Roborock E25 vs E35

Roborock E25 vs E35 – See Why We Recommend Roborock E35!

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Roborock E25 vs E35Roborock E25 and E35 will provide you with a convenient cleaning experience, but I suggest Roborock E35 for you. Because it contains some advanced functions that help to perform better than the previous version.

Why Should You Pick Roborock E35?

  • Roborock E35 has 2000 Pa suction power that gives you an efficient and fast cleaning. While E25 is equipped with 1800 Pa suction power. So, it is obvious that more power ensures the best cleaning of any dirt floor.
  • It can run up to 180 minutes per charge that is sufficient to clean the entire house.  Contrary, E25 can run for 100 minutes per charge, which can’t clean the whole house in one charge.
  • The robot includes a zone cleaning, virtual wall barrier so that you can keep your machine in a particular area; it is very convenient as it helps the device avoid any issues on the way.
  • You will get the laser navigation system with this robot, and it creates a map of its surroundings for an effective clean. In contrast, E25 uses only vSLAM navigation, and it cannot create a map.
  • Both include the mopping function, but the mop capacity of E35 is slightly better; it can hold 150 mL water while E25 can hold 140 mL water.
  • Roborock E35 goes back to its charge dock and then resumes its cleaning cycle, but Roborock E25 does not go back to the charging dock; so you’ve to take the device to the home.

So, you can clearly see the differences that made Roborock E35 better than E25. So, with this robot, you can take your cleaning experience to the next level.


Similar Features

  • Roborock E25 and E35 have an elegant touch interface that allows you to quickly and easily observe the level of contamination of the filter.
  • They have a built-in bin that can capture up to 640 mL dust, pet hair, and so on. So, you can clean over and over without emptying the dustbin.
  • Both provide sweeping and mopping functions, which pick up the finest dirt to provide you with a shinier floor.
  • They have dirt-detect technology that effectively cleans up the high dirt areas of your home when it sees any dirt.
  • You can control them from the app and voice command functions.

Quick Comparison: Roborock E25 vs E35

Specifications  Roborock E25 Roborock E35
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Dimension  13.9 x 3.6 x 13.8 inches 13.70 x 13.80 x 3.60 inches
Weight  7 pounds 13 pounds
Max suction 1800 Pa 2000 Pa
Runtime per charge 100 minutes 180 minutes
Navigation vSLAM Lidar navigation+SLAM
Zone Cleaning No Yes
Virtual Wall Barrier  No Yes 
Map No Real-time mapping
Selective Room Cleaning No Yes
Touch Interface  Yes  Yes 
Sweeping and mopping Yes  Yes 
Mop Capacity 140 mL 150 mL
Dirt-detect technology  Yes  Yes 
Recharge & Resume No Yes 
Voice Control Yes  Yes 
App Control Yes  Yes 
Bin Capacity  640 mL 640 mL
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year 

Differences and Similarities Between Roborock E25 and E35

Suction Power 

When it comes to suction power, the Roborock E35 is better. Roborock E25 has 1800 Pa suction while the Roborock E35 comes with a 2000 Pa suction power. However, the E35 creates a 3D cleaning feature for cleaning efficiently to suction up debris, pet hair, crumbs, etc. The devices make a cyclonic 3D cleaning system for the intense clean.

Both of them have floating brushes, including side brushes plus rolling brushes. The combination of three brushes cleans the whole house vertically and horizontally.

Furthermore, while cleaning the entire house, the device will detect the carpet and automatically increase the suction power. Roborock will pull up deeply the lodged dirt, and when they will do cleaning the carpet, the device will come to the normal suction power.


The Roborock E35 and the E35 are very identical when it comes to design. The robots come in a round shape like others, but these two are slightly different in terms of size and weight. Roborock E5 comes with 13.9 x 3.6 x 13.8 inches (L x W x H), and it is 7 pounds.

Besides, the Roborock E35 comes in 13.70 inches long by 13.80 inches wide by 3.60 inches high, plus the weight is 13 pounds. So, the E25 is comparatively sleek, and it is capable of going under most of the furniture, but the E35 is slightly bigger, but it also can go under furniture.

However, the devices have the same o control buttons on the spot clean, home, or docking faceplates. And underneath the device, they have three brushes, including a bin.

Easy to Operate 

Roborock E25 and E35 are compatible with the Roborock app plus the Alexa voice control function. Roborock app is convenient as it lets you use the device from anywhere you are. You can start cleaning or stop the machine from the app; also, the app will notify you when to remove the dust bin if you forget to do it.

It will provide you an update about the latest app feature plus will provide you tips and tricks. If you have smart home solutions, operating these devices are straightforward; just ask Alexa to change the direction of going back to the home base, mopping the floor whatever you want.

Sweeping and Mopping 

The best part about the Roborock devices is they feature sweeping and mopping. Both of them will do the work in a perfect sequence. You can choose the vacuum and mop at the same time for the complete clean. The robot will suck the water naturally into the mop while cleaning, and you will get a clean, shiny floor within a matter of time. The water tanks of these robots are a little bit different, and the E25 has a 140 mL capacity while the E35 has a 150 mL water capacity. But it’s a little bit different; however, they also provide a waterproof pad so that you don’t need to wipe the floor.

Bin Capacity 

Roomba E25 and E35 have a 640 mL bin capacity; the bin doesn’t need to empty frequently. Emptying the bin once a week is perfect for these robots. But if you forget to remove the bin for a very long time, you will get a notification on your smartphone. They have a high-efficiency filter that captures more than 99% dirt, debris, pet allergens, hair, and so on. And you can wash the bin after emptying it.

Runtime and Recharge 

Roborock E35 can run up to 180 minutes, while the E25 can run for 100 minutes per charge. So the E35 would be the ideal choice since it can run longer to clean the house; the E35 is a wise decision for a big house. Also, when the robot is required to charge, this will go back to the home base, and then it will resume cleaning where it left.

But the E25 cannot find its charging home, and you have to take the device to its home, plus it cannot resume cleaning.

Multiple Cleaning Modes 

Roborock E25 and E35 have multiple cleaning modes that make them very convenient. They provide max, carpet, mopping mode, balanced, quiet, and turbo cleaning modes. The quiet mode is beneficial since it lets you schedule the cleaning late at night and won’t disturb your sleep.

Laser Navigations and Mapping 

These devices will navigate their surroundings and will create a map, but the downside is, Roborock creates a one-time map since they cannot remember it. Roborock E35, besides, has a laser navigation feature, while the E25 has vSLAM navigation. The laser navigation feature makes the E35 smarter, as it will map the whole house.

Multiple sensors

Roborock E25 and E35 are built with multiple sensors, which makes the device sufficiently intelligent to clean any complicated environments or deal with them. If the device gets trapped with anything, the devices will learn it and change the direction. Also, Roborock E25 and E35 won’t fall down the stairs even if they run out of charge.

Zone Cleaning

Roborock E25 doesn’t provide the zone cleaning or virtual wall barrier, but the upgraded version contains these handy functions. If you want to keep your robot to a particular room or keep away the device from anything, simply use the zone cleaning from the app, and the robot will create an invisible wall it will not cross.


Generally, Roborock provides a convenient one-year warranty, and if your robot has any manufacturer issues within the warranty period, you will get free repair service from Roborock. Also, they provide you lifetime customer service, so you can contact customer care anytime you will have an issue. Roborock requires a little maintenance, and it will last for more than 6/7 years to help clean your house.


Roborock provides very convenient robot vacuums, and they are very popular with their users. If you want to get the best vacuum cleaner between these two, I highly recommend you to go with the Roborock E35. Since it has the better suction power to provide better cleaning performance, run for longer, a laser navigation system, zone cleaning, and so on. And all those handy things are not included in the E25, so if you want the best one for your home, then the Roborock E35 should be your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roborock E25 and E35

Do the Roborock E25 and E35 follow neat patterns to clean?

Yes, both of them follow a neat row to clean the floor, but they cannot save the map, so they create a new map before each cleaning time.

Will they alert when full? 

Roborock app will not alert you when the bin is full, but if you do not change the bin for a long time, it will remind you.

What is the warranty period for the Roborock?

Roborock offers a one-year limited warranty period from the date, and they will last for many years to come with a little care.

Will Roborock E35 return to the charging base with a mop kit?

When the device is done cleaning, it will return to the dock automatically with the mop kit.

Does the E35 provide zone cleaning?

Yes, the Roborock E35 has a zone cleaning function, so you can clean just one room instead of the whole house.

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