Powerbeats Pro VS Airpods Pro

Powerbeats Pro VS Airpods Pro – Why do we suggest the Powerbeats?


Powerbeats Pro VS Airpods ProIf you want to pick the best one between Powerbeats Pro and Airpods Pro, Buywithme.org recommends you select the Powerbeats Pro.

Why Buywithme.org recommend the Powerbeats Pro?

  • This device gives you up to 9 hours of battery life to keep your music going without worrying about anything if you charge your device for 5 min then you can playback for 1 hour. At the same time, AirPods Pro gives you up to 4 hours of listening time at one charge. If we judge them based on battery life, then Powerbeats Pro is better than Airpods Pro because it gives you extra battery life to play music for a long time.
  • It’s compatible with all ios and android devices. That means you can easily set your earbuds with any android device. On the other side, Airpods Pro is only compatible with all Apple devices. It’s a problem because everyone does not have apple devices. So everyone can not set this earbud.
  • If we talk about controlling these earbuds, we have to say that Powerbeats pro is easier to control than Airpods Pro. Powerbeats Pro can be connected via Bluetooth with some easy methods. So, you can consider Powerbeats Pro.
  • This device is sweat and water-resistant that gives you full protection from water and sweat. Besides, Airpods Pro does not give you full protection. If you are a sweating person, then that device is not for you. Powerbeats Pro is always perfect for any person.
  • This device is more lightweight, 5.3 grams, than Airpods Pro. Hence you can carry it without any hesitation. In contrast, AirPods Pro is heavy, 20.3 grams than Powerbeats Pro.

Now you know why we suggest you buy Powerbeats Pro. So, choose wisely before investing your money.


Similar Feature

  • Both devices have optical sensors.
  • These earbuds have full volume and track controls.
  • On these devices, you can share your music list with your friend

Quick Comparison

Specification Powerbeats Pro Airpods Pro
Editors Rating 4.6 out of rating 4.8 out of 5 rating
Connective technology Bluetooth, NFC Wireless
Battery Life 9 hours 4.5 hours
Weight  20.3gm 5.3 gm
Waterproof No Yes
Adaptive EQ No Yes
Battery required 1 Lithium-ion battery required 3 Lithium-ion batteries required
Compatible device ios and android ios and android
Chip Apple H1 pro chip Apple H1 pro chip
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Similarities and Differences between Powerbeats Pro VS Airpods Pro

Design: If we talk about design, then both have fit ear features. The only dissimilation in Powerbeats Pro is they include a hook that secures each headphone to your ear. Powerbeats Pro offers you four ear tip sets, while AirPods Pro offers only three changeable ear tip sets. Now, we come about the case of the earbuds. If we notice Airpods Pro, you can see it is smaller than the Powerboats Pro case. It makes the AirPods Pro more pocketable. Both devices are incredible with their design, and it’s tough to say which design is best for you. For the pocketable option, you can choose AirPods Pro.

Sound: In earbuds, sound quality is the most crucial part. If we come to the AirPods Pro, Apple uses their software and two microphones to block outside sound. On the other hand, Powerbeats Pro also has microphones that will provide you best sound quality. You can control your music with the help of each earbud. 

Battery: Beat brands offer you up to nine hours of battery life while it is still playing and up to six hours of battery life during incoming calls. Besides, AirPods Pro allows you up to five hours of playback and three hours of talk time during incoming calls.

The charging cases for both devices give you 24 hours of total using time. AirPods Pro supports wireless charging, while the Powerbeats Pro case does not support this. You can go for Powerbeats Pro for this battery life.

Controls: At AirPods Pro does not have any feature to physical controls, but it has Force sensors that let you perform the common task by tapping on the side of the earbuds:

  1. you can receive all calls and play the music press one button.
  2. You can skip forward by pressing twice.
  3. To skip back, just press three times.
  4. For active noise cancellation mode, press and hold the switch.

Powerbeats Pro has a physical button, and it will be easier to control than AirPods Pro.

Sweat and water resistance:

Both devices are sweat and water-resistant, but Airpods Pro does not give you full protection. This device is not suitable for any sweating person. Powerbeats Pro is suitable for any person. In this section, Powerbeats Pro is a better choice than Airpods Pro.

H1 Chips: Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro have apple H1 chips. For that chips, you will get a feature like Audio sharing, announce massage with virtual assistance –

  1. You can activate your virtual assistance by saying, “Hey Siri.” You can conduct it to a control volume, play songs, make calls and get directions.
  2. The audio sharing system makes it easy to listen to the same song or same movie with your friend.
  3. Announce message automatically when massage arrives, when on phone calls while you share your file.

Additional button: Whenever you open the Powerbeats Pro cases, you will find an LLD button press the button until the LED blinks white, then set your device. Besides, AirPods Pro does not have any of these features.

Accessories:  WIth AirPods Pro, you will get-

  • AirPods Pro
  • Wireless charging case
  • Three silicons ear tips.
  • USB c cables
  • Documentation

With Powerbeats Pro, you will get:

  • Powerbeats Pro
  • Charging case
  • Four size ear tips option
  • USB-A charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card

Warranty: Both devices give you one year warranty from the purchase date. The Apple company warranty doesn’t cover any harm caused by accidents or disallowed modifications.

Final Words: After reading all the features, we strongly suggest you go for AirPods Pro. But Powerbeats Pro is also a great choice. Think before making your investment.

Frequently Question asked about Powerbeats Pro and AirPods Pro

How do I connect AirPods Pro with my iPhone?

1st you need to install the latest ios version. Open the case, press the LID button, open the iPhone with Bluetooth, and do the instruction onscreen.

How do I activate virtual assistance?

Just call virtual assistance by “Hey Siri,” or you can hold the ‘B’ button on earphones to start up Siri or another compatible voice.

Does Powerbeats Pro have a waterproof system?

No, Powerbeats Pro does not have a waterproof system. If this device mistakenly contracts with any liquid, then pick a soft dry cloth and wipe it.

Is the noise cancellation system enough to drown out the louder sound?

No, It’s not. Noise cancellation is only suitable for minor sounds. This device cancels people talking sound, regular ordinary noises in the house like ceiling fan running, etc. It cancels normal noise.

Do the rubber tips fall easily?

No, it’s not. These devices give you the best quality rubber tips.

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