Polaris P39 vs 3900 Sport

Polaris P39 vs 3900 Sport – Why Polaris 3900 is Best Cleaner?

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If you want the best pool cleaner between Polaris P39 and 3900, then check out their differences chart to make your investment worth it.

What Are the Differences Between Polaris P39 vs 3900 Sport?

Polaris P39  Polaris 3900 Sport
Polaris P39  Polaris 3900 Sport
Polaris P39 does not include the PB4-60 Booster Pump. Polaris 3900 Sport built with PB4-60 Booster Pump.
The P39 cannot create torque power. The 3900 Sport can create 50% torque power.
This pool cleaner does not include a scrubber bag. It has a scrubber bag.
Polaris P39 cannot scrub the surface. This pool cleaner can also scrub the pool surface.
This cannot clean the pool steps. The 3900 Sport can clean the pool steps.
Check P39 Price at Amazon Check 3900 Price at Amazon

Polaris 3900 Sport pool cleaner integrated with advanced features compared to Polaris P39; hence, I strongly recommend this cleaner. Also, for your consideration, I’ve described the details here.

Why do I recommend Polaris 3900?

  • Polaris 3900 Sport has a PB4-60 Booster Pump that increases the suction power to clean more prominently. But P39 doesn’t include the pump; if you want to use it, you must purchase it separately.
  • All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain of Polaris 3900 creates 50% more torque to help the machine get itself out of anything if it gets stuck. In contrast, Polaris P39 doesn’t support it.
  • It provides a dual-chamber debris bag, including a scrubber bag. The filter bag will capture everything and won’t get stuck in the wheels. Simultaneously, Polaris P39’s bag keeps getting stuck in the wheels and stops running. That’s why you have to pull out the machine every hour to remove the bag from the wheels.
  • The machine ensures you scrub, vacuuming everything in between, but P39’s foam scrubber doesn’t scrub the pool properly.
  • Polaris 3900 Sport will clean the steps effectively while P39 cannot clean the steps, which is a downside.

Hopefully, now you get all your answers to why Polaris 3900 Sport is a better choice. If you have a large pool plus want to clean it effectively, the 3900 Sport should be your choice.


Similar Features

  • Polaris P39 and 3900 Sport are equipped with three venturi jets, which ensure a mixture of air and water and give us hydrotherapy action.
  • They include the TailSweep Pro feature that produces 50% more flow for ultimate sweeping action.
  • Both provide auto-backup and auto-reverse technology. Thus, both features enable them to free themselves if they get stuck.

Other Specifications Chart of Polaris P39 vs 3900 Sport 

Specifications  Polaris P39 Polaris 3900 Sport 
Editor’s Rating  4.4 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Dimension  23 x 11 x 21 inches 24 x 11 x 24 inches
Weight  18.13 pounds 10.1 pounds
Debris Bag Capacity 5 Liter 5 Liter
Venturi Jets 3 Jets  3 Jets 
Debris Bag Dual Chamber SuperBag Dual Chamber SuperBag
Auto-reverse Technology Yes  Yes 
TailSweep PRO® Compatibility Yes (Included) Yes (Included)
Auto Backup Yes Yes
Drive Mechanism All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain All-Wheel PosiDrive with Stainless Steel Chain
Tires Wide Trax® Wide Trax®
Surface / Pool Type  Inground / All Inground / All
Feed hose 31 feet 31 feet
Best for Walls, and floors Walls, floors, and steps
Vacuum Inlet 2 ½” 2 ½”
Warranty  2-years  2-years 

Features and Benefits of Polaris P39 and 3900

Suction Power 

Polaris pool cleaners beat all machines in terms of suction power since they use advanced technology. The P39 and 3900 Sport are powered by three jets that provide the most vacuum power. Also, they produce the maximum vacuum power with their stainless steel drive chain mechanism system. It maximizes the speed plus offers the best performance compared to other pool cleaners on the market.

Filter Bag 

The machines include TailSweep Pro, an advanced hose enhancement to blow the debris out of the hard places in the pool that reaches tough. Furthermore, Polaris P39 and 3900 Sport come with a dual-chamber debris bag, including a scrubbing bag. So during the filtration process or cleaning the pool, they will effectively pick the largest debris.

But the P39 cannot properly do the debris cleaning job because the debris bag of the P39 tends to get stuck with the wheels. And the machine cannot pull out the bag from the wheels, so you need to remove the machine from the pool every hour to remove the bag. That’s why the 3900 Sport would be the best option, since the bag won’t get stucks to the wheels and it will take less than three hours to clean.


As I mentioned earlier, Polaris P39 and the 3900 Sport are the same in terms of design; only their size and weight are different. Both of them are built with the latest cleaning technology. They feature 3-jets. They are compatible with the TailSweep Pro, which offers the ultimate sweeping action by reducing the water spray.

Drive Mechanism 

They combine with the all-wheel PosiDrive system that is built with a stainless steel chain. The mechanism creates 50 percent torque to maximize the cleaning performance and ensure fewer hang-ups. The drive mechanism of the Polaris pool cleaners ensures durability and reliability.

Pool Surface 

Polaris will effectively clean every surface if you have a vinyl pool surface, tile, concrete, or whatever the surface is. They are designed to clean any surface; also, the machines can clean and scrub saltwater. So, don’t worry about the pool surface until you have an in-ground pool. But don’t use them for the above-ground pools, or the machine will tear your pool.


Polaris P39 and 3900 have the same goodies in the box; provide them to ensure you can start using the machine once you get it at home. However, you will get the Pool cleaner itself, a 31-foot hose, a backup valve, and the operating instructions.


Polaris P39 and 3900 Sport have a fantastic deal; generally, they offer a two-year warranty on their products. But you can also extend it up to three years, and you’ve to pay some extra bucks. Furthermore, the Polaris gives you a two-year warranty on the booster pump and three years on the pool pumps; the pool filter comes with three years of convenient warranty. You can claim the warranty if you have a defective product or the product shows any mechanical issue. Contact the Polaris website, or you can call or send them a mail.


Polaris 3900 Sport features advanced cleaning technology to help you up to your cleaning game. This is a fantastic pool cleaner since it is equipped with the best suction power and will scrub and vacuum the steps to everything to ensure you are better clean.

On the other hand, the Polaris P39 cannot do those things for you. Also, the 3900 Sport will take less than 3 hours to clean the pool entirely, but the P39 will take more than 3 hours. I highly recommend you to go with the Polaris 3900 Sport if you are serious about a pool cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polaris P39 vs 3900 Sport

Do they provide the feed hose?

Yes, Polaris P39 and 3900 provide a 31-feet feed hose and the female connector for the wall. Plus other handy accessories so you can start using the machine right after you get it.

Are they safe for the inground pools with a liner?

Yes, they are safe for the inground pools since the machines are specially designed for the inground pools.

Do they provide a catch bag?

You will get a dual-chamber debris bag with Polaris P39 and 3900 that can hold up to 5-liter debris. Also, they offer a scrubber bag too.

Can I use them in the salt pool?

Yes, the Polaris pool cleaners are ideal for the salt pool, so you can use them.

Can I claim a warranty?

Generally, Polaris offers a three-year warranty; if your pool cleaner shows any manufacturer issues, you can claim the warranty; all you need to do is send an email to Amazon or directly contact Polaris.

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