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Schlage Sense vs Connect – Check Why Should You Pick The Connect?

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Schlage Sense vs ConnectThe Schlage delivers convenient features and compatibility with Schlage Sense and Connect Deadbolt. If you want both convenience and security then Schlage Connect would be the best choice that would help you go keyless. Let’s see the key elements that made Schlage Connect the best door lock here.

Why is the Schlage Connect the Best Choice?

  • Schlage Connect is equipped with Z-wave and Zigbee, which is the best security system for the home. Besides, Schlage Sense does not provide this; it is a BlueTooth-enabled lock.
  • Schlage Sense makes a kind of noise when it’s self-locking and unlocking, but the Connect works quietly.
  • It has a built-in Wi-Fi system, but if you want to use Wi-Fi on Schlage Sense, first, you need to purchase a Schlage Wi-Fi adapter only then you can connect your smart lock to the wireless network.

So, these were simple yet convenient features that make Schlage Connect the best smart door lock. You can completely rely on this if you need strong security for your home. However, if you want to know the prices of these two locks, then press the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Schlage Sense and Connect use 4 AA batteries.
  • They have a touchscreen for easy-to-use operation.
  • The smart locks are compatible with the Schlage App.
  • These locks come in the same size.
  • They have a built-in alarm.
  • You will get a 3-year electronics warranty, also, they provide a lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts.
Specifications  Schlage Sense Schlage Connect
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension 5 x 3 x 1 inches 5 x 3 x 1 inches
Weight  5 pounds 3.78 pounds
Z-Wave System No  Yes
Zigbee System No  Yes
Voice Assistant No Google Assistant, Alexa
Bluetooth Enabled Yes  Yes 
Batteries Required? Yes Yes
Batteries Included? Yes Yes
Battery Cell Type Alkaline Alkaline
Guest Codes 30 30
Batteries 4 AA batteries (included) 4 AA batteries (included)
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Advanced Security Built-in alarm technology Built-in alarm technology
Schlage Smart-Phone App Yes Yes
Color Satin Nickel Satin Nickel
Included Components Installation Instructions, Lockset, Hardware Installation Instructions, Batteries, Backup Key, Lockset, User Guide
Style Camelot Camelot
Warranty  3-year electronics, Limited Lifetime warranty on the mechanical and finish. 3-year electronics, Limited Lifetime warranty on the mechanical and finish.

Differences and Similarities Between the Schlage Sense vs Connect

Simple Set-up 

Schlage Sense and Connect smart locks are significantly more straightforward to install rather than other traditional locks. All you need a screwdriver to mount them on the door. They use Snap’ n Stay technology that snaps the Deadbolt onto the door; thus, both your hands will be free during the installation process.


If you notice these locks’ design, you will find both have a sleek, simple frame, and you will find a lot of similarities in the interface. They provide a touchscreen control display, which lets you access the lock quickly. Also, these locks have Camelot style, plus comes in satin nickel color. The measurement of these unique locks is 5 x 3 x 1 inch (L x W x H). But when it comes to weight, the Schlage Connect is lightweight. It is 3.78 pounds; in contrast, the Schlage Sense is 5 pounds.

Z-Wave Feature 

Do you want tight security for your home? If so, then Schlage Connect is the right answer for you since this smart lock is Z-Wave certified. The Z-Wave is considered the best security for any home. However, both locks have a built-in alarm that is very convenient. So, when someone wants to tamper with the lock or applied force to the door, it will alert you instantly.

A smarter way in

If you want to get the most out of your Schlage Sense system, you have to add the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. The adapter will create a secure connection between the Sense Deadbolt with your home network. And once you connect it, you can remotely access the device. However, the Schlage Connect doesn’t require installing a Wi-Fi Adapter as it has built-in Wi-Fi.

Smart Control 

These two locks are compatible with Schlage App, allowing you to create up to 30 unique access codes to lock or unlock the door. You can create codes to your preference for the guests or you. Furthermore, if needed, you can delete and create new codes right from the app. Also, the app will notify you if the lock needs to replace batteries.

Voice Assistant 

Schlage Connect lets you control the lock through the voice control as it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Though it is compatible with them, ensure you separately purchase the Alexa device. On the other hand, the Schlage Sense works best on the home with Apple Home Kit. And the Schlage Sense is not compatible with the Apple HomeKit.


You will get a 3-year warranty on the electronics plus a lifetime warranty on the mechanical finishes on both the Schlage Sense and Connect. Also, these door locks are very durable yet made with quality material. Still, if you find any issues, just call on the customer supports of Schlage.


If you are an Apple user, then you can select Schlage Sense. It is compatible with the Apple HomeKit, and a BlueTooth enabled lock. But my suggestion is the Schlage Connect for you since it’s a versatile plus very secured lock than the Schlage Sense. So, take your personal preference and then select the best smart door lock.

Schlage Sense and Sense Connect FAQs

Will they automatically lock the door?

Yes, these smart locks will automatically lock the door for you when you enter the code or hit the icon.

How can I change the battery?

First, remove the inside cover of the device, then disconnect the battery wire to remove it. And then replace the new batteries into the holder, and you are done.

Can I delete the access code?

Yes, you can delete the access code from the Schlage App; just follow the instructions.

Which is the Z-Wave compatible?

The Schlage Connect is certified by the Z-Wave, while the Sense is not.

Are they Alexa compatible?

No, only the Schlage Connect can work with the Alexa, and the Schlage will recommend you an appropriate device.

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