Pack n Play vs Playpen

Pack n Play vs Playpen – Which Playard is the best?

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Pack n Play vs PlaypenBetween Graco Pack n Play and Fortella Playpen baby swings, Playpen would be a suitable Playard for your baby. Because Playpen offers more special characteristics than Pack n Play.  

Why is the Fortella Playpen the most suitable for your baby? 

  • It has easily foldable and portable pad connectors that made it suitable for indoor or outdoor surfaces. Whereas the Pack n play’s harder foldability is not fittable for all conditions.  
  • The strong hinge connectors of Playpen keep it in proper shape and position. It is safer and secured than pack n play swing. 
  • The playpen is the best place for kids’ fun and education. Unlike the Pack n play, drawing pads and toys are attached to this swing.
  • It appears with a larger size than Pack n play. It covers almost 25 square feet of the ground and stands tall at 24.4 inches. 

So, the Playpen is that suitable swing that you were looking for. But the Pack n play has some other specialties too yet we recommend you to have a look at the Playpen. 


Similar features of Pack n Play vs Playpen   

  • Proper storage capacity can take all the accessories of your baby. 
  • A large playing surface allows free movement of the baby.
  • Both swings are effortless to fold and suitable for traveling activities.
  • The mattress has great air passing ability. Ensures the health condition of the baby.  

Quick comparison: Pack n Play vs Playpen

Specifications  Graco pack n play Playpen 
Editor’s rating  4.7 out of 5  4.9 out of 5 
Drawing board  No  Yes 
Touchable toy attachment  No  Yes 
Customizable set up option No (1-fixed)  Yes (square, circle)
Secure and sturdy  Yes  Yes 
Mattress turf   Yes (smaller) Yes (Large) 
Tall wall  Yes  Yes (24.4 inches) 
Main material  Plastic  Plastic 
Weight  28.33 Pounds 34.9 pounds
Carrying bag included  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Yes (1-year limited)  Yes (2-year cost-free support) 

Comparison of features between Pack n Play vs Playpen

Comfortable Mattress

Both baby swings come with a nice and comfortable mattress. Baby will be able to have moving opportunities on this soft large surface. The turf of the Playpen is so large that it has a very healthy sleeping surface. This turf has a size of 25 square feet. It has a great air-passing ability. With double-layered long mesh fabric has made it a proper heavenly space for babies to sleep and play.   

Whiteboard attachment 

Unlike the Pack n play, the playpen swing has a whiteboard attachment. It helps to increase the drawing ability of the baby. It will make your baby more creative. When the baby has nothing to do, he can pass his time with some creative work. It improves a child’s attention and cognitive development. 

Toy attachment 

Pack n Play has an overhead toy attachment facility. But the activity wall of the Playpen has 4 sensory toys. All those toys help to learn faster, increasing kids’ attentiveness. Toys like an abacus, sound button, dial phone, and rotating gears engage your baby in the proper activity.

Safety and security 

The spectacular design of Playpen has made it the most secured swing on the market. It comes with 24.4 inches of tall wall setting, 14 strong top connectors, and an anti-pads attachment on the floor. The hinge connector is very strong and able to last for a long time. On the opposite side, the Pack n play is also a well-secured baby swing. A strong plastic-made body and surrounded net attachment have turned it into a haven for your kid. 

foldable and portable 

You can fold down the Playpen for traveling for a short time. After folding the hinges connectors, specially designed handles will work as a carrying bag. Then put the swing on a surface, and expand the hinge connector for new use. The Pack n play also has a quick folding option. Also, this brand offers a nice carrying bag for a proper traveling experience. 


The Fortella provides 2 years of cost-free warranty support. With that clause, the manufacturing brand provides lifetime service support of the Playpen baby swing. With that backup, users will be able to use the swing without any tension. On the opposite side, the Pack n play comes with 1 year of warranty service from Graco. 


As you can see all those major differences between these two swings, decision-making is now easy. All those encouraging specialties of the Playpen have made it the best choice for all time. The long-term warranty support and extended turf setup have made it a suitable swing for home and outside uses. Also, the Pack n play has some other qualities like an infant seat, and diaper changing seats. If you want these features, Pack n play can be your targeted swing. 

Frequently asked questions about Pack n Play vs Playpen baby swings. 

Question: What is the internal length of the Playpen baby swing, including the expansion kit? 

Answer: If you count the length with the expansion kit, the dimension will be 71.4”x 71.4″ as a square setup, but in rectangle mode, the length would be 57.2”x 85.6″. It is a really large place for babies to move.

Question: Is it battery-supported? 

Answer: No, you don’t need to use a battery with any of these baby swings. 

Question: Does it come with a mosquito net?  

Answer: No, though the Pack n play has net attachment, it is only for the inner part. And playpen doesn’t have any net attachment. 

Question: Can I remove the mattress? 

Answer: Yes, the mattress is easily removable. Both mattresses are washable. Just put them on a machine to be completely cleaned up. 

Question: What is the age limitation of the Playpen? 

Answer: The playpen is suited for 6 months – 3 years old kids. They will have free movement access on this swing. 

Question: What is the shipping dimension of the Playpen swing package? 

Answer: The Playpen box has dimensions of 32 x 11 x 13. But the extended size of this swing is very large. Creates large space for children’s free movement.     

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