Segway miniPRO vs Ninebot S

Segway miniPRO vs Ninebot S – Why Ninebot S is Best?

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If you compare Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S, electric scooters have technological advancements. So, picking the best one is not easy. Therefore, let’s read their differences to make the best purchase decision. 

What Are the Differences Between  Segway miniPRO vs Ninebot S?

Segway miniPRO Ninebot S
Segway miniPRO does not have an anti-skid pneumatic tire. Ninebot S built with an anti-skid pneumatic tire. 
This scooter does not have UL 2272 certification. It has UL 2272 certification. 
It has no fire safety function. This scooter has fire safety feature.
The miniPRO has an adjustable knee control bar. Ninebot S does not include an adjustable knee control bar.
It takes 4 hours to be fully charged. It takes 3 hours to charge fully.
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As you can see the Ninebot S would be the best scooter for you, so you can consider this. Segway miniPRO also has handy features, but you won’t be comfortable with this. Thus, before making your purchase decision check out their differences again.

Why Ninebot S is the Winner?

  • Ninebot S has an anti-skid pneumatic tire with a fantastic grip on a slippery surfaces, whether it is snowy, icy, or sandy. But in miniPRO, you are not getting this feature.   
  • Segway miniPRO’s battery takes almost 4 hours to recharge, while the battery of Ninebot S needs only 3 hours to be fully recharged. 
  • Ninebot S is identical for having UL 2272 certification that ensures fire and electrical safety for the vehicles. Now you can be tension-free about your battery status while crossing a bumpy road regularly or while driving for a long time. But in the other model, you can not be assured of such electrical safety.   

Now it is quite evident that after including all the major features of Segway miniPRO, Ninebot S adds more safety and user-friendly features. Although miniPRO is still a good one to own. 


Similar Features

  • They are made of aircraft-graded magnesium alloy, weighing 28 lbs which are easily portable.
  • In terms of motor power, top speed, and battery capacity, they are incomparable.
  • Each product is controllable from a mobile app via Bluetooth, and both are self-balancing scooters as well.
  • For safety and comfort, they have an ambient and sensor lighting system.

Other Specifications Chart of Segway miniPRO vs Ninebot S

Specifications  Segway miniPRO   Ninebot S
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Building material   Aircraft-graded magnesium alloy Aircraft-graded magnesium alloy
Battery recharge time 4 hours 3 hours
Mile range 14.5 miles 13.7 miles
Tire 10.5″ air-filled pneumatic 10.5″ anti-skid pneumatic
Adjustable knee control bar Yes No
Required height 3 foot 3 inches- 6 foot 6 inches 4 foot 3 inches- 6 foot 6 inches
Unit weight 28 lbs 28 lbs
Motor power Dual, 1600 W Dual, 1600 W
Top speed 10 mph 10 mph
Hill grade 15% 15%
Payload 220 lbs 220 lbs
Battery Lithium-Ion, 310 Wh Lithium-Ion, 310 Wh
Bluetooth connectivity   Yes Yes
Mobile app control Yes Yes
Smart battery management system Yes Yes
Light Ambient Ambient
IP54 resistance Yes Yes
Anti-theft feature   Yes Yes
Road adaptive design Yes Yes
Self-balancing algorithm  Yes Yes
New rider tutorial Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year limited 1 year limited
Recommended age 16+ 16+

Features of Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S

Building materials  

Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S are made of aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, making the scooters extensively light yet solid, corrosion-resistant, and highly durable. Moreover, the metal can absorb 16 times more shock than aluminum and support a maximum weight of 220 lbs.   


Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S are both lightweight and easily portable. Each of the models weighs only 28 lbs, so you can carry them away effortlessly, store them in a small place, or keep them in a car trunk. Most importantly, they have a detachable knee control bar which you can disconnect and then fit the scooter in any tight and narrow place.

Motor Power

Ninebot S and Segway miniPRO are equipped with dual engines, and each of the engines provides 800W of power and therefore, you get 1600W power. In both models, with this motor power and the maximum load of 220 lbs, you can easily pick ten mph speed on the plain road and ride in a hilly area where the gradient is 15%.


When you are planning to buy an electric scooter, you must look for the quality of its battery because a high-capacity battery provides you a longer riding time, better performance, and safety. 

Each product comes with a 310 Wh Lithium-Ion battery. With the fully charged battery, Segway miniPRO can run 14.5 miles uninterruptedly. In contrast, the mile range is 13.7 for Ninebot S., But the battery of Segway miniPRO needs approximately 4 hours while Ninebot S requires merely 3 hours to be fully recharged. 

Battery Management System (BMS)

To ensure rider’s safety, the products are equipped with the advanced intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the battery’s status, calculates and reports necessary data, such as voltage, temperature, and potential faults, and thus helps to extend battery life.


For safety and increased visibility, Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S both are designed with an ambient-light environment. They have automatic headlights, customizable LED tail lights, turning lights, and braking lights, and all of these are too powerful to be seen even in low light conditions. Especially the headlight makes sure high visibility up to five meters. Segway confirms that you can see the path and surroundings, and other drivers can notice you.


Segway miniPRO is designed with 10.5-inch air-filled tires which are pneumatically inflated. This kind of tire is 3 times lighter than a foam-filled tire. Besides, it has better shock absorption power, providing a comparatively comfortable experience while driving on a rough, surface road. 

On the other hand, Ninebot S has added the latest technology to ensure the best safety and riding comfort. It has 10.5-inch anti-skid pneumatic tires, which are highly effective and stable on slick wet pavement, whether snowy, icy, or sandy.

Mobile app via Bluetooth

You can remotely control both models from the Mobile app via Bluetooth. You can adjust speed, customizable LED lights, steering sensitivity, and modify safety features. You can lock your scooter from the app, activating an anti-theft alarm. But to have access to all the features, you have to complete the riding tutorial. 

Anti-theft feature 

You can ensure the highest safety of your vehicle by installing an anti-theft alarm feature. Activating the anti-theft feature, you can go to your workplace or anywhere else. Meanwhile, a high-pitched alarm will ring to alert you if someone tries to break the lock or move it away.


Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S both ensure rider’s safety first. When you are a new rider, you are not allowed to exceed 4.3 mph or 7 km/h until you complete the New Rider Tutorial session.

Then you have to ride another 0.6 miles when you are allowed to pick a maximum of 6.2 mph. After that, you are free to reign on the road at ten mph speed! Ninebot Segway also provides Helmet and protection gear to enhance riders’ safety.

IP54 resistance 

IP54 rating is provided when a product can be used in a water splashing situation. As the following models have this water resistance ability, you can use them in the rain. However, it is advised not to drive in heavy rain to avoid any unexpected occurrence. Moreover, the products are safeguarded from dust and other particles entering harmful, interfering quantities.

Fire safety

Battery explosion and short circuit conditions can often happen to Lithium-ion battery users as such kinds of batteries are prone to overheating during a continuously long time of use.

Besides, during traveling on rough-surfaced terrain, there is a probability of the positive and negative terminals coming in contact and causing a short circuit. Ninebot S, providing UL 2272 certification, takes precautionary steps to protect the rider from such kinds of electrical accidents.


Unlike Ninebot S, Segway miniPRO has a height-adjustable padded knee control bar. It allows riders of any height to adjust the bar according to their comfort zone. The handlebars of the following models are covered with durable and waterproof PU foam so that a rider does not feel fatigued during a long drive.

New Rider Tutorial

One of the greatest features of these models is that even if you do not know how to ride a scooter, you can control it better than you can imagine because Segway-Ninebot App helps to make you a master by following the rider tutorial’s steps. Besides, there are some high-tech sensors to capture any movement and transform them into action. So, step on the scooter and start moving! 


Segway offers repairing or replacement regarding material defects and flaws in the product’s workmanship. If you buy any of the products from an authorized Segway Distributor or Dealer and keep the tamper-resistant sea protected, only then will you be eligible for the warranty. 


Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S, both smart self-balancing electric scooters, are great products for traveling. However, the Ninebot S is the complete one with a handful of upgrades. You can choose any of them, though Ninebot S will ensure more safety, comfort, and a better experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S

Does this model have a follow-me mode?

Yes, and you can activate it from mobile app control.

Is the knee control bar adjustable?

No, you cannot elevate or lower the knee control bar.

Q: How is this model different from Segway miniPRO?

The Ninebot S is a newer and more advanced model than the Mini Pro.

Q: Is there any auxiliary battery pack or a portable charger?

Segway does not make, offer or support any portable chargers.

Can I charge it through a USB port?

No, the Segway Ninebot S does not provide any USB charging port.

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