singer 7258 vs brother cs6000i

Singer 7258 vs Brother cs6000i – Pick the right one for you.

Sewing Machine

singer 7258 vs brother cs6000iSinger 7258 and Brother CS600i  have the best quality to perform in the long run. And the best features for your sewing experience, but if you want to get the best sewing experience, then singer 7758 should be your choice.

Why Should You Get Singer 7258?

  • Singer 7258 comes with a wide range of stitch applications. It has 203 stitch applications. On the other hand, Brother CS6000i only has 60 built-in stitches. It separately doesn’t have any stitch applications. Singer 7258 gives you so many options to be creative with it, but Brother CS6000i doesn’t.
  • In the built-in stitch section, Singer 7258 gives you way more opportunities than Brother CS6000i. The Singer has 100 built-in stitches in 7758, While Brother CS6000i has only 60 in it. So, Singer 7258 is worth giving you a better experience.
  • Singer 7258 offers you a two-needle function, while in Brother CS6000i, you can not use this function. With this function, you can decrease the stitch width for sewing with two needles.

So, you can see how Singer 7256 can give a better experience than Brother CS6000i. That is why we choose the better one for you. And don’t compromise on your comfort in a sewing machine. While Singer 7256 is all ready to give you this comfort.


Specification Chart

Specification Singer 7258 Brother CS6000i
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Machine Size 14.5*7.5*12 11.4*6.7*16.1
Machine Weight 14.8 13
Volts 120 110
Darning Plate Yes No
Start/Stop Button Yes Yes
Built-in Memory No No
Box Size 17.5*10.5*14.5 12.48*20.079*17.638
Built-in Stitches 100 60
Stitch Application 203 Not Available
Built-in Needle Threader Yes  No
Stitch-per-minute 750 850
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 1 Step
Variable Needle Positions 25 Not Available
Extra-High Pressure Foot Lifter Yes No
Stitch Width/Length 6mm/Adjustable 7mm/5mm
Reverse (Touch Button) Yes No
Quick Set Bobbin Yes Yes
Built-in Lettering  No No
Permanent Memory Capability  No No
Top Drop-In Bobbin Yes No
Built-In Thread Cutter No No
Thread Cutter Shut Off No No
Tie-Off Button Yes No
Drop Feed No Automatic
Programmable Needle Up/Down Yes No
Direct Selection Stitches Yes No
Heavy Duty Metal Frame Yes No
Self-Adjusting Tension System  Yes No
Mechanical Speed Control No Yes
Needle Up/Down Yes Yes
LCD Screen Yes Yes
Touch Screen No No
Free Arm Yes No
Snap-On Presser Feet Yes No
Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter  Yes No
Presser Foot Sensor No No
Twin-Needle Function  Yes Yes
Buttonhole Style 6 7
Extension Table Included  No Yes
Warranty 1yr/ 5yr/25yr 1yr/ 25yr

Difference and Similarity Between Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i

Machines Weight and Size

Both Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i come in different weights and sizes. Singer 7258’s size is 14.5*7.5*12 inches, and weight is 14.8 pounds. On another side, Brother CS600i’s size is 11.4*6.7*16.1 inches and weight is13 pounds. So, Brother CS6000i is a little lighter than Singer 7258. It can be replaced anywhere you want. Also, Singer 7258 is not too heavy to carry either. You can shift it without any hassle too.

Built-in Stitches

Built-in stitches are the most important feature to have in a sewing machine. It assures your sewing to be easier and comfortable. It saves you time while sewing. In this case, Singer 7258 is the best between these two because it has a big range of built-in stitches than Brother CS6000i. Singer 7258 has 100 built-in stitches, While Brother CS600i offers you only 60. So, what would you choose for yourself? 100 or 60? Not only 100, but Singer7258 also comes with 203 stitch applications, while Brother CS600i has none.

Buttonhole Type

Both of these machines have 1 step buttonhole type. Which makes both of them easy sewing machines to sew buttons. Singer 7258 has 6 buttonhole styles, and Brother CS6000i has 7 buttonhole styles. Bothe are so capable of sewing your buttons in stylish ways.

LCD Screen

As both are computerized sewing machines, both have an LCD screen in themselves.  You can see your stitches through the screen. Choose stitches for yourself and work without bothering to set stitches. Sewing and choosing stitches could not be easier than this.

Extension Table

With Brother CS6000, you can get an extension table with itself. Brother provides you this for large projects. This plus point makes Brother CS600i a good competitor of Singer 7258. That doesn’t mean Singer 7258 is not built for big projects. Singer 7258 is as capable of doing a large project as Brother CS6000i.

Free Arm

The free arm is available in both Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i. So it is easy to sew sleeves and cuffs with Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i. To have an excess on the free arm, you have to go to the storage compartment in Singer 7258. Free arm also makes sewing trouser hems and tubular project easier.

Extra High-Pressure Foot Lifter

In Singer 7258, you can get an extra high-pressure foot lifter function. With this function, it is easier to do heavy-duty sewing projects. Also, for this feature, you can handle thick fabrics easily while sewing. But in Brother CS6000i, you do not get this feature.

Touch Button Stitch Selection

The touch button stitch selection option is available in the Singer 7258 sewing machine. You can choose stitches through buttons. Also, those buttons are touch buttons so that you can choose your stitches with just your fingers. Helpful and luxurious are the right adjectives for this cool feature. Brother CS6000i does not offer you this feature.


Singer 7258 and Brother CS600i offer a 1-year labor warranty. Both of them promise a 25-year warranty for machine heads and limited parts. Also, Singer promises a 5-year warranty for the machine’s electrical wires. So, you can have any of these two in this case.


In conclusion, you can see how Singer 7258 can give you a super-premium experience in sewing rather than Brother CS6000i. So, choose the best one from two of them for yourself. Because you are worth having the best one. And Singer 7258 is your sewing machine, which one you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Question About Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000i

Does Singer 7258 come with a walking foot?

No, Singer 7258 does not come with a walking foot. But you can use it with any walking foot from outside.

Can I do sideways sewing with Brother CS6000i?

No, you can not do sideways sewing with Brother CS6000i.

How many bobbin classes come with Singer 7258?

15 bobbin classes come with Singer 7258, and all are transparent.

Can you do embroidery with Brother CS6000i?

Brother CS6000i is not an official embroidery machine. But you can do embroidery by learning free motion embroidery in it.

Does Singer 7258 have an automatic buttonholer?

Yes, it has multiple buttonhole feet. Also, have 6 different stitches settings for buttonholes.

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