Schwinn IC3 vs Peloton

Schwinn IC3 vs Peloton – See Why Schwinn IC3 is Best Indoor Bike!

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Schwinn IC3 vs PelotonIf you are confused about selecting an exercise bike from the Schwinn IC3 and Peloton, then I strongly suggest Schwinn IC3.

Why do I suggest Schwinn IC3?

  • Schwinn IC3 features a 40 pounds flywheel powered by a smooth plus silent drive. Besides, Peloton has a 38 pounds flywheel drive that makes more noise than Schwinn IC3.
  • The bike delivers infinite resistance levels, and on the other hand, you will get up to 100 resistance levels from Peloton.
  • Schwinn IC3 is built with a telemetry-enabled display that shows you the heart rate during workouts. In contrast, there is no heart rate display included in Peloton. If you choose a Peloton bike, you’ve to purchase a display separately.
  • It provides a ten-year full warranty on the frame plus other parts, whereas Peloton is equipped with a one-year warranty.
  • Schwinn IC3 offers 300 lbs max user weight compared to other traditional bikes. On the other hand, Peloton’s max user weight is 297 lbs.
  • It comes with the SPD cleats for your cycle, which is great, while the Peloton doesn’t provide this.
  • Schwinn IC3 would be a perfect bike for the average height people because it offers high adjustability.
  • The Schwinn display will save your workout data and also will provide you exact calorie count. On the other hand, Peloton will not save data and won’t provide you with accurate calories.


Similar Features

  • Schwinn IC3 and Peloton have the same display readouts.
  • Both include water bottle holders.
  • They are easy to set up.
  • Both will take little floor space.
  • Schwinn IC3 and Peloton are Bluetooth-compatible bikes.
  • They are built with a media rack.

Schwinn IC3 vs Peloton Comparision Chart

Specifications  Schwinn IC3 Peloton
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Dimension  45 x 23 x 49 inches 60″ x 24″ x 48.”
Weight  100 pounds 135 lbs
Max User Weight 300 lb.  297 lbs
Bluetooth connectivity Yes  Yes 
Display Type LCD Touchscreen
Media Rack  Yes  Yes 
Drive System 40 lb. flywheel system 38 lb. flywheel system
Heart Rate Telemetry Enabled No heart rate monitor included
App Compatible  No  Yes 
Resistance Levels  Infinite 100
Display Readouts RPM, Calories, Time, Distance, Speed  RPM, Calories, Time, Distance, Speed 
Water Bottle Holder Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Ten years on frame  One Year warranty on bike components

Similarities & differences Between Schwinn IC3 vs Peloton

Bike Interface 

Schwinn IC3 and Peloton indoor bikes are perfect for people who want to work out at home easily. These bikes will take little space on the floor compared to other standard bikes. Both feature resistance level and impressive weight capacity and are built with water bottle holders.

The bikes will last for years as they are made with high-quality materials. Moreover, these are more comfortable to move from one room to another as they have wheels.

They are equipped with a convenient display that shows your workout times and so on. Schwinn IC3 and Peloton are attractive exercise bikes that include handy features you need.


If you seek a small footprint bike, Schwinn IC3 should be your choice because it is small plus comparatively lightweight. It measures 45 x 23 x 49 inches and 100 pounds. In contrast, Peloton is 60 x 24 x 48 inches and comes with 135 lbs. The Schwinn IC3 will be your perfect pick if you do not have enough space at your home. But if you don’t have a space issue, consider the Peloton.


Schwinn IC3 and Peloton support 110v to 220v, which is a unique thing about these bikes because other bikes don’t provide a 220v. They also include batteries for the LCD because the display will not work without batteries. However, Peloton offers a 10-foot power adapter that will perfectly fit any space.

Display Type 

In terms of display type, Peloton is better because it has a touchscreen display, while the Schwinn IC3 has an LCD type display. Though the display is slightly different, they will provide you with the same benefits. Both will save your workout history, and you can check out your calorie burn ratio, the time you spend, distance, speed, RPM, and so on from the display.

Additionally, the Schwinn IC3 display features Telemetry Enabled that will show your heart rate during workout sessions. On the other side, Peloton doesn’t include any heart rate monitor, and you’ve to get one separately.

Bluetooth Compatible 

These bikes are Bluetooth compatible plus have media racks. They let you connect your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the Peloton enables you to explore the world’s best fitness trainers since it also works with the app, but the Schwinn IC3 is not an app-compatible bike.


Peloton entirely comes with a full setup when you get it, and you will require a few adjustments to start using the bike. But the Schwinn IC3 required manual installment. And if you are a newbie, you should hire an expert to assemble the cycle because it’s a heavy exercise bike. That’s why you cannot do it alone.


Schwinn IC3 has a 40-pound flywheel, and Peloton has a 38-pound flywheel. You will get a silent and smooth belt drive from Schwinn. Moreover, the bike has dual SPD pedals that are flexible, plus you can set them to your preference. Schwinn IC3 also delivers infinite resistance, but the Peloton has 100 resistance.

Max Weight Capacity 

Schwinn can take up to 300 lbs load while Peloton is capable of 297 lbs. Schwinn would be an ideal bike choice for you even though there is not much difference in the weight capacity. That’s because it can hold slightly more weight, so you don’t need to worry about your weight level or height as the Schwinn offers adjustable seats. Whereas, Peloton bikes are not adjustable.


Schwinn IC3 delivers an impressive warranty compared to the Peloton. But the warranty for these bikes is only valid for the original purchasers and the USA users. Schwinn IC3, however, has 90 days guarantee on the labor, one year on electronics parts, two years on the mechanical parts, and ten years full warranty on the frame.

On the other side, the Peloton exercise bikes cover a one-year warranty on the bike plus its components. The touchscreen and labor also provide a one-year limited warranty. In comparison, the bike frame is equipped with a five years warranty. When I compare the warranty, I can see the Schwinn IC3 is better, and you can also choose this one.


Schwinn IC3 and Peloton have excellent build quality and also deliver impressive performance. But I would recommend you the Schwinn IC3 because this bike is perfect for both experienced and beginner riders. It’s very flexible to use, and the bike has a strong frame, which makes lower noise. You can ride this bike smoothly. Also, it is equipped with the excellent features I mentioned above. So you can consider the Schwinn IC3 as your exercise bike.

Frequently Asked Questions about Schwinn IC3 and Peloton

Can I switch the distance readout to miles in Schwinn IC3?
You can switch the distance to miles instead of kilometers and check out the set on display. And read the user guide properly.What is the max capacity of these bikes?
The max capacity of the Schwinn IC3 is 300 lbs. Besides, the Peloton’s max capacity is 297 lbs.

Do they require batteries?
You don’t need batteries to operate the bikes, but the console unit requires batteries, and both bikes come with AA batteries.

What is the Peloton bike measurement?
The actual measurement of the Peloton is 60 inches by 24 inches by 48 inches.

Can I fold the Schwinn IC3?
No, you can’t fold the bike, and it is pretty easy to move as it is about 100 lbs. It also has two wheels so you can slide it across the floor.

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