Roomba 960 vs e5

Roomba 960 vs e5 – See Why Roomba 960 is Better!

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Roomba 960 vs e5If you cannot decide which Roomba to choose, then I’d highly suggest you select Roomba 960 as it does better cleaning than Roomba e5, and also it has some extra features, which are given below.

Why I Suggest Roomba 960?

  • It ensures the entire level of cleaning of your home. The device is patented with the iAdapt technology with vSLAM navigation. To optimize coverage, each millisecond, the device actively captures thousands of precise measurements.
  • Roomba 960 cleans in neat rows, and it can track floor sensors to navigate the home. Moreover, the device is perfect for the family with pets or people with allergy issues. It is equipped with the HEPA filter to trap 99% dirt or cat & dog allergens actively.
  • You can find a mapping function in this robot vacuum that Roomba e5 doesn’t contain. The vSLAM technology lets the robot map its surroundings so that you get better cleaning. Also, the device cleans in neat rows by using floor tracking sensors.
  • This robot vacuum features Imprint Link, so when the Roomba 960 will finish vacuuming. The device will automatically ask the Braava jet m6 to start mopping. But this function is not available on the Roomba e5 robot.

These were the features that made Roomba 960 a better option than Roomba e5. If you want the best one, then you may go with our recommended one.


Quick Comparison Chart: Roomba 960 vs e5

Specification  Roomba 960 Roomba e5
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5  
Dimension  13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches
Weight 8.6 pounds 7.23 pounds
Suction Power  5X 5X
Mapping Yes  No                   
Dual Brush  Yes  Yes 
Imprint Link  Yes  No 
iAdapt Technology  Yes  No 
Virtual Wall Barrier  Yes  Yes 
App  Yes  Yes 
Voice Command Yes  Yes 
Dirt-detect technology  Yes  Yes 
HEPA Filter  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  One-year limited  One-year limited 

Differences & Similarities of Roomba e5 and 960

Suction Power

The robot vacuums provide 5X powerful suction to pick up each dirt from the hard floors or carpets. They also contain dirt detect sensors that alert the robots to focus on the home’s dirtier areas. Roomba 960 and e5 come with three stages of a cleaning system with dual multi-surface rubber brushes. The brushes adjust to stay on the hard floors.

Imprint Link

Roomba 960 comes with the Imprint link, so the device cleans in sequence. First, the Roomba will thoroughly vacuum the entire home, and then it will ask the Braava jet m6 to mop. On the other hand, Roomba e5 is not compatible with the Braava jet m6, and it cannot mop the house.


You can find the mapping function in Roomba 960, while the Roomba e5 lacks this feature. However, the Roomba 960 iAdapt 2.0 navigation with vSLAM technology lets the device make a map within its surrounding. So that it cleans the entire level of the home, on the other hand, Roomba e5 cannot do it. The Roomba 960 cleans in neat rows using the floor tracking sensors, but the e5 cleans in adaptive ways.

HEPA filter

Roomba 960 and e5 could be the best choice for people with pets or allergies, asthma issues. That’s because the devices contain HEAP filters that can capture up to 99% specks of dirt, including cat & dog allergens and hair. The machines let you enjoy a clean and healthy home within a matter of time. Plus, it reduces your allergy or asthma issues than before.

Control Options 

You can control both of the devices with its button or app or use voice commands. They contain buttons for the clean, dock, spot clean, and power button. The app is brilliant, and it lets the user schedule the cleaning time. Moreover, the machine can recognize your voice. They feature Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands for easy control. Use some custom voice commands like, “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning or stop cleaning. Or to go home, etc.

Run time and Self-charging 

Roomba 960 can run up to 90 minutes, and the e5 can run up to 75 minutes. The 960 never skips any mess; when its battery is running low, it will recharge and resume charging to provide the complete clean. And the Roomba e5 can automatically dock and recharge itself. The best part is, the devices can go for setting automatically when needed.


Both of them come with a one-year limited warranty, and the warranty period covers any defective parts or manufacturer issues. If you need to replace the machine, they will do it free of cost. But if the users break any part, then the warranty will not work.


If you are looking for a robot vacuum that will provide you better cleaning, then consider the Roomba 960. It worked much better than Roomba e5 and is built with some convenient functions. If you have a bigger house, Roomba 960 would be an ideal option, and the Roomba e5 could be the option. However, the Roomba 960 is the upgraded version, which makes it a little pricey. So if you have any budget issues, then go for the Roomba e5.

Frequently Asked Questions of Roomba e5 vs 960

What is the dimension of Roomba e5?

The dimension for the Roomba e5 is 13.45 x 13.39 x 3.65 inches, and its weight is 7.23 pounds.

When does the filter need to change? 

It is recommended to change the filter every 2-3 months for the best efficiency. And the brushes need to be changed every 6-12 months.

Do they work quietly? 

Compared to other standard robot vacuums, Roomba is quieter. It will just emit residual light, which is a night light. You can schedule the device for the nighttime and watch it clean your home.

Can I schedule Roomba 960?

No, this is not a smart robot vacuum; it will start cleaning whatever it is. The vacuum will create the map every day for easy cleaning.

Can I use them without wifi?

Yes, you can use them without wifi. The wifi connection allows you to connect the device to the app.

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