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Ring Elite vs Pro – Check the differences & Grab the Best one!

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Ring Elite vs ProIf you are seeking the best Ring video doorbell between Ring Pro and Elite, then I highly suggest you choose Ring Pro rather than Elite.

So, you have a question in mind, what difference made Ring Pro better? Well, following, I shared all points that made Ring Pro the best doorbell.

Why Ring Pro is Best? 

  • The first and main difference is, the Ring Pro allows you to zoom the video to watch it for a better object view. On the other side, you cannot do it on the Ring Elite doorbell. So whenever you want, you can see the color or object outside of the home.
  • Both doorbells have motion detect features, but you can customize the area in the Pro version. Once you customize the area for motion detection, the device will notify you of what is relevant to you.
  • Though both devices have a 1080p camera, you will get a clear view from Ring Pro. Since it’s the upgraded version, it also contains infrared night vision. You can monitor the house perfectly at night as well.

Ring Elite and Pro are very similar, but the above-mentioned features made Ring Pro the best video doorbell.


Comparison Chart: Ring Elite vs Pro

Specifications  Ring Elite  Ring Video Doorbell Pro 
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  4.80 x 2.75 x 2.17 in 4.50 in x 1.85 in x 0.8 in 
Weight  1.21 lbs 1.21 lbs
Camera Resolution  1080 P 1080 P
Custom Alert Zone No  Yes 
Motion Detection Adjustable  Customizable 
Infrared Night Vision  Yes  Yes 
Zoom  No  Yes 
Field View  160-degree  160-degree 
Weatherproof  Yes  Yes 
Cloud storage  Free for 60-days  Free for 60-days 
Siren  100 dB  100 dB 
Two-way audio  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences & Similarities Between Ring Elite and Ring Pro

Camera Quality 

Ring Elite and Ring Video Doorbell Pro offer the same 1080p camera resolution, so they share the same resolution. Yet the Ring video doorbell pro is better since it is the upgraded version. It lets you see the video more clearly than Ring Elite, so I recommend choosing the Ring Pro.

Zoom in the Video 

Both devices are equipped with a 160-degree field view so that you can keep an eye outside of the home. But the Ring Pro is brilliant and lets the user zoom the video. You are allowed to see the video color plus any object correctly. It’s very convenient while it lacks the Ring Elite.

Motion Detection and Custom Alert 

Ring Elite and Pro are equipped with motion detect features. The devices are smart; they can detect a person and any packages plus sound and noise. Once they detect anything, the device will instantly notify you, and you can see the visitor. Moreover, the Ring Pro allows you to customize the detection of any specific area. And the device will notify you only what is essential to you. On the other side, the Ring Elite offers adjustable detection features. That’s why I recommend the Ring Pro.

Night Vision and Siren 

In terms of night vision, the Ring Pro is better than Ring Elite since it is equipped with infrared night vision. Though both of the doorbells have black and white night vision, the Ring Pro lets you watch the video properly at night. Besides, the video doorbell has a 100 dB siren that helps reduce crime in your areas. The siren feature is very convenient in these devices.

Two-way Audio 

The user can hear and talk to the front door through the app. Also, both devices are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. When you need to speak with a visitor, command them to speak to the front door. Also, the devices are compatible with the Ring app to watch the indoor or outside of your home from anywhere you are.

Cloud Storage

Ring Elite and Ring Pro are compatible with cloud storage, and it allows user to keep their records for up to 60-days. You can watch the video anytime from the cloud storage, and once the free usage period is finished, you need to pay for the cloud storage. The video recordings can also save on the USB drive.


Compared to other video doorbells, the Ring Elite and Ring Pro are waterproof. It allows you to mount them anywhere you want. The machines will stand bravely in cold, rain, and heat as well without any issues. Furthermore, you don’t require any professionals to install the device. You won’t take much time, and it’s very easy to install.


You will get a one-year limited warranty with the Ring devices, but you can expect the devices to last for more than 4/5 years. However, the warranty will cover any defect in the machine. Or they will refund you, but if there’s any damage, then the warranty will be void.


Ring Elite and Ring Pro are very similar and very unique video doorbells compared to others. If you cannot decide which Ring to choose, I’d suggest you select the Ring Pro. It will give you better camera quality, video quality, and other better features. So consider the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Elite and Pro

Do I need to pay for cloud service? 

No, the cloud storage is free for the first 60-days, and then if you want to activate the cloud service, you’ve to pay.

Does the Ring come with a backup battery?

No, they do not provide any backup battery, and the battery needs to be replaced after six months on average if you use it continuously.

Are they waterproof?

Yes, the Ring devices are waterproof; they are also brave to stand with cold or heat, so you can install them anywhere you want.

How is the video quality at night?

Both of the Rings have night vision, and it’s good enough to see everything correctly.

Can I install the device?

Yes, you can install the Ring video doorbell without the help of a professional.

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