Polk S55 vs S60

Polk S55 vs S60 – Check Why Polk S60 is Best Speaker!


Polk S55 and S60 produce surround sound into your living room. Both are built with convenient features so choosing the right one is slightly tough. Thus, check out their differences so that you get the best one. 

What Are the Differences Between Polk S55 vs S60?

Polk S55 Polk S60
Polk S55 Polk S60
Polk S55 has two drivers. Polk S60 has three drivers.
The dimension of this speaker is 12.5 x 11.7 x 41.5 inches. The dimension of this speaker is 15.7 x 11.7 x 44.5 inches. 
It’s max sensitivity is 89 dB.  It’s max sensitivity is 90 dB. 
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Polk S60 built with slightly better functions, so I strongly recommend this device to you. If you want to make your investment worth it, this should be your consideration. Also, you can go through the below section to get a clear idea why should you choose the S60.

Why Do I Recommend Polk S60?

  • Polk S60 has three powerful drivers that will deliver a more dynamic balanced sound. On the contrary, Polk S55 comes with two drivers.
  • This device is taller than its competitor. Thus, the sound will reach more space in your house and get the sound perfectly because of the ear level. 
  • Polk S60 has a lower frequency rate starting from 26 Hz, always delivering deep and rich bass. In contrast, its competitor contains a higher frequency.
  • This Floor-standing speaker comes with deeper bass and will get you a stunning cinematic experience at home. Hence, Polk S55 also comes with a decent bass but is not as great as the Polk S60.

Both the standing speakers are almost the same in features. These mentioned specs kept the Polk S60 ahead of the other one. So, you can grab this one if you want immersive sound. 


Similar Features

  • Polk S60 and S55 speakers come with a Power Port technology that delivers a deeper bass response than a traditional back-ported speaker.
  • These devices have Dynamic Balance that exceptionally creates high efficiency, clear bass, better linearity, and lower distortion.
  • They are built to bring the big surround sound theater and music experience into the comfort of your living room.
  • A detachable magnetic grille is included on both speakers, which ensures higher sensitivity to achieve clearer sound.

Other Specifications Chart of Polk S55 vs S60 

Specifications Polk S55 Polk S60
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Speaker Type Floor standing Floor standing
Color Black Black
Frequency Rate 33 Hz – 40 kHz 26 Hz – 40 kHz
Product Weight 44 pounds 52 pounds
Driver Size 2 x 6.5-inch 3 x 6.5-inch
Tweeters 1-inch 1-inch
Warranty 5-Years of Warranty 5-Years of Warranty

Features and Benefits of Polk S55 vs S60


The speakers come with a similar outlook except for the heights. Polk S60 is quite taller than the Polk S55. You will notice a third driver on the Polk S60 also; the speakers come with a black color variant and look very premium because of the shiny finish.

A detachable magnetic grille is included with the floor-standing speaker. The speakers can be placed in any corner of your house. Polk S55 is 41.5-inch tall, while the Polk 60 is 44.5-inch taller.           


Polk speakers come with s signature sound that provides a realistic vocal and deeper bass. The speakers will deliver you a strikingly bold and heart-thumping sound. Polk’s Parented Power Port technology will minimize distortion and give you a rich, full range of sound.

The speakers are perfect for enhancing the sound of your TV, music, or movies. As Polk S60 is taller and the drivers and tweeters will be equal to your ear level, you will get better sound output from this device.

The lower frequency range will give you a rich bass on the Polk S60. Polk speakers are well designed and engineered for a performance-oriented design.

Acoustic Array

The speakers are designed to deliver you the best of sounds. There are high-resolution tweeters included in the devices for exceptional sound. To create the drivers more efficiently and Conex fiber spiders are being used.

The iconic rounded edge and the detailing are designed to deliver the best acoustic guitars. You will get a cinematic experience while watching anything on the devices.

Stereo or Surround 

You will be able to get a stereo sound by pairing other speakers from Polk. The Polk signature collection can be implemented into your house by creating a home theater system. Polk S60 tower speakers can be paired with Polk S35 central channel or S20 bookshelf speakers.

You can also pair it with the subwoofer for a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system. Besides, the S55 can also be paired with the same configurations for a better sound experience.

Deep Bass 

The bass is one of the crucial parts of any audio device. Polk has a dedicated technology that is responsible for deep bass. This technology is known as Power Port deep bass technology. Both the Polk S55 and the S60 come with this feature.

You will be amazed by the bass quality of the devices. This technology smoothly transitions airflow into the speaker’s listening area to provide you with extended bass while minimizing distortion and turbulence.


The speakers are available in a variety of set versions, allowing you to customize your setup. You don’t need to configure them again and again. Polk S55 & S60 are available in 4 sets of 3,3.1,5,5.1 channel home theater. You can even buy the speakers in sets of 2. There is another variant with additional cables.

Durability & Warranty

Polk speakers are built with high-quality materials. You will surely be amazed by the craftsmanship of Polk speakers. Polk Signature Series has earned a hi-res certification and has redefined true American HiFi sound. You will be availed 5-years of warranty for the speakers from the manufacturer, Polk.

Final Words

I guess the confusion about choosing the best speaker is clear now. They both are almost similar in features, but Polk S60 is slightly ahead in this comparison. The powerful drivers and the exceptional design made this device more preferable. If you want to experience the best, choose the Polk S60. You can go for the S55 if you are considering the budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Polk S55 and S60 

What are the other color variants of the devices?

They come with only a black variant.

What is the type of these speakers?

Both the speakers are passive.

Are there any grilles included?

Yes. The speakers come with a detachable magnetic grille. 

What is the height difference between them?

The Polk S60 is 3-inch taller than the Polk S55.

What is the size of the terylene?

Both the speakers come with a 1-inch terylene.

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