razer viper vs g pro wireless

Razer Viper vs G Pro Wireless – Check why you should pick Viper!


razer viper vs g pro wirelessRazer Viper and G Pro Wireless are two popular models in the market, but if you want to pick the superior one then you should choose Razer Viper.

Why you should choose Razer Viper?

  • Razer Viper comes with wireless and wired connectivity, but G Pro is only available as wireless, so if you prefer wired connectivity, Viper is perfect.
  • Hyper-speed wireless technology with Viper gives you a better experience of speed, whereas the other device is also fast with Light-speed wireless technology.
  • Viper’s 8-programmable buttons allow you to reconfigure or assign complex macro functions through Razer Synapse 3
  • This device comes with a chroma RGB color profile, which is also customizable, but G Pro doesn’t provide this feature in the same quantity.
  • Viper is slated as the lightest gaming mouse as this weighs less than the G Pro. If you need to use this mouse for an extended period, you won’t feel any issue with relief.
  • A 16000 DPI sensor allows you to use Viper on any surface, doesn’t matter what the surface is. You can quickly work with glass or wood or on any substrate without any inconvenience.

Hopefully, now you understood why Viper will be a great choice for you. Simply press the buttons below and check the price of this incredible device.


Similarities Between Razer Viper and G Pro Wireless

  • Ultra-lightweight gaming mouse 
  • Hand orientation is Ambidextrous for both the mouse
  • Optical sensor in DPI is higher than usual mouse 
  • Stunning yet straightforward body structure
Specifications Viper G Pro Wireless
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.3 out of 5 
Series Viper Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
Connection Wireless/Wired Wireless
Hardware Platform PC PC, Mac
Product Dimension 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches 1.57 x 2..5 x 4.92 inches
Item Dimension 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches 1.57 x 2.5 x 4.92 inches
Item Weight 3.52 ounces 2.88 ounces
Color Classic Black Black
Sensor 5G optical sensor Hero 25K
Mouse Shape Ambidextrous Ambidextrous
Custom Lighting Yes Yes
Manufacturer Razer Inc Logitech
Warranty 2-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty

Details about the features of Razer Viper and G Pro Wireless


Razer Viper includes an unbelievable 16K DPI optical sensor, which allows the users, especially gamers, to experience the best. This is stated as faster, and obviously, it’s faster than the traditional devices.

The other device is G Pro Wireless, which also provides a sensor of Hero 25K DPI. By this, you can have smooth and accurate performance. This is Logitech’s one of the most popular models of the Pro Wireless Gaming mouse series.


Both of the devices have stunning designs. Hand orientation is also nothing to worry about as the devices are Ambidextrous. It will be a very good experience of using these devices for people with large hands or small. 

RGB Color

Viper has the feature of customizable chroma RGB color profiles. A color combination of 16.8 million variants is available in this mouse. There are also some included preset profiles.

There are 16.8 colors to represent team colors in all models of G products of the Logitech brand. These customizable features allow the users to use creativity and have the freedom of using their variations.


Viper comes with eight programmable buttons that will allow you to configure and assign macro functions by using Razer Synapse 3. Customizable macro functions made this model famous to gamers and professionals as this will provide an advantage while performing. Pro Wireless also provides this feature. There are 4-8 customize buttons in this model. But it is not as featured as the Viper.

Warranty & Durability

Logitech and Razer both are providing devices that are used for the long run. Both of the devices will be perfect for long time usage. But as sometimes the wireless devices create issues, you should go for Viper. Viper comes with wired variants too.

About the Warranty, you will get a warranty for both products. Logitech and Viper both manufacturers who are severe and show an honorable attitude to their customers. You will get a 2-year and 1-year warranty for Viper and the G Pro accordingly.

Final Words

For satisfactory performance, both devices are suitable. But if you are confused about picking the best one, I would recommend you the Viper. It’s a killer combination. And you are not missing anything if you go for it.

Frequently Asked Question about Razer Viper vs G Pro Wireless –

Question: How is this device for sweat hands, and will the side grips help?

Answer: You may not get help from the grips as they are not grippy enough to help sweat hands, but you will have the advantage to fit your fingers in the curve to fit your hands, which may help you.

Question: Is there any loud sound while clicking the buttons? 

Answer: It’s not noisy as the usual devices. But you need to get used to the device; otherwise, it may seem like a loud one. You can search the excellent review on YouTube for some tutorials.

Question: Can I replace the battery? What is the possible charge I will get per cycle?

Answer: This concern can not be answered directly because this is a new device. However, the batteries are not replaceable. This mouse should be charged as per the manufacturer’s guidelines within 48 hours of use.

Question: Is it possible to alter the function of the DPI button?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. You just need to use the Razer Synapse Software to avail this.

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