Pioneer DDJ 200 vs 400

Pioneer DDJ 200 vs 400 – Why should you pick the Pioneer DDJ 400?

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The Pioneer DDJ 200 and the Pioneer DDJ 400 are the two best DJ controllers on the market, which come with unique specifications. Here is the major differences of these two DJ controllers. 

Pioneer DDJ 200 Pioneer DDJ 400
Pioneer DDJ 200 has no built-in sound card. Pioneer DDJ 400 has a Built-in Sound card.
It has no rekordbox software license.  Rekordbox software lisence.
There are no physical loop buttons.  Physical loop buttons.
It has no dedicated knob.  It has a dedicated knob.
No on-body track.  On-body track selection control is available. 
It has no microphone jack. A microphone jack is available with this device.
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If you are looking for the best one between these two, the Pioneer DDJ 400 will be the ideal DJ controller because it’s ahead of the DDJ 200 in its features. Are you still confused? Read below – 

Why is the Pioneer DDJ 400 the ideal one?

  • Pioneer DDJ 400 controller comes with a built-in sound card, which allows you to connect the speaker directly from the controller. As a result, you don’t need to connect an external device to add the speaker and need an appropriate cable for the connection. Unfortunately, the Pioneer DDJ 200 does not have that built-in sound card, so you have to connect the laptop to the controller for the audio signal.
  • The Pioneer DDJ 400 features track selection control to select the track from the songs library. Besides, the DDJ 400 can control the tracklist via externally connected devices such as laptops and pc.In contrast, an additional device like a laptop must connect to select the tracks from the music library.
  • It included a dedicated knob. By having that dedicated knob, the device can tweak and tune the gain of the mixer channel so that the sound becomes polished and satisfying. Consequently, the Pioneer DDJ 200 does not offer any dedicated knob. So, you might feel interrupted while tuning the gain, which adds a demerit point to the consistency.
  • The 400 has physical loop buttons that help control the loop of the music without apps interference. The DDJ 200 came up with app-based loop control instead of physical loop buttons.
  • Its performance pad has a rubbery finish that assures maximum comfort and flexibility. In addition, the pad mode selection option on above of the pad button makes it a convenient Dj controller.
  • A microphone is available at the Pioneer DDJ 400, allowing you to have a microphone jack on the controller. On the contrary, there is no microphone port on the Pioneer DDJ 200.
  • It has a Rekordbox software license. In contrast, the Pioneer DDJ 200 is not holding any Rekordbox Software license. Therefore, the DDJ 400 is more professional than that facility.

Overall, the Pioneer DDJ 400 is a solid performer with its robust specifications and latest functions. Where the DDJ 200 is the previous model of the DDJ 400, That’s why it is so consistent and perfect to buy.


Similar Features 

  • These Dj controllers provide an 8-key performance pad promising to deliver bass and beat with accuracy.
  • These Dj controllers run with 2 mixer channels that affirm a song preview while playing the other song.
  • These devices are also compatible with Bluetooth. So connecting with additional devices becomes easy and quick.

Pioneer DDJ 200 Vs Pioneer DDJ 400 Comparison Chart

Specifications  Pioneer DDJ 400 Pioneer DDJ 200
Editors ratings  4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Dimension  10.72 x 18.98 x 2.3 inches 14.88 x 8.19 x 1.9 inches
Weight  2.1 kg 1.2 kg
Mixer channel 
Warranty  1 year  1 year 

Features & Benefits of Pioneer DDJ 200 & the Pioneer DDJ 400

Number of channels 

The Pioneer DDJ 200 and 400 come with 2 mixer channels that allow you to preview another song over the running one. Besides, this 2 mixer channel is very convenient for starting from the beginners level. At the same time, the Pioneer has improved so much that it performs like nearly 4 mixer channels. So, it can be used both as beginner and professional use.

Built-in Sound card 

The DDJ 400 included a 24-bit/44.1 kHz sound card that allows connecting the speaker directly from the DJ controller by appropriate cable. As a result, you get an additional device-free connection. In Comparison, the DDJ 200 is not compatible with a sound card, so you need to connect the speakers to the laptop first; then; you will get the connection of the speakers. So, it is evident that the Pioneer has become handier in this segment.

Track Selection Control 

These features from DDJ 400 are beneficial when playing nonstop music because this track selection control helps to choose the song from the music library. However, you can do this option with the laptop bit, especially for those who want to play music by adjusting quickly. Unfortunately, the DDJ 200 does not support this track selecting control. Therefore, you need to look at the laptop to change the track every time.

Microphone Jack Port

A microphone jack port is essential for a Dj controller nowadays, so a DJ can add a different voice to the music. However, the Pioneer DDJ 400 put a microphone jack port on the controller body. Sadly, you can not get any mic jack port on the DDJ 200, which would be a concern for a beginner.

Software license

The latest well-programmed software Rekordbox operates the DDJ 400. As a result, you can control the whole DJ control on the controller. On the other hand, the DDJ offers WeDJ software operated by handset or laptop. In this segment, the Rekordbox is more powerful and convenient than the WeDJ because it works on laptops and controllers.


Pioneer gives a one-year warranty to their Dj controller machine. You can have the warranty via contacting or emailing them. Point to be noted; they have some warranty policies, so please read carefully before buying.

Final Word 

Many brands launch Dj controllers, but Pioneer has been a trusted and reliable brand over the years. However, the DDJ 400 and DDJ 200 are the two best Pioneer DJ controllers, but the DDJ offers more specs than the DDJ 200, making it an ultimate deal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the DDJ 400 include a full Rekordbox license?

Yes, it has the full software license of Rekordbox.

What types of cable are required to connect the DDJ 400 with speakers?

 To connect the speaker, you need two male RCA cables.

Does the DDJ 200 support the Djay app from iPad?

Yes, the Djay app can operate the DDJ 200.

Can I change the tempo from the Spotify playlist?

Yes, you can increase or decrease the tempo from the Spotify playlist.

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