Polaris 9550 vs Dolphin

Polaris 9550 vs Dolphin – Check why I suggest Polaris 9550!

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Polaris 9550 vs DolphinPolaris 9550 vs Dolphin both are pretty good at cleaning, but if you are here for the best one, then Polaris F9550 should be your choice.

Why Should You Choose Polaris 9550?

  • Polaris 9550 can clean up to 60 feet length pool and include a premium caddy assembled within minutes without any tools. Besides, Dolphin Premier can go up to 50 feet in length and doesn’t have a caddy.
  • It features active motion sensor technology, which allows complete cleaning coverage without any hang-ups. Also, it will automatically control the robot’s position all the time. On the other hand, its competitor doesn’t include this unique feature.
  • The device is featuring spot clean that allows you to focus on the specific location in the pool. But you will not get this convenient function from Dolphin Premier. 
  • It has vortex vacuum technology, but it is not available on the Dolphin. However, the Vortex power keeps the debris for long-lasting suction and gives superior cleaning performance. 
  • It is built with the 4-wheel drive technology that will effectively clean the pool floor, wall and scrubs the tile and waterline with its solid blade scrubbing brush.

These features made Polaris 9550 the best robotic pool cleaner here. If you want to get the best cleaning performance within 2.5 hours, you can consider this. To check their price simply press the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • Polaris 9550 and Dolphin Premiere include the dirty canister indicator that reduces your guesswork and will notify you when it is required to empty the filter canister. 
  • Both have a programmable timer, just set up the cleaning time, and they will do the job for you. 
  • They will clean any fiberglass, vinyl, or plaster/gunite types pool. 
  • The cleaners carry the same filtration system.
Specifications  Polaris 9550 Dolphin Premier
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5
Dimension  22 x 22 x 22 inches 23.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches
Weight 43.6 pounds 37.2 pounds
Pool Size Up to 60 Ft Up to 50 Ft
Premium Caddy Yes  No
Spot Clean Yes  No
Motion-Sensing Remote  Yes  No
Vortex Vacuum Technology Yes  No
ActivMotion Sensor  Yes  No
4-Wheel Drive Technology Yes  No
Cable Length 70 feet 60 feet
Dirty Canister Indicator  Yes  Yes 
Schedule Cleaning  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  2-years 3-years

Differences and Similarities between Polaris 9550 and Dolphin


You will get the best cleaning performance from the Polaris F9550 than the Dolphin Premier. It uses vortex vacuum technology that maximizes the suction power so that the machine picks large debris when cleaning the pool wall, floor, or stairs. The Polaris is a 4WD robotic pool cleaner that can tackle any pool terrain, climb up walls and stairs, and scrubs the tile line. 

In contrast, Dolphin Premier also features the SmartNav software that delivers complete pool coverage and highly optimized scanning. Both robotic pool cleaners use advanced cleaning algorithms and provide the best performance. 


When it comes to design, the Polaris 9550 is sleek, but it’s slightly heavier. While the Dolphin Premier is a little bit bigger but lightweight. These two pool cleaners are smart, and they are equipped with programmable features and other handy things. 

However, Polaris 9550 has 4-wheel drive technology to clean the pool floor, scrub the tile line, and climb on the wall. And if you look at the Dolphin Premier, it uses ultra-efficient twin DC motors, including four media types. 

Motion-Sensing Remote 

Polaris 9550 has a motion-sensing remote responsive cleaning control, and it can be controlled with the palm of your hand. The motion-sensing is not available on the Dolphin. The sensor has unmatchable navigation for the larger and free-form pools. 

Dirty Canister Indicator 

They include the dirty canister indicator feature to don’t need to use your guesswork and check the canister frequently. The devices will immediately notify you when it’s time to empty the canister. 

You can easily clean and access the debris canister only with the press of a button. And then shake out the debris to wash away the dirt. 


Both are fully customizable pool cleaners. Once you set the device, they will do the cleaning, and you don’t need to remember anything. They allow you to set the program for a week not to take the hassle of turning on the machine manually. The weekly timer will automatically clean your pool at your desired interval. 

The convenient part is, they have anti-tangle patented swivel technology that provides hassle-free cleaning without interruption. If they are stuck with anything in the pool, the devices will get them out themselves. So, no tangle no-hassle makes them excellent pool cleaners for you. 

Cleaning Surface

In terms of cleaning the surface, they will efficiently clean any in-ground pool. Remember, you cannot use them for the above-ground pool, or else the robots will damage your pool. Polaris 9550 and Dolphin Premier will efficiently clean your vinyl, fiberglass, or granite pool within 3 hours. And a best part of the Polaris 9550 is, you can set this device to clean any specific location in the pool, while the Dolphin doesn’t have the spot clean function. 


A two-year warranty backs up Polaris 9550, and Dolphin Premier offers three years. But Polaris also provides 5-years warranty on the heat pumps. The complete electronic saltwater chlorine systems are warranted for three years. As the Polaris delivers better warranty backup with each part, it would be the ideal choice for you. 


If you want outstanding cleaning performance, Polaris 9550 should be your choice. It also has a motion-sensing feature that is not included in the Dolphin. You can select the Polaris with your eyes closed to get the best performance. Dolphin Premier is also a great choice, and if you are not satisfied with Polaris, you can choose this. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Polaris 9550 and Dolphin Premiere

Will Polaris 9550 work on the above-ground pool?

Generally, the Polaris 9550 is made for the in-ground pools only, so you cannot use the cleaner for your above-ground pool.

Which will give me the better clean?

Polaris 9550 will provide you better clean because it features a large basket that can capture large debris as well. Besides, the Dolphin cannot collect large debris. 

Do I need a booster pump for the Polaris 9550? 

No, it doesn’t require a booster pump since the machine supports 120v outlets, just plug and see the machine cleaning your pool. 

What is the warranty backup for Dolphin? 

The Dolphin Premier backed up a 3-year warranty, which is very convenient. 

Will I get a filter with Dolphin Premier?

Yes, the Dolphin Premier comes with a filter and a bag, so you don’t need to purchase a bag separately. 

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