Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra – Check the differences!


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S21 UltraSamsung S21 Ultra takes the experience to another level, so we suggest choosing the S21 Ultra rather than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

Why do we suggest the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

  • It features Samsung Exynos 2100 processor compared to the S20 Ultras Samsung Exynos 990 processor. So, you can expect better efficiency from this flagship phone. 
  • This S21 Ultra device is compatible with the S pen while its competitor doesn’t. However, the S pen lets you do things quicker, plus helps you to create whatever you want on the go. Also, the pen can be used to control the camera, playing music, and much more. 
  • This phone is built with the Android 11 operating system, on the other side, the earlier version comes with Android 10. And Android 11 is worth upgrading, it improves security plus phones privacy. It helps you get what matters the most to you.
  • You will get up to 256GB of internal storage from this, which is enough for a user to safely keep all essential files, whereas its competitor has 128GB. 
  • Both have an AMOLED display, but this one also features intuitive blue light. This technology adjusts the light depending on the time of the day, which soothes the user’s eyes.

So, these are the innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Its impressive properties will take your experience to another level without a doubt. If you want to invest in a high-end device, this should be your consideration. 


Samsung S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra: Similar Features 

  • They have 12GB RAM that makes the device faster than other phones. 
  • Both produce surround sound so that you fully immerse in three-dimensional audio. 
  • The S20 & S21 Ultra comes with a 5000mAh battery, giving two days battery life with a single charge. 
  • These devices are paired with the 5G network to provide you the ultimate experience. 

Samsung S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra: Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Samsung s20 Ultra Samsung S21 Ultra
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.9 out of 5
Processor  Samsung Exynos 990 Samsung Exynos 2100
S Pen Compatible  No  Yes
OS Android 10 Android 11
Internal Storage 128GB 256GB
Audio Dolby Atmos technology (Surround Sound) Dolby Atmos technology (Surround Sound)
Battery  5000mAh 5000mAh
Fast Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Display 6.9-inches  6.8-inches 
Display Technology AMOLED AMOLED
Front Camera 40MP Selfie Camera 40MP Selfie Camera
Rear Camera  108MP  108MP 
Video Recording 4K UHD & 8K video recording  4K UHD & 8K video recording 
Refresh Rate  120Hz 120Hz
Dimension  7.3 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches 7.3 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches
Water-Resistant  IP68  IP68 
USB Port  Type-C Type-C
Network & Connectivity 5G 5G
Weight  7.8 ounces 12.8 ounces
Warranty 12 Months   12 Months  

Differences and Similarities of the Samsung S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra

Operating System & Processor 

The Samsung S21 Ultra has a superior OS and processor rather than S20 Ultra. In addition, it offers an Android 10 operating system with the Exynos 2100 processor. This increases the phone’s speed level than before also improves security level. 

At the same time, Samsung S20 Ultra comes with Android 10 OS and Exynos 990 chip. This OS & chip work together to increase the phone’s performance, also rendering data quicker. 

Battery Capacity 

You can use the S20 Ultra or S21 Ultra for two days with a single charge. That’s because these phones are built with 5000mAh batteries.

Furthermore, the battery includes an intelligent battery algorithm, it intuitively manages how you use the phone. And it ensures you operate the phone all day long without charging. 

S Pen Compatible

The S pen makes it very effective for Samsung users to operate the device efficiently. Fortunately, the S21 Ultra is compatible with the S pen that allows you to do the tasks quicker, and you can write down or draw anything on the go on the phone. 

Furthermore, the pen can also control the music, camera to other features of your phone. Also, the S pen doesn’t drain the battery much so you don’t need to worry about the battery. 

Unfortunately, the Samsung S20 Ultra isn’t compatible with the S pen feature that is a downside of this device. 

Storage Capacity 

In terms of storage, the S21 Ultra is a step ahead of the S20 Ultra because it comes with 256GB of internal storage. While the S20 Ultra has 128GB and the storage can be expandable up to 512GB on both Samsung devices. 

However, both deliver a 12GB RAM that is sufficient for an android device. The RAM, besides increases the phone’s speed, because it can render data quicker. 

Anyhow, since the S21 Ultra has larger storage so you can keep all your files on this phone without deleting anything. And you can go with the S21 Ultra phone.


Both Samsung devices let the user capture the world in IRL resolution. The high-powered pro lens in the Samsung devices can click beautiful portraits, amazing landscapes, including crips & sharp close-ups in any light. 

Additionally, they can zoom in close with 100X Space Zoom that takes the photos in pro quality.  They deliver the single-take feature, which means you can capture meaningful moments. 

However, in terms of the resolution, these devices are slightly different. The S20 Ultra gives 12MP + 108MP + 48MP. 

On the other side, the S21 Ultra comes with 12MP + 108MP + 10MP + 10MP resolution. Hence, you can capture better images on the S21 Ultra. 

Video Quality

Samsung S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra capable of recording sharp videos at 4k & 8K. So, this phone can capture cinema-quality super-smooth 8K video in them. Moreover, there are multiple ways of recording available in them. 

You can add professional-style effects to the video. And create share-ready videos plus GIFs with automatic or multi-cam recording. 

Samsung S21 Ultra lets you extract every moment as a 33MO high-res photo and it enables you to create a video with the audio mix as well. Since the S21 Ultra provides a better camera with a video recording function, you should consider this. 


These two Samsung Galaxy Ultra models have the most amazing Dolby Atmos surround sound. While playing music, or video you will immerse yourself in three-dimensional since the audio will come all around you. So, you can enjoy the best quality audio from these devices. 


When it comes to the display, both of them are the same except for the size. The S20 Ultra has a 6.9-inches screen, in contrast, the S21 Ultra is 6.8-inches. But they have a 120Hz refresh rate that makes the phones perform faster than any traditional devices on the market.

And the AMOLED technology makes it easier to operate under direct sunlight. 


These are 5G compatible phones, plus both of them have unlocked carriers. This means you can use any wireless carriers you want, like AT&T, Verizon for instance. 

Whereas the 5G changes your experience since you will get the next-level power of what you love to do. It increases the phone’s uploads and download speed, and so on. 


Samsung S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra give a one-year warranty to the user. The warranty period will start from the date you purchase that works against any manufacturer defects. You will get a free repair service within this period, but you have to buy the phone from an authorized store. 


These two Samsung Ultra models share many similarities, but the S21 Ultra is built with innovative functions. Its up-to-date features will take your user experience to another level. 

It has a better display, camera, OS, processor, and other things that are missing on the S20 Ultra. Therefore, investing in the S21 Ultra is worth your budget. 

But if you love the S20 Ultra features, you can’t go wrong with your decision. It is also packed with impressive features. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Samsung S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra

What is the S21 Ultra processor?

The device is combined with a Samsung Exynos 2100 processor. 

Will the S20 Ultra work outside of the USA?

Yes, this will work outside of the USA since the device is an unlocked version. 

What is the warranty of these phones?

They combine with a 12-months warranty from the date you purchase the phone. 

What is the internal storage of the S21 Ultra?

It is built with 256GB internal storage with 12GB RAM. 

Does the S21 Ultra have a port for earphones?

No, the device is not built with any earphone port, instead, it has a USB Type-C port. You can connect your earphones via this port. 

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