Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Panasonic GX85 vs G7 – Learn Why Panasonic GX85 is Best!


Panasonic GX85 vs G7After comparing Panasonic GX85 and G7, we found some impressive functions in the GX85 camera. That’s why we highly recommend Panasonic GX85 for you.

Why We Recommend Panasonic GX85?

  • Panasonic GX85 features a post focus mode that allows you to decide where you want to make sharp or add focus after your shoot is done. But the G7 does not include post focus mode.
  • It combines with the 5 Axis Gyro sensor, including Dual I.S., while the other one doesn’t combine with these awesome features. However, the 5 Axis reduces the lens or handshake in the photo or video recording and provides stabilized shots.
  • Panasonic GX85 can capture up to 999 shots per charge, which is impressive because you can explore your adventure without worrying about battery life. On the contrary, Panasonic G7 can capture 350 to 360 shots per charge. So, the GX85 would be an ideal choice for covering a day-long event.
  • It has a slimmer body plus slightly lighter weight than its competitor. That’s why the device is reliable to carry for a long session.

You will get these handy functions on Panasonic GX85 that are missing on the G7. And we recommend you select this camera for you if you want a convenient and reliable device. 


Similar Features of Panasonic GX85 vs G7

  • Panasonic GX85 and Panasonic G7 feature a 16mp camera resolution, including a 4K photo so that you don’t miss any moments. A 16mp camera produces high-quality images, and the 4K technology allows you to extract pictures from the 4k video. 
  • They include a high-resolution screen that includes a 2,360k-dot, and it ensures you get perfect visibility even if you are under direct sunlight.
  • Both combine with a fast A.F. System, which allows you to shoot silently in hushed settings.

We’ve put together a few similar features of these two Panasonic models. Though both include many similarities, we still suggest the Panasonic GX85. 

 Quick Comparison: Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Specifications Panasonic GX85 Panasonic G7’s rating 4.7 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Size  4.8 x 2.78 x 1.73 inches 8.7 x 6.8 x 4.6 inches
Weight  1.09 lbs 1.59 pounds
Battery Life 999 shots 350 to 360 shots
5 Axis Gyro Sensor + Dual IS Yes No 
Post Focus Mode  Yes  No 
Continuous Shooting Speed  8fps  8fps 
Max Video Resolution 2160p 2160
Free angle monitor  No, it can be rotated up to 80  No, it can be rotated up to 80 degree
Camera effective pixels 16.00 Megapixels 16.00 Megapixels
Wireless Yes Yes
Panorama shot Yes Yes
Built-in Flash Yes Yes
Warranty  1 year (Only for the USA and Puerto Rico) 1 year (Only for the USA and Puerto Rico)

Differences and Similarities: Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Image Quality 

Both cameras come with a 16 megapixel that includes a next-generation image sensor so that you can produce a stunning image with edge-to-edge detail. Also, the images are artifacts-free. 

Moreover, they also have 4k photo mode, which means you can extract photos from the video recording without pausing it. And this won’t reduce the image details.

4K Video Capture 

Panasonic GX85 and G7 include 4x times the number of pixels compared to the Full HD video. You can record crisp and detailed videos with their 2160p resolution. These devices can be connected to the P.C. during a video shoot which is very helpful since you can cover the whole area in detail to the frame. 

Battery Life 

Panasonic GX85 can capture 999 shots per charge, on the other hand, the G7 can capture 360 photos. If you want longer battery life, the GX85 should be your best choice. That’s because the device will last for hours, and you don’t need to worry about the battery life. 

Image Stabilization 

You will find the image stabilization feature on the GX5, which is very impressive. The I.S. ensures you took effective photos even though the lens or your hand is shaking. Unfortunately, the G7 doesn’t combine with Image stabilization. 


Panasonic GX85 and G7 feature a high-resolution OLED Live View Finder, which has 2,360k-dot. They have a 10,000:1 contrast ratio that ensures high visibility even if you are under direct sunlight. Furthermore, you can also adjust the settings on the camera. 

Fast and Precise A.F. Tracking

An intelligent autofocusing will track the motion, color, and size of the image. That’s because it will enable a quick, precise focus lock. While recording with the A.F. tracking, you don’t need to worry about the blurry footage. 

In addition, the DFD or Depth-From-Defocus technology is included in both devices. It lets you calculate the distance so that you can quickly adjust the focus on the images while you capture it. The A.F. enables you to enjoy up to 6 frames per second.

Post Focus Mode 

You will get post focus mode on the Panasonic GX85, but the G7 is not built with this feature. 

Anyhow, when your shooting is done, you just need to tap on the area you want to add a focal point or make sharp. Also, it allows you to combine different photos plus set the focus points in several areas on the same image. 


Usually, Panasonic provides a one-year U.S. standard warranty from the original date of purchase, also the warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser. However, during the period, if you cannot use the device due to a manufacturer issue, they will repair it. 

And remember, the warranty will not cover any scratch on the device. 

Final Words 

Panasonic GX85 includes updated features compared to the G7. Since it has better battery life, image stabilization feature, post focus mode plus other convenient features, you can consider this DSLR camera.

But if you are impressed with Panasonic G7 features, choose this instead. It is also a nice camera but doesn’t combine with these upgraded features. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Does the Lumix G7 lens provide a hood?

Yes, it includes a hood with the lens, moreover, it provides other handy goodies so that you can start using the camera right after you get it. 

Do they have silent shutter mode?

Yes, both devices come with the silent shutter mode that is customizable plus you can turn off the sound as well. 

Does the G7 feature slow-motion mode?

Yes, you can achieve slow-motion mode in this device since it can shoot 60fps, once your shooting is done you just need to slow down your footage. 

What is their battery life?

Panasonic GX85 can shoot 999 images, while the G7 can take 350 to 360 shots with a single charge. 

Do they include post focus mode?

You will find the post focus mode on the GX85, but the G7 doesn’t include this feature. 

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