work out on F65 without hesitation.

Display Size

Both of the treadmills come with a Backlit Blue LCD. But the display of the F65 is a little larger than the F63. And The monitoring treadmill status with F65 is much more comfortable for its larger display.

Heart rating function

The F65 has a heart rating function; you can monitor or check your heart rate status through this function. But it is a matter of sorrow that there is no Heart rating function in the F63.


These two machines have six different programs. During the workout, select the program that suits you the best.

Cooling Fan

You can find two cooling fans in both of these treadmills. These fans help the runner to get some freshness during the workout.


You will get a lifetime warranty on the motor and limited warranties on other parts if you buy an F65. On the other hand, if you buy an F63, you will get 20 years of warranty on the motor and a limited warranty on other parts. So If you choose F65, it will be the best option.


The Sole F63 and F65 are both top-rated treadmill industries of workouts. If you don’t know which one will be suitable for you, or the hesitation about buying between these two, I would highly recommend you to buy the F65 as it has all the best features. If you are a single user or work out sometimes, you may choose F63.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Sole F63 vs F65

What should I do if I need it for the Sole service? 

You need to contact the dealer or the shop where you brought your treadmill.

Does the Sole F65 need a special technician to assemble it?

No, you don’t need any exceptional technicians. It’s required general experience to assemble.

Where is the serial of my treadmill?

You can find a serial sticker in front of the lower base of the treadmill.

When should I lubricant the treadmill?

After 1000 hours, you need to lubricate the belt or roller of the Sole treadmill. Before that time, it’s not necessary to lubricate.

What is the interface of the F65?

F65’s interface is friendly. Without any experience, anybody can manage the treadmill.

Do the treadmills provide the same speed after a few years? 

Yes, the Sole treadmills can offer you the same rate after a few years of use.

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