Sennheiser RS 175 vs 185

Sennheiser RS 175 vs 185 – Go for the best headphone!

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sennheiser rs 175 vs 185Sennheiser RS 175 and 185 may look the same from the outlook, but for some improved features, the RS 175 will be a better option for you.

What Are the Improved Features of RS 175?

  • Sennheiser RS 175 comes with an individual bass booster and surround setting that provides a precise and thrilling sound. On the contrary, RS 185 doesn’t have this amazing feature.
  • RS 175 comes with a high-quality cushioned earpad and foamed headband, which will give you super comfort while its competitor has an ordinary foamed headband and earpads.
  • It has dynamic bass that increases your recreation through sound quality, even its bass is comparatively better than any other device available on the market. Also for the bass lover, RS 175 is better. Because RS 185 has a normal bass system.
  • RS 175 has a closed-back design that decreases background noise to enjoy the music without disturbing anyone around you. In contrast, RS 185 includes an open-back design that can’t block noise and leak a bit.
  • This headphone’s build quality is very premium with a shiny finish, whereas RS 185 doesn’t have a finish like this one.

These are the unique specifications you’re going to get on the Sennheiser RS 175. To have a glance at these home entertainment headphones, go through the buttons below.


Similarities between Sennheiser RS 175 and 185

  • Sennheiser RS 175 and 185 have intelligent design control on the headphone. As a result, you can easily control and use both of them.
  • Large-sized earpads with a foamed headband that gives wearing comfort and reduces surrounding noise so you can concentrate on the entertainment.
  • Long-time battery backup, so you can listen to music for a long session without worrying about charging them frequently.

Both headphones have these similar functionalities. If you only depend on these similar points and wanna choose RS 185 then you go with your preference. But I recommend RS 175 which has some improved features.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Sennheiser RS175 Sennheiser RS185
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.3 out of 5
Color Black Black
Form Factor Over-Ear Over-Ear
Connectivity Wireless with transmitter Wireless with transmitter
Foamed Ear-Pad Yes Yes
Product Dimension 9.3 x 5.9 x 11.6 inches 9.3 x 5.9 x 11.6 inches
Item Weight 10.9 ounces 3.3 pounds
Battery 2 AAA batteries required (included) 1 AA batteries required (included)
Warranty 2-Years Warranty 2-Year Warranty

Comparison of features between Sennheiser RS 175 and 185

Wireless Audio Transmission

The digital audio transmission will allow you to use the headphone even from a 330ft distance. This offers you the right to move with headphones without restraints and cords. Both RS 175 and 185 have this feature.

Multi-Purpose Transmitter

There is a transmitter or system with these headphones. This contains some controls, and through this device, you need to charge the headphones. This transmitter will connect to your audio device by digital or analog input. You will have the charging & plugging station both from a single transmitter.


In terms of sound, RS 175 is the winner. This device will deliver you exceptional audio clarity from a long distance of the transmitter. The bass of this headphone is unbelievable compared to the other one. You will have two unique modes on this device, one is for the bass and another for surround sound. The surround sound will deliver more spatial and natural sound than the traditional devices. On the other hand, the RS 185 isn’t that dedicated to bass and surround sound. It comes with standard features and is suitable for normal purposes.


The RS 175 comes with 2-AAA batteries, while the 185 has a 1-AA battery on it. These rechargeable batteries will give you long listening sessions. You’ll get around 18 hours of running time from a fully loaded battery. This will enable you to listen to non-stop tracks for a minimum of 6 hours.


The headphones come with large-sized earpads. These will fit in any shaped ears without putting any pressure on the ears. There is enough foam on the ears to make your long sessions comfortable. But as mentioned above, the RS 175’s foam is different than the other headphone in both looks and material. You will feel better on the RS 175 because of its premium design and upgraded materials. 

Designed Controls

There is a designed control on the earpads of these headphones. Through this panel, the volume can be adjusted. The RS 175 has an advanced control, which the RS 185 doesn’t have. You can change the mode to bass booster or surround from the RS 175’s control. This will be very needy for the bass lovers.

Durability and Warranty

You can guess the durability by just looking at the outlook. They are built with premium, high-quality materials and look so reliable. As these are wireless, so there is no worry about the cords. Also, you don’t need to move or carry the transmitter all the time. These are suitable for home entertainment purposes. You will get two years of warranty for these home entertainment headphones. 


Both the headphones are packed with features. For next-level entertainment, you should definitely try the RS 175. This will allow you to enjoy music and television with satisfaction. This headphone will be a perfect choice for both bass and surround lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sennheiser RS 175 and 185

Is there any charging indicator or blink light on the headphones?

Yes, A light on the top. While charging, it’s red. It’ll turn green when it’s fully charged.

How to connect the two towers into one television?

You are required to use a splitter to do that.

Is there any dedicated button for switching off the bass boost?

Yes, absolutely. There are three additional settings for that.

How to charge the headphone?

You are required to set it on top of the transmitter.

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