Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 vs AirPods Pro

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 vs AirPods Pro – Who is Best?

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 vs AirPods ProIf you want to get the best sound experience between Momentum True Wireless 2 and Airpods Pro, then I strongly recommend Airpods Pro.

Why I recommend Airpods Pro?

  • The Adaptive EQ of Airpods Pro automatically tunes the music according to your ear’s shape and gives you the superior sound, whereas True Wireless 2 doesn’t provide the same as Airpods.
  • Airpods Pro has a high dynamic range amplifier and H1 chip which work together to generate excellent sound, On the contrary, True Wireless 2 doesn’t include this amazing feature.
  • Apple AirPods comes in three different sizes with soft tapered silicone tips so you can fit any size you want while the other headphone has only one size.
  • Airpods is sweat & water-resistant, you can use this pair in the gym or morning walk without any hassle while the Wireless 2 is not well-rated water-resistant.
  • With impressive active noise cancellation, Apple Airpods automatically detects noise from outside and creates anti-noise to cut the noise and give you the only sound you want to hear. But the competitor doesn’t have this impressive feature.

All these unique features make Airpod Pro better than the other one. If you are interested in these headphones and want to know further, please press the buttons below.


Similarities between Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and AirPods Pro

  • Both are sweat and water-resistant. So, you can use these earphones during exercise or non-water activities without thinking about their durability.
  • They have quick charging with a longer battery life that helps to experience uninterrupted playtime for a long time.
  • These earphones come with active noise cancellation and touch control which will give you noise-free smooth sound and easy control.

If you pick Airpods Pro then you can enjoy these similar facilities with the improved functions. But if you choose True Wireless 2 then you have to compromise the advanced features. Now the decision is yours!

Quick Comparison

Specifications Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Airpods Pro
Editor’s Rating 4.3 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Form Factor In-Ear In-Ear
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Product Dimension 6.69 x 4.53 x 1.77 inches 0.94 x 0.86 x 1.22 inches
Product Weight 9.5 ounces 1.6 ounces
Color Black, White White
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery required(included)  3 Lithium batteries required(included)
Warranty 2 Years Warranty One Year Limited Warranty

Similarities and Differences between Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and AirPods pro

AirPod just changed the definition of the design of headphones. With a customizable fit of three different kinds of sizes. So you can change or customize the size you need. The AirPod comes with only a white variant with a little box. You need to charge the case to charge the headphones by placing them into the case.

The Sennheiser comes with a black and a white variant. It is also very small and comes with a box with the same charging procedure as the previous one. 

Noise Cancellation
You are going to experience the best noise cancellation with the AirPod. With the active noise cancellation, the headphone will automatically detect any noise from outside and create equal anti-noise to counter noise. Thus you do not hear the noise from outside. This is a revolutionary step to cancel the noise and give you only the sound you love to hear.

The other headphone also comes with a noise cancellation feature. This is not as pleasant as the AirPod, though. You can not use this one in a noisy environment with proper feedback.

This earbud from Apple will give you the best comfort while listening to music. They are perfectly shaped, so even after a long music session, your ear would not feel uncomfortable. The silicon tips are designed and engineered perfectly with a lightweight design to give you the utmost satisfaction. 

Apple may have reduced the battery’s size for compatible design, but there is a powerful battery inside for a long backup. You are getting 24 hours of battery for general purpose and up to 11 hours of talk time with this tiny, strong battery. So you don’t need to worry while carrying this earbud during a ride or tour.

Voice Assistant
You can easily access Apple’s voice assistant by just saying “Siri.” This quick access will allow you to perform tasks without using your phone. You will quickly get weather updates or even change the song with this feature.

On the other hand, The Sennheiser also has a voice assistant feature. This will allow you to command Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa with a smart pause.

Durability and Warranty
These two are two of the most durable earbuds, without any doubt. As these are water and sweat-resistant, you can surely use them for a long time. You will get two years of warranty for the Sennheiser headphone and one year of warranty for the Apple AirPad. 

Both of the headphones are very good and come with a lot of features. But for super performance, you will need a headphone which comes with very few disadvantages. For next-level noise cancellation and premium sound, you should go for the Apple AirPods Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 and AirPods Pro

Does the AirPod case run with wireless charging? How good is it?
Yes, it does. But it’s super fast. With one charge you can listen continuously for 5 hours.Are these headphones waterproof?
Yes, they are IPx4 rated waterproof.Is the case made of metal?
Yes, because they have used a magnet to fit the headphones in place.Do I need to keep the case with me while charging?
You need to open the case while using the earbuds. 

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