Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Ad7

Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Ad7 – Check Why Airdyne Pro is Best!

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Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 are the two most reliable indoor bikes, but between them, choosing the right one is slightly tough. Hence, go through the differences section to get the best one.

What Are the Differences Between Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7?

Schwinn Airdyne Pro Schwinn Ad7
Schwinn Airdyne Pro Schwinn Ad7
Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a belt drive system. Schwinn AD7 has no belt drive system.
It is built with double-coated steel. The AD7 does not build with double-coated steel.
This bike gives quiet operation. This exercise bike makes noise when in use.
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You can go with Schwinn Airdyne Pro exercise bike if you want to get seamless performance. Also, this bike has better functions compared to AD7. So, I strongly recommend this bike to you.

Why Do I Recommend Airdyne Pro?

  • It features a single-stage belt drive that gives you smooth & instant activation. These will provide an effective and efficient workout than AD7 since it has no belt drive system.
  • Airdyne Pro, built with a double-coated steel body, also has a moisture-repellent frame. Now your toughest sweat sessions will be easier with this bike. Plus, you will get long-lasting performance from this rather than AD7 because it doesn’t build with a moisture-repellent frame or double-coated steel body. 
  • You won’t find any jerky noise on Airdyne Pro, while the Airdyne AD7 could make noise unpleasant noise during a workout. Hence, you can choose as this Pro version won’t disturb other people at your home.
  • Airdyne Pro’s 26 blade enables you to burn more calories than the AD7 since it has 25 fan blades but the same RPM.

I hope you understand why I suggest Airdyne Pro or why this would be your best pick.


Similar Features

  • Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Schwinn Ad7 come with preset programs that make the workout more effective and comfortable.
  • Both have infinite resistance levels, so you can switch between the intense workout levels.
  • They come with the same watt so that you can effectively complete your workout daily.
  • These two Schwinn Airdyne series bikes let you track your workout that is not included in the earlier Airdyne series.

Other Specifications Chart of Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7

Specifications  Schwinn Airdyne Pro  Schwinn Ad7
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out 5  4.4 out of 5
Dimension  42″  x 20″  x 52″  41.6”x 19.7″x 52.1″
Weight Capacity  350 lbs 350 lbs
Heart Rate  Telemetry Enabled Telemetry Enabled
Resistance Level  Infinite  Infinite 
Display  LCD LCD
Display Readouts Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, Watts Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, Watts
Seat Padded, Replaceable, Fore/Aft Adjustment Padded, Replaceable, Fore/Aft Adjustment
Power Requirements  2 D Batteries (Included) 2 D Batteries (Included)
Drive System Single-Stage Belt Drive Single-Stage Belt Drive
Handlebars  Multi-grip handlebars Multi-grip handlebars
Water Bottle Holder  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Ten years on frame Ten years on frame

Features and Benefits of Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Ad7

Watt Power 

Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 produce the same watt power rather than other fan bikes. Both have the same RPM that is equipped with the “A” class watts rating. The cycles produce a highly accurate result under 50 RPM, and the watts measurements are always under +/- 5 watts.

Inherent Superiority

The Airdyne Pro offers inherent superiority; it features the innovative 26-blade performance fan with a single-stage belt drive. These things respond to the power of the exercise, as well as help reduce energy. The 26-blade fan offers you an effective workout than the Ad7 since it has a 25-blade fan.

Preset Program

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 are for residential and commercial use. These two include nine preset programs that you can categorize to your needs. If you are new to exercise, you can customize your settings, and if you are a pro user, you can also select the program to your needs. The best part about these bikes is that the machines allow the user to pedal to a certain heart rate zone, which reduces weight.


These exercise bikes have an LCD so that you can track your workouts. It lets you measure the RPM rates, including watts and calories, and you can see your heart rate in it. Also, it has programs that let you switch between the program settings.


Schwinn Airdyne Pro is constructed to provide you with long-lasting performance. It is made with heavy-duty commercial-grade material with a double-coated steel body. And the Pro is built with a moisture-repellent frame so that you can endure the most challenging sweat sessions in the upcoming years.

Also, it has four contact levelers that are equipped with structural support. On the other side, the Ad7 was built with anti-corrosion plus coated with powder to protect the machine from water and sweat.

Smooth and Quieter Motion

Compared to the Schwinn Ad7, the Airdyne Pro gives you a smooth and quieter motion feature. Schwinn Ad7 bike has a single-stage drive for effective power transfer, plus low maintenance. But it makes noise when in use. Besides, the Airdyne Pro features a smooth belt drive that keeps the bike quiet. So you can enjoy a more pleasant workout experience. However, both offer infinite resistance levels.


The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is better when it comes to comfort since the seat is built with a padded cushion. But both let you adjust them according to your height. Additionally, the handlebars are multi-grip, so you can comfortably hold them.

Easy to assemble

Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 are straightforward to set up. Also, two of them take a little space. You may need about sixty minutes to assemble the bikes. Or, if required, you can seek help from others. And when it comes to use, the bikes are powered by the 2D batteries included with the bike.


Schwinn Airdyne Pro and Ad7 backed up with six months of labor to maintain the bikes. Two years on the electronics, two years on mechanical parts, and ten years warranty on the frame. The bikes have a satisfactory warranty, yet I suggest the Schwinn Ad Pro.


If you are concerned about the bike’s durability and want the best convenient one, go with the Schwinn Ad Pro, eyes closed. You can comfortably switch between the intense workout from the Pro. Or consider the Schwinn Ad7 if you need an affordable bike. However, when it comes to purchasing an upright bike, you should consider all the features to get the best price.

FAQ about Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs Ad7

Do I need electricity to use the bike?

No, these two are mechanical bikes, so you don’t need to plug them in; the machine’s display requires a battery to operate.

Can a 6 ft tall person fit on them?

Yes, people with 6 ft will fit on the bike, and the noise is minimal but louder when the padel is faster.

Will the handles lock? 

No, it will not lock, and you can fold your arms or leave them at your side to continue to pedal.

What is the warranty for these? 

Both Schwinn comes up with a 12-month parts warranty and three months of free service.

Which Schwinn is the best for the commercial gym?

The Schwinn AD Pro is the best for the commercial gym since it comes with a better warranty.

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