Shark AZ1000 vs AZ1002

Shark AZ1000 vs AZ1002 – Learn Why Shark AZ1002 is Best!

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Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002 upright vacuum cleaner gives you convenient clean. But when it comes to pick one, this is slightly tough. Hence, let’s check out their differences to make your purchase decision easier – 

What Are the Differences Between Shark AZ1000 vs AZ1002?

Shark AZ1000  Shark AZ1002
Shark AZ1000 doesn’t have DuoClean Technology. Shark AZ1002 has DuoClean Technology.
This machine cannot clean under furniture. It can clean under most of the furniture.
The AZ1000 doesn’t have pet cleaning feature. The AZ1002 comes with pet hair cleaning feature.
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Shark Az1002 can deliver you more reliable performance compared to the AZ1000. Also, I suggest you choose this upright vacuum cleaner.

Are you still confused? Well, read the following section to get a clear idea –

Why Should You Choose Shark AZ1002?

  • Shark AZ1002 has an on-off power button on its hand. So, you can turn on or off the vacuum cleaner easily with your thumb every time, and this feature makes AZ1002 a convenient vacuum cleaner to use. In contrast, Shark AZ1000 is not that convenient.
  • This vacuum cleaner cleans smoothly under any stuff like furniture, table, or chair as it can lay flat and go almost 12 inches under the furniture. So, cleaning under stuff with AZ1002 is so much more comfortable than AZ1000.
  • AZ1002 has cool pet hair cleaning accessories like a pet power brush and a pet multi-tool, ensuring better service while cleaning pet hair or messes. However, Shark AZ1000 does not come with these options. 
  • It appears with more accessories than Shark AZ1000. It has a 12” Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Pet power brush, and Pet multi-tool. Contrary, Shark AZ1000 comes with only a 12” Crevice Tool and Upholstery Tool.

These improved functions make Shark AZ1000 a better and more convenient vacuum cleaner than Shark AZ1000.


Similar Features in Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002

  • Shark AZ1000 and AZ1002 come with DuoClean Technology, which provides deep-clean floors or carpets for a polished look.
  • Dust capacity in both of these is 1.5 dry quarts. So, you can collect a large amount of debris to clean a wide area at a time.
  • They both provide you the HEPA filtration that stores dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner to keep you safe from allergies.
  • Both have LED lights in the head that helps to remove any hidden trash around the home.
  • Their cord length is 30ft, so it would be easy to wipe a certain area from the same place.

If you are satisfied with these functions, you can go with any of these cleaners. But if you want the best cleaning with advanced features, then you have to pick Shark AZ1002.

Other Specifications Chart of Shark AZ1000 vs AZ1002 

Specification  AZ1000 AZ1002
Editors Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.9 Out of 5
Weight 16lbs 16lbs
Dimension 11.3*12.2*46 11.3*12.2*46
Dust Capacity 1.5 Dry Quarts 1.5 Dry Quarts
Filtration HEPA  HEPA
LED Light Yes Yes
Cord Length 30 Ft 30 Ft
Best at Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair Hard Floor, Soft Surface, Pet Hair
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

Features and Benefits of Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002

Machine Weight and Size

The Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002 share the same 16 pounds weight; they also have the same dimension. Both are 11.3 x 12.2 x 46 inches. So, this similarity makes these two identical vacuum cleaners. This weight and dimension are quite convenient for this kind of upgrade vacuum cleaner. They clean and suck every dirt and dust off your house with these lightweight sizes. Therefore Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002 are the best deal for your house cleaning.

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

They also appear with the same cord length of 30 ft. It is a significant length to handle a room to clean. Also, this cord length leaves a 35 ft of cleaning radius. So, you can definitely clean a long space at a time without any problem or bother. You can clean the house feeling free and unoccupied.

Filtration System

They have a HEPA filtration system that seizes almost 99.9% of dust and allergens. It captures pollen, allergens, dust, and dirt and catches allergens in a size of 0.3 microns. It has a complete seal technology system for the captured dust and dirt. Therefore right after cleaning, the air remains clean as well. The filters are washable and reusable. That makes this system budget-friendly. So you can have the best filtration system with these two vacuum cleaners.

Dust Capacity

They provide you with a dust capacity of 1.5 quarts. In this capacity, you can clean for an extended time without any interruption. Therefore if you choose these two vacuum cleaners for their dust capacity, you will not regret them. These two vacuum cleaners provide you with the appropriate dust capacity, not too much nor too small. 

Ideal Floor

Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002 can clean multiple floors. They are compatible with bare floors, tile floors, and hardwood floors. Besides, they clean the stairs. Cleaning stairs is so more comfortable with these two vacuum cleaners. These two also appear with a self-cleaning brush tool.

They clean a thick pile of carpet easily. Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002 also clean big rugs. Both can clean pet hair, but the Shark AZ1002 gives the best cleaning of pet messes and pet hair. Its extra accessories like a pet power brush and pet multi-tool make it super easy to clean pet hair. 


Shark manufacturers supply you with five years limited warranty for Shark AZ1000 and Shark AZ1002. That ensures you five years of backup from the company. So, you can be tension-free for five years with your vacuum cleaner.


The Shark AZ1002 is your vacuum cleaner if you do not want to compromise with your vacuum cleaner. Its better service at cleaning under stuff and good button position make it a user-friendly machine. Besides, its performance through pet hair and more accessory makes it an Invincible vacuum cleaner in front of Shark AZ1000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shark AZ1000 vs AZ1002

Does Shark AZ1002 pick up long human hair?

Yes, Shark AZ1002 effectively picks up long hair.

What is the suction power of Shark AZ1000?

The suction power of Shark AZ1000 is 1150 watts.

What accessories come with Shark AZ1002?

There comes a 12” Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool, a Pet power brush, and a Pet multi-tool with Shark AZ1002.

What is the cord length of Shark AZ1000?

The cord length of Shark AZ1000 is 30ft.

Does Shark AZ1002 work on tiles?

Yes, Shark AZ1002 very smoothly works on tiles.

Which one is better for a pet owner’s house?

The Shark AZ1002 is the better vacuum cleaner for a pet owner’s house.

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