Shark NV751 vs NV752

Shark NV751 vs NV752 – Check the Key Points & Get the Best one!

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Shark NV751 vs NV752Shark NV751 and Shark NV752 are two identical vacuum cleaners that perfectly work for cleaning your home. They have almost the same functions, but Shark NV752 offers more promising cleaning than Shark NV751. Now, let’s have a look at the specialties that made it a better choice.

Why Shark NV752 is Better?

  • Shark NV752 and Shark NV751 have the same length of cord, but Shark NV751’s cord is not retractable. This causes problems while cleaning. Shark NV572’s cord is retractable, so it does not give you such issues.
  • Shark NV752 is extremely good at cleaning pet hairs. It has super helpful accessories that help you clean pet messes without any fuss. It has a pet power brush accompanied by a pet multi-tool. Shark NV751 does not give you this premium service in the matter of cleaning pet hair.
  • The spare parts of Shark NV751 are not always available. But Shark NV’s surplus parts are straightforward to get on the Shark website or the Amazon website. 
  • The Shark NV751 has a hard maneuver. So, it could be difficult for beginners to use. Also, it has a potent suction that could be dangerous for beginners to work with it. Shark NV752 has not any such problem. It is very favorable to work with a beginner.

These are the essential points that shape Shark NV752 into a preferable vacuum cleaner. They seem like pretty similar models, but these reasons make NV752 a better option. To compare and check their prices, just click the buttons below.


Similar Features in Shark NV572 and Shark NV571

  • They come in the same weight, 15.4 pounds, and the exact size 13.2*11.9*45 inches.
  • Shark NV752 and NV751 have a dust capacity of 3.3 quarts.
  • They have a complete seal technology HEPA filtration system.
  • Both have LED lights in the machine.
  • These two have a cord length of 30ft.
  • They are good at cleaning multiple types of floors.
  • The manufacturer offers seven years of limited warranty for both of these vacuum cleaners.
Specification  NV751 NV752
Editors Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 15.4lbs 15.4lbs
Dimension 13.2*11.9*45 13.2*11.9*45
Dust Capacity 3.3 Dry Quarts 3.3 Dry Quarts
Filtration HEPA  HEPA
LED Light Yes Yes
Cord Length 30 Ft 30 Ft
Best at Hard Floor, Soft Surface Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair
Warranty 7 Years 7 Years


Difference and Similarity Between Shark NV572 and Shark NV571

Machine Weight and Size

These two have the same weight of 15.4 pounds. And the exact dimension of 13.2*11.9*45 inches. They are good portable vacuum cleaners. You would like to clean with these. Since their size is compact, you can transfer them to places easily.

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

Shark NV752 and NV751 offer an excellent cord length being a vacuum cleaner. They have a 30ft long cord, which leaves you with a 35 ft long cleaning radius. You can not retract the cord of Shark NV751. This is a minus point of the NV751. However, Shark NV752 does not appear with this issue.

Filtration System

They provide you with the best filtration system, which captures dust almost 99.9%. It is a HEPA filtration system. Filters are washable and reusable. It is very good at catching pollens, allergens, and dirt. It can catch 0.3 microns sized pollen. The best thing about this filtration system is that it provides you with complete seal technology, making sure no dust floating in the air.

Dust Capacity

The dust capacity in these two vacuum cleaners is also the same. They have 3.3 quarts capacity for dust in each vacuum cleaner. This is plenty of capacity to give you back up for a long time. Therefore in the dust capacity section, they give you no chance to complain.

Ideal Floor

The ideal floors for both of them are not different, either. They are good with a bare floor. Gives a better result on the hard floor. Good to go with a soft rug or carpet. They also offer you a good cleaning of your stairs. Both also cleans pet hair, where The Shark NV752 is extremely generous at this.


The manufacturer offers similar warranty facilities in these two vacuum cleaners. These two come with a 7-year limited warranty. So, for 7 years they will provide you with their customer care. And you could be carefree for these several years. Remember, the warranty is limited, so it will not give you 100% back up.


You can see how Shark NV752 and Shark NV752 almost look similar and provide you with similar facilities. Still, by analyzing both of them, I can say the Shark NV752 is better among them. Its cord, simplicity, and very good with pet messes make it a winner against the Shark NV751. This is why choose for yourself a better one. But if you can compromise on these mentioned facts, then you can proceed with the Shark NV751.

Frequently Asked Question About Shark NV752 and Shark NV751

What is the weight of Shark NV752?

The weight of the Shark NV572 is 15.4 pounds. It is a good portable, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Does Shark NV751 clean the hardwood floor nicely?

Yes, The Shark NV571 cleans the hardwood floor nicely.

What is the dust capacity of Shark NV752?

The dust capacity in the Shark NV572 is 3.3 quarts.

Does the cord of Shark NV751 rewind?

No, the cord of Shark NV571 does not rewind automatically. You have to rewind it with your hand manually.

Which one is better for pet hair cleaning, the Shark NV751 or Shark NV752?

Well, both are capable of cleaning pet hairs. But the shark NV752 is more likely to give better results in cleaning pet hairs as it has the extra accessory.

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