Shark NV801 vs NV803

Shark NV801 vs NV803 – How NV803 Becomes the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

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Shark NV801 vs NV803NV801 and NV803 are Shark’s two duo clean lift away vacuum cleaners, but if you analyze the features clearly then you would see Shark NV803 is significantly better.

What Features Made Shark NV803 Better?

  • Shark NV803 has a noise reduction system that made it quieter than Shark NV801. Contrary, Shark NV801 is a noisy vacuum cleaner as it doesn’t come with a noise reduction system. That means you would get a peaceful cleaning experience with Shark NV803.
  • Its hose is longer than Shark NV801’s. So you can clean more comfortably with this vacuum cleaner than facing a problem with the hose.
  • The on-off power button of the NV803 is on the hand. But, Shark NV801’s power on-off button is on the vacuum. So, this button makes operating Shark NV803 easier than Shark NV801.
  • Shak NV803 offers you better accessories than Shark NV801. It appears with a wand, bags for accessories, pet tools, and service tools for a duster. Shark NV801 does not come with that many accessories.

All these features made Shark NV803 a superior vacuum cleaner. If you can compromise all those mentioned points, you can get Shark NV801. And if you want to check the prices of these products, just click the buttons below.


Similar Features in Shark NV803 and Shark NV801

  • They weigh 15 pounds, and their dimension is 11.77*11.93*46.14 inches.
  • Shark NV801 and Shark NV803 have 0.9 quarts dust capacity.
  • These two appear with the HEPA filtration system.
  • LED light is included with them.
  • Their cord length is 30ft.
  • The warranty for these two vacuum cleaners is seven years.
Specification  NV801 NV803
Editors Rating 4.6 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 15lbs 15lbs
Dimension 11.77*11.93*46.14 11.77*11.93*46.14
Dust Capacity 0.9 Dry Quarts 0.9 Dry Quarts
Filtration HEPA  HEPA
LED Light Yes Yes
Cord Length 30 Ft 30 Ft
Best at Hard Floor, Soft Surface Hard Floor, Soft Surface
Warranty 7 Years 7 Years

Difference and Similarity Between Shark NV801 and Shark NV803

Machine Weight and Size

The Shark NV801 and Shark NV803 are two identical vacuum cleaners. Their dimension is similar, which is 11.77*11.93*46.14 inches. Their weight is 15 pounds. That weight so light and easy to move around. Their size is also relatively compact than most vacuum cleaners of Shark. So, you can grab any of these in the matter of weight and size, and you would be satisfied. 

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

They share the same cord length. They appear with a 30 ft cord length. So, it is so convenient for these with their lightweight size and this long cord length. This cord length gives a 35ft long cleaning radius. You will feel free while working with it with this long cleaning radius. 

Filtration System

These two duos clean vacuum cleaner offers you the HEPA filtration system. This filtration system provides you with complete seal technology where it seals all dust, dirt, and allergens, so it does not float around you after cleaning. The HEPA filtration catches 99.9% of allergens and pollen, and it can catch 0.3 micron-sized allergens. That means you do not worry about any small-sized dust or dirt. The best thing about the filters is they are washable and reusable.

Dust Capacity

Shark’s these two vacuum cleaners have quite a small dust capacity than the other Shark’s vacuum cleaners. They appear with a 0.9 quarts capacity of dust. It could be a feature that you might think twice before buying any of them, but the capacity is a little teensy but good to pursue if you have a house that is less dust-prone.

Ideal Floor

The ideal floor for these two lift-away vacuum cleaners is multiple. They are good to go with barefoot, hardwood floor, tiles floor. They also clean the stairs. Also, with the pet accessory, these two give you the best result cleaning pet messes. They are also useful to go on a soft surface like carpets, long rugs. These will clean all of them smoothly. Their small size and the capability to clean multiple floors make them the ultimate vacuum cleaner you want to have right beside your hand.


They have the same warranty to offer you. They come with a significant seven years limited warranty. Shark offers you this massive seven-year warranty to both of them. So, you could be carefree about your vacuum cleaner for a long time. This long-term warranty is all you want in your handy vacuum cleaner.


In conclusion, it is predictable which vacuum cleaner will give you a better service in your cleaning. The Shark NV803 is your cleaner unless you want to compromise in your cleaning. NV801 could be the right choice too if you can compromise some facilities of your vacuum cleaner. The noise reduction, longer hose, better on-off button, and additional accessories are offered with only the Shark NV803. So, choose wisely for yourself and make it a worthy investment in your vacuum cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark NV801 and Shark NV803

Where is the LED light in the Shark NV803?

The LED light in Shark NV803 is in the floor nozzle.

Can the brush be turned off in Shark NV801?

Yes, you can turn off the main brush roller.

What is the suction power of Shark NV803?

The suction power of the Shark NV803 is 1150 watts.

Is Shark NV801 a lift-away vacuum cleaner?

Yes, Shark NV801 is a clean duo lift-away vacuum cleaner.

Does Shark NV803 have washable filters?

Yes, the Shark NV803 has washable filters. They are foam, felt, and HEPA.

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