Schwinn 430 vs 470

Schwinn 430 vs 470 – Check the Differences & Grab the Best one!

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Schwinn 430 vs 470Schwinn 430 and 470 are two famous names in the fitness world due to their versatility. If you are not sure which elliptical machine to go with, then I highly suggest the Schwinn 470.

These two are great elliptical machines but contain a few instrumental differences that made the 470 the best one.

Why Schwinn 470 is Best?

  • The main difference lies in the pre-program settings; Schwinn 470 is equipped with 29 programs while 430 has 22 programs. The 470 allows you to customize workout sessions that are not included in the 430 elliptical machines.
  • It comes with 25 magnetic resistance levels, while the Schwinn 430 provides 20 resistance levels. If you like hard workouts and burn more calories, then the Schwinn 470 will be suitable for you. Also, it’s an impressive machine for both beginner and pro users.
  • The machine is built with a 2-blue backlit LCD so that you can see everything. The blue backlit will display all the 29 programs plus allows you to monitor your heart rate. And it lacks on Schwinn 430 machine.
  • Schwinn 470 is compatible with different fitness apps like the Schwinn Trainer App that Schwinn 430 doesn’t offer. Additionally, the machine provides Bluetooth connectivity that is also not available on its rival.

So, you can see the wide features improvement made the Schwinn 470 the best elliptical machine. It is best for both beginner and pro users, as I mentioned above. If you love its incredible features and wanna check the price, go through the button below.


Schwinn 430 vs 470 Comparison

Specifications  Schwinn 430  Schwinn 470 
Editors Rating  4.4 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  70.1″ L x 28.2″ W x 63.2″ H 70.00 x 28.00 x 63.00 Inches
Weight Capacity  300 lbs 300 lbs
No of Program  22 29
Heart Rate Contact  Contact & Telemetry Enabled
Display 2 DualTrack LCD  2 Blue Backlit LCD 
Stride Length 20″ Precision Path Stride 20″ Precision Path Stride
Bluetooth Connectivity No Yes
Resistance Levels 20 25
Performance Tracking Goal Track Schwinn Trainer App
Mixed-Reality Training No RunSocial App
Media Rack Yes Yes
Speakers Yes Yes
Warranty  Frame – ten years, Mechanical Parts – two years, Electronics – one year, and Labor – 3-Months Frame – ten years, Mechanical Parts – two years, Electronics – one year, and Labor – 3-Months

Differences & Similarities Between Schwinn 430 vs 470

No. of Programs

The program setting makes both of the machines more comfortable to use compared to other elliptical machines. But Schwinn 430 has 22 programs while Schwinn 470 has 29. The 22 preset workout programs of the Schwinn 430 are one quick start, two fitness tests, eight heart rate control, and nine profile. On the other side, the 29 workout programs are one quick start, two fitness tests, four custom, nine heart rate control, and12 profiles.

Immersive Training

Schwinn 470 features immersive training to make your workout very useful alongside people all over the world. You can capture the global routes plus share your results through the fitness app since the machine in sync with the Run Social App, which is freely downloadable, and other fitness apps. It has a google map on the display that offers you 19 different locations with 27 routes. And unfortunately, Schwinn 430 doesn’t come with the immersive training feature.


The display is another difference between these two elliptical machines. Schwinn 470 can offer you a clearer view of everything than the Schwinn 430. You can track your workout, change the program, and much more from the display. But you can monitor your heart rate on the Schwinn 470 while it’s lacking on the Schwinn 430.

Performance Tracking

Tracking your workout performance is very important since you can see your improvements. The Schwinn 430 has its goal track compatibility; it enables you to set individual exercise goals. You can track the time in it, and distance, and compare your previous workout in it. On the other side, the Schwinn 470 is compatible with the RunSocial App that lets you monitor your workout progress.

Resistance Levels

Schwinn 470 offers 25 resistance levels; on the other side, the 430 provides 22 resistance levels. So you will get a wide range of intensity workouts range from the upgraded version. If you are looking for different intensity levels, then you can select the Schwinn 470 for your home. But both of the devices provide a magnetic resistance level which means the machines will be quiet during the workout session.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It’s a smart feature that is only available on the Schwinn 470. The enhanced Bluetooth connectivity lets you set your customized workout. And you can monitor the progress of your workout throughout the world’s popular fitness app tracking tools through Bluetooth. The famous fitness tools are MyFitnessPal, Explore the World, and so on.

Precision Path Stride

Both machines come with the same 20″ stride path foot. It lets the foot motion technology simulate the natural running motion to make the workout more comfortable. And the drive system of these machines enables you start up smooth and quiet workouts. The drive system moves only when you apply pressure, and both Schwinn 430 and 470 have high speed plus high inertia drive systems.

Other Features 

Other best features of these two Schwinn elliptical machines are, that both contain cushioned footplates. The footplate is large to provide you with comfort. For the hand placement, the moving and fixed handlebar offer flexibility. The elliptical machines’ weight capacity is 300 lbs; if you are more than 300, then these are not the right elliptical for you.

Besides, for challenging workouts and fun, the machine has 10 percent motorized incline control. However, they have media rack speakers to listen to music or perform the exercise correctly. Also, the machines have built-in bottle holders.


In terms of warranty, the machines come with the same warranty feature so that you can get the machine with your eyes closed. Both offer a year warranty on the electrical parts, two years on mechanical, and ten years on the Frame. Schwinn 430 and 470 come with a 90-day labor warranty as well. Both elliptical machines will last for years to come since they are made with high-end materials.


Schwinn 430 and 470 are budget-friendly elliptical machines, If you are new to the workout, I’d suggest the Schwinn 430, but it is not equipped with fantastic features. And if you need all those impressive features in your elliptical machine, I highly recommend the Schwinn 470.

Frequently Asked Questions About Schwinn 430 vs 470

Do they make noise?

No, the machines work quietly when in use, so people around you will not feel disturbed.

What is the height of this machine?

The height of these two machines is 54″, and while the device is in use, you’ll need an additional 6″ for the arms to swing-out.

Do they come with incline adjustment?

No, the machines don’t come with the incline adjustment.

Can I reverse the 470 models?

No, the machine is not designed to paddled reverse, so you cannot do it.

Do they come assembled?

No, the machine doesn’t come assembled. You have to set up the machine.

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