Polaris TR28P vs 280

Polaris TR28P vs 280 – Check why you should choose Polaris 280!

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Polaris TR28P and 280 pool cleaners deliver you convenient clean every time. But if you want to pick the best one, read the differences chart to make your investment decision easier.

What Are the Differences Between Polaris TR28P and 280?

Polaris TR28P Polaris 280
Polaris TR28P: Inground Pool Vacuum Cleaner | Polaris Pool
Polaris TR28P cannot filter fine debris. Polaris 280 can filter fine debris.
The suction gets tangled while cleaning. The suction does not tangled on this cleaner.
This cleaner cannot clean the pool steps. It can clean the steps as well.
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So, as you can see, the Polaris 280 has advanced features to ensure you get the best pool cleaning experience; you can choose this pool cleaner. However, if you want to know the details, read the following section.

Why Should You Choose Polaris 280?

  • Polaris 280 is built with a single chamber filter bag, but it can easily capture large or fine debris. On the other side, TR28P also has the same bag, but it won’t filter fine debris, so you have to make time until the pool is clean perfectly.
  • The suction of this machine won’t tangle Polaris 280. In comparison, TR28P tends to get tangled itself, which is terrible.
  • The machine will effectively clean the corner of your pool, including the steps, but TR28P gets stuck in the curved corner of the pool and cannot clean the steps.
  • Polaris 280 backup valve resumes the forward progress until the machine doesn’t obstruct. In contrast, TR28P works for a minute, and the cable doesn’t work properly.

And these were the key features that made Polaris 280 better than TR28P. If you don’t want to empty the filter bag frequently and want a quick clean, then Polaris 280 would be the best bet. Simply press the button below to check the price.


Similar Features

  • Polaris TR28P and 280 feature a double jets system that helps clean a pool faster.
  • Both are equipped with the TailSweep Pro, which delivers 50% more flow for ultimate sweeping action.
  • The machines come with a single chamber filter bag that enhances the life of your filtration system by easily collecting large debris.
  • You will get an auto-backup feature that keeps them cleaning without interruption.

If you are satisfied with these similar features, you can go with any pool cleaner. But if you need advanced functions, then you have to pick Polaris 280.

Other Specifications Chart of Polaris TR28P and 280

Specifications  Polaris TR28P Polaris 280 
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Vacuum Inlet  2 ¼” 2 ¼”
Drive Mechanism Shaft Drive Shaft Drive
Venturi Jets 2 Jets  2 Jets 
Feed hose 31 feet 31 feet
TailSweep PRO® Compatibility Yes Yes
Best for Walls and floors Walls and floors
Tires Classic Classic
Single Chamber Bag Yes Yes
Auto Backup Yes Yes
Warranty  2-years  2-years 

Features and Benefits of Polaris TR28P and 280

Cleaning Power 

Polaris pool cleaners are always ready to provide you with excellent cleaning performance. Both feature a double jet system to sweep, vacuum, and scrub the bottom of the walls of your pool.

These are compatible with the power booster, which you need to purchase separately. The power booster enables the machine to pick up the even largest debris circulating throughout the water all around the pool.

Drive mechanism 

Both pool cleaners are equipped with a shaft drive mechanism that ensures the machine works continuously. It helps the device work thoroughly on the water without getting stuck—the drive mechanism of the 280 results without interruption rather than the TR28P. In contrast, the TR28P drive mechanism gets stuck, which is a little bit of a hassle.

Filter Bag

Polaris TR28P and 280 provide a powerful debris intake single chamber bag. The large opening intake is for big debris, pebbles, acorns, and so on. The machine also comes with a scrubber bag; however, the bag will collect debris before it reaches the basket. And will filter the water to provide clean water. Both are perfect for saltwater, so don’t worry if you have a saltwater pool.

The convenient part of the 280 is that it is equipped with an in-line backup valve. The valve helps the bag automatically free up itself to avoid any interruption.

Polaris TR28P, on the other side, the in-line backup valve does not work properly in this. When the machine is in the water, it may get stuck continuously; thus, the TR28P takes more than 3 hours to clean the pool. So my suggestion is the Polaris 280 since it won’t get stuck, plus it will take a little time to clean.


Both pool cleaners come with the same accessories in the box. They provide operating instructions that you should read thoroughly if you are a newbie pool owner. Also, they offer a single chamber filter bag, including a scrubber bag. And you will get a 31-foot hose kit and pool cleaners.


Compared to other pool cleaners on the market, generally, the Polaris offers a convenient two-year warranty on the pressure-side pool cleaner. Moreover, it can be extended up to three years, so you’ve to pay some extra bucks. The frames come with five years warranty, and the filter bag and pumps offer a three years warranty. Also, they give a 90-days replacement so that you can replace it if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


If you are serious about a pool cleaner plus want to get the best one between these two, the Polaris 280 should be your obvious choice. Polaris TR28P and 280 may include almost the same features, but the TR28P is not decisive as its competitor. The machine will take 3 hours or more to clean since it gets stuck with the wheel. So, before purchasing one, you should consider your personal preference to get the cleaner that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polaris TR28P vs 280

Will I get a feed hose?

Generally, the Polaris offers a 31-foot feed hose with their pool cleaners, so yes, you will get one.

What is the drive mechanism of the 280?

The Polaris 280 features a two-wheel drive; one wheel is on the wheel side while another is on the opposite side, and the third wheel is for balance.

Tell me the major difference between the TR28P and 280.

Both of them are almost identical machines, but the suction power and cleaning technology of the 280 are slightly better.

Will I get the necessary connectors with the TR28P?

Yes, both of them come with the necessary connector for your return line.

What is the Polaris manufacturer warranty?

Usually, the Polaris provides a two-year warranty on their pool cleaners, but you can extend the warranty up to three years, and you’ve to pay some extra bucks.

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