Shark NV352 vs NV360

Shark NV352 vs NV360 – Check the key points to Get the Best One!

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Shark NV352 vs NV360Shark NV352 and Shark NV360 two are their classic vacuum cleaner and promising at their service. Comparatively, Shark NV360 has some amazing features that made it the best pick here. Wondering why to spend on this instead of Shark NV352? Let’s know the answer in detail.

What Points made Shark NV360 Best?

  • Shark NV360 comes with a slightly bigger dust capacity. Its dust capacity is 1.2 dry quarts, while Shark NV352’s dust capacity is 1.1 dry quarts. Therefore, NV360 can keep more amount of dust than Shark NV352.
  • The noise level in Shark NV352 is more than Shark NV360. 73-decibel is Shark NV352’s noise level; on the other side Shark NV360’s noise level is 70-decibel. So, Shark NV360 is more peaceful to work with.
  • Shark NV352 is best for hard floors. On the opposite, Shark NV360 is best for hard floors, soft surfaces. Also, Shark NV352 does not seem to clean pet hair. While with Shark NV360, you can smoothly clean pet hair.
  • The Shark NV352 is likely to fall over a lot. Its probability of fall over is quite significant. Sometimes it’s falling over could be dangerous for your body as it can injure you. But, Shark NV360 does not have any such reputation of falling over.

These are the leading causes that make Shark NV360 a moderately better vacuum cleaner than Shark NV352. That is why choose what is better for your home. Check their prices on the button below.


Similar Features in Shark NV360 and Shark NV352

  • They both have HEPA filtration.
  • Their cord length is 25 ft.
  • Both do the best job on hard floors.
  • They come with a 5 years limited warranty.
Specification  NV360 NV352
Editors Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.6 Out of 5
Weight 13lbs 12.5lbs
Dimension 14.96*11.4*45.5 15*11.4*45.5
Dust Capacity 1.2 Dry Quarts 1.1 Dry Quarts
Filtration HEPA  HEPA
Noise Level 70 Decibel 73 Decibel
Cord Length 25 Ft 25 Ft
Best at Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair Hard Floor
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

Difference and Similarity in Shark NV352 and Shark NV360

Machine Weight and Size

The machine’s weight and size are almost the same in these two vacuum cleaners. Shark NV352 comes in weight 12.5 pounds, and Shark NV369 comes in weight 13 pounds. That makes them so easy to carry. Their dimensions are also straightforward to manage. Shark NV360’s size is 15*11.4*45.5 inches, and Shark NV352’s size is 15*11.4*45.5 inches. You can easily fetch them and clean the floor.

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

Apart from being two classic vacuum cleaners, these two cleaners have a suitable cord and cleaning radius. Shark NV360 and CV352’s cord length is 25 ft, and their cleaning radius is almost 30 ft. In this length, you literally can clean a satisfactory space at one time. You can clean overhead, stairs, carpet with both of them. 

Filtration System

Both appear with the HEPA filtration system. This filtration provides you with advanced cleaning. HEPA filters make sure to catch every dust in the room. HEPA filtration captures 99.9% dirt and dust. This process of filtration leaves you with a neat and clean area.

Dust Capacity

The dust capacity on both of these vacuum cleaners is a little different. Shark NV360 can keep 1.2 quarts. Shark NV352 can have 1.1 quarts of dust at a time. In this feature, Shark NV360 gives you a better service. Also, HEPA filtration makes sure to provide you with sealed filtration while cleaning. This assures no dust or dirt on the air.

Ideal Floor

The ideal floor for Shark NV352 is the hard floor. It is easy going with stairs and also cleans easily over the head. Good with carpet cleaning too. Shark NV360 is ideal for hard floors, soft surfaces, and pet hair. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that cleans pet hair quickly, you must take the Shark NV360 as Shark NV352 does not clean your pet hair. Shark NV360 also cleans stairs and overhead.


Shark promises you a 5-year limited warranty on its Shark NV360 and NV352. It’s an excellent warranty deal on vacuum cleaners. They provide you with customer care for these years and make sure that you have the best experience with them. 


This article shows how Shark NV360 can provide you with better service than Shark NV352. Better dust capacity, lower noise level, and multiple ideal floors make it unbeatable in front of Shark NV360. Shark NV352 also provides you with every needed feature in a vacuum cleaner. So, choose a product per your demand. Shark NV360 and NV352 are capable of fulfilling your demands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shark NV360 and Shark NV352

Does Shark NV360 work on deep pile carpeting?

Yes, Shark NV360 works well on deep pile carpeting.

What is the width of Shark NV352?

The width of Shark NV352 is 11.4 inches.

Is Shark NV352 good with cleaning pet hair?

Yes, Shark NV352 is your vacuum cleaner if you are looking for one to clean your pet hair.

What is the warranty for Shark NV352?

Shark gives a 5-year limited warranty for its NV352.

Does Shark NV360 stand up alone?

Yes, it does stand on its own.

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