Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200

Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200 – Learn Why Panasonic ZS200 is Best!


Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200Panasonic ZS100 and ZS200 are excellent digital cameras with some stunning features. However, testing all the facilities of these cameras, I would strongly recommend you buy Panasonic ZS200 as it offers some of the best-improved functions.

Why I Recommend Panasonic ZS200?

  • Panasonic ZS200 offers a 25600 ISO range that will ensure the clarity of your image even in a dark place. On the other hand, Panasonic ZS100 provides a 12800 ISO range only.
  • It can take 60 frames per second which means you can get a clearer picture of any super fast-moving object. In comparison, the ZS100 provides you with 50 frames per second.
  • You can click 4k photos with the Panasonic ZS200, which is a far better quality picture than an HD image. But, with the ZS100, you won’t get this advantage.
  • The Bluetooth feature is included with the Panasonic ZS200, which allows you to transfer your data by connecting the camera with your smart devices. On the contrary, the other one won’t let you transfer files through Bluetooth.
  • This digital camera has been featured with a 15x Optical Zoom lens that will let you get a vivid picture of the distance places quickly. However, Panasonic ZS100 allows a 10x optical zoom lens.

Considering above mentioned improved features, you can go for the Panasonic ZS200 without any further do. It offers a 25600 ISO range, taking 60 frames per second, clicking 4k photos, Bluetooth feature, and 15x Optical Zoom lens.


Similar Features of Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200

  • The touchscreen feature is implemented with these digital cameras, which means they will let you control the camera’s setting, focus, and exposure with a swipe of your finger.
  • You can enjoy the image stabilization function with these two stunning cameras that will give you some fantastic pictures though your hand is shaking.
  • These cameras allow you to get a 4k video resolution with 30 frames per second which is the best clip.
  • The Panasonic ZS100 and the ZS200 provide wifi connectivity that will allow you to transfer your data from your camera faster to your smart devices.
  • The Autofocus has been featured with these two digital cameras. You can get the focus automatically when you take the snaps.
  • When we buy, one of the crucial issues is the battery duration of the camera. They will let you take around 300 pictures with a charge.
  • The screen size of the cameras is 3 inches, and the color of them is black, plus you can use external memory with them as an extra function.

Comparison Chart: Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200

Specification Panasonic ZS100 Panasonic ZS200
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5.0 4.6 out of 5
ISO Range 100-12800  100-25600 extended 
Continuous Shooting Speed 50 shots per second 60 shots per second
4K Photo No  Yes 
Bluetooth No  Yes 
Optical Zoom  10x 15x
Touchscreen Yes Yes (found a bit slow)
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
Picture from Video 4k photo (30 frames per second) 4k picture (30 frames per second)
OSD Language Eight more (English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Spanish) Eight more (English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Spanish)
Weight 11 ounces/ 0.69 pounds (0.69 lbs) 1.17 lbs
Image Sensor 20.1 Megapixels 20.1 Megapixels
FPS 24 – 30 image 24-30 images
Image Ratio 4:3 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Video Resolution 3840 x 2160p ( 4K Ultra HD Video) 3840 x 2160p ( 4K Ultra HD Video)
Dimension/ Size 1.7 x 4.4 x 2.5  inches 4.38 x 1.78 x 2.61 inches
Auto-Focus Yes (built-in) Yes (built-in)
Wi-Fi Connection Yes  Yes
Zoom Lens 25-250mm Leica DC Vario-Summilux Leica DC 24-360mm
Battery Life 300 shoots 300 shoots
Screen Size 3 inches 3 inches
Color Black Black
Lens Aperture F2.8 – 5.9 F3.3 – 6.4
Adapter USB cable USB cable
Self-timer  Three (2 seconds, 10 sec, 10 sec) Three (2 seconds, 10 sec, 10 sec)
External Memory Card Yes Yes
Manufacturer warranty Twelve months Twelve months

Similarities and Differences Between Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200


It is one of the most talked-about matters when it comes to buying a camera. Everyone wants to know the build quality and design of it. Because this is the first impression of the customer and it knows very well to all the producers. In this regard, these are two excellent digital cameras with improved functions. 

Their color is black with three inches of screen size that is enough to work on it. In addition, you can connect the cameras with your smart devices with a USB cable that will work as an adapter.

The weight of the Panasonic ZS100 is 0.69 lbs with its 1.7 x 4.4 x 2.5 inches dimensions. And, the Panasonic ZS200 wight is 1.17 lbs with its 4.38 x 1.78 x 2.61 inches of sizes.

One of the main features of these cameras is; they offer built-in Autofocus when you take a snap with them. Therefore, the lens aperture of the Panasonic ZS100 is F2.8 to 5.9 and the Panasonic ZS200 F3.3 to 6.4, which is a bit more.

On the other hand, you can use the external memory card in your Panasonic digital cameras to avoid worrying about the storage you will get from the company with these cameras. In addition, there are eight more OSD languages (English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Spanish) that will let you set the functions with these languages and many more.

ISO Range

One of the top three considering features is the ISO range when it comes to buying a camera. This feature will help you get a crystal clear picture even in low-light places or dark areas. The ZS200 has a 25600 ISO range that will make you the best out of it. On the other hand, the ZS100 camera is featured with only a 12800 ISO range, far lower than another one. So considering this feature, I would suggest you get the ZS200 without further thinking.

Image Sensor and Stabilization

It feels better when you get a quality picture with your digital camera. That is why you need to have a camera with a suitable sensor. In this regard, the Panasonicpanasonic ZS100 and the ZS200 have the same megapixels. They offer a 20.1 megapixels image, which is enough to get the best out of it. Therefore you can go for any one of them you want as they offer quite a similar range of capture capabilities.

One of the essential functions is having the capability of image stabilization with your digital camera. You can enjoy this feature of both of these cameras which means if your hand is shaking while taking the image still, you can get a vivid picture with them.

Connectivity of the Camera

To transfer your data, you need some ways how you can do this. With these digital cameras, you can enjoy a wifi connectivity feature. To share your images and video clips, you have to connect your camera by clicking wifi to your smart devices.

In terms of Bluetooth, the Panasonic ZS200 is featured with this essential function. You can exchange the images and videos from your digital cameras by connecting your smart devices via Bluetooth connection within a short time. But, you will not get this crucial feature with the ZS100. In this regard, you can choose the ZS200 instead of another one as it offers more ways to transfer the data.

Video Recording

Before buying a camera, you must think of the video resolution of that particular device. You can expect the best quality video clips with them as these Panasonic digital cameras can provide you with 4k Altra HD vides of 3840 x 2160p. Besides, they can offer you quality clips if your hands are shaking as they have stabilization features.

Product Warranty

The Panasonic company does make sure the quality of their products. So usually, you do not see any issue with their cameras for some years. But still, there are twelve months of the manufacturer’s warranty. So you will be able to use this time if there are some producer issues. 

In addition, you can get ninety days of exchangeable duration with all the accessories except non-rechargeable batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries have ten days of an exchange offer for the USA and Puerto Rico Only.

In a Nutshell

Finally, I can assure you that if you buy the Panasonic ZS200, you will get outstanding performance for sure as it offers some exclusive features that you will not get from another one. For example, this device can provide you a 25600 ISO range, taking 60 frames per second, clicking 4k photos, Bluetooth feature, and 15x Optical Zoom lens.

On the other hand, the Panasonic ZS100 is a lightweight camera that will let you use it for a longer time without being tired. So, you can go for this one if you do not like an overweight device. But, I will strongly suggest you buy the ZS200 considering all the improved features mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions about Panasonic ZS100 vs ZS200

Question: How can I get an operating manual for this ZS100 digital camera?

Answer: You can get an operating manual from google for using your camera.

Question: Does the ZS100 product have an international warranty?

Answer: This Camera has twelve months of international warranty for USA customers.

Question: Does the ZS100 shoot 24fps?

Answer: I assume you are talking about the video mode. It shoots 24, 30, or 60 fps depending on your setting. You need a fast SD card to handle the 30 and 60.

Question: Does the ZS100 model is plastic or metal?

Answer: I thought it was metal, but when I tested it with a magnet, it did not respond like metal, so apparently, it is a rigid plastic and a great little camera.

Question: Is this Panasonic ZS100 camera made in Japan?

Answer: No, the ZS100 is made in China.

Question: Does the Lumix SZ 200 have wifi connectivity?

Answer: Yes, the Lumix SZ 200 has built-in wifi connectivity.

Question: Does the ZS200 have continuous autofocus ability for 4K videos?

Answer: Yes, the ZS200 has Autofocus when recording 4K motion pictures; the focus will be adjusted continuously.

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