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Pack n Play vs Mini Crib – Where Should Your Toddler Sleep?

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Pack n Play vs Mini CribGraco Pack n Play travel dome and the Emily 4-in-1 convertible Mini Crib baby have many differences. Here, the better option would be Graco Pack n Play for its amazing variable and coverable features.

Why Pack n Play is Better?

  • Graco Pack n Play can be used as a swing as well. But the Mini Crib bassinet is fixed, as a result, you cannot use it as a swing.
  • You can convert Pack n Play swing into a toddler Playard by removing the bassinet to make a secure spot for your growing baby to rest and play. On the contrary, you can’t convert the Mini Crib into a Playard.
  • Traveling is easy with Pack and Play because you can completely fold and simply keep it in the portable carry bag which is included with the swing. Whereas, no folding option is available with the Mini Crib.
  • An amazing infant seat is available for the baby’s convenience with this Graco swing. Even, you can place the infant seat wherever you want. Unfortunately, the other one doesn’t have infant sitting facilities.
  • Pack n Play baby swing offers an exclusive diaper change sitting option with storage to keep the baby’s essentials nearby. In contrast, these facilities are not available with Mini Crib baby swing
  • It has UV 50 protection to keep your baby safe from the heat and extreme cool conditions. On the other hand, its rival doesn’t build with this impressive thing.

For the baby’s proper care and comfort, the Graco Pack n Play is the most considerable option here. However, the Mini Crib is also a good one for home use. So, we suggest you take your preference into consideration to get the best one.


Similar Features of Pack n Play vs Mini Crib

  • Pack n Play and Mini Crib convertible swings can be used for different purposes. 
  • They have a big space inside for comfortable and free movement.
  • These swings will not hamper babies’ growth at all.

Quick Comparison: Pack n Play vs Mini Crib

Specification  Graco Pack n Play Swing  Mini Crib Baby Swing 
Editor’s rating  4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  27 x 28.5 x 37 inches 38.7 x 27.95 x 37.99 inches
Built-in infant seat  Yes  No 
Removable diaper option  Yes  No 
Folding system  Yes  No 
Adjustable bassinet  Yes  No 
UV 50 protection  Yes  No 
Storage compartment  Yes  No 
Travel bag  Yes  No 
Swing weight  28.8 pounds   33.1 pounds
Manufactured material  Plastic and metal  New Zealand pine wood and TSCA compliant MDF 
Brand  Graco  Dream On Me
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (1-year) 

Similarities & Differences Between Pack n Play vs Mini Crib

Built-in Infant Seat

Pack n Play is a combination of so many spectacular features. The built-in infant seat is one of them. The baby can be placed on that additional infant seat. With the removable option, you can place the infant seat wherever you want.

There is an adjustable clip on the Pack n play swing for attaching the seat properly. When you don’t require the infant seat, you can use the seat as a bassinet. This built-in seat is not available on the Mini crib baby swing.  

Diaper Changing Option 

This Pack n play comes with a diaper removing facility for your babies. So, when you travel with your baby, it will help you in that place. This diaper changing seat can be attached to the swing. After changing the baby’s diaper, you can remove this diaper seat. It is really good that parents can make hassle-free travels. 

Traveling Partner 

Mainly this convertible baby swing is preferable for its easily convertible nature. You can fold this swing in a quick time. With a storage compartment on the underside, your baby’s pants, shirt, and some important accessories will be safe there. An exclusive carrying bag is provided with that seat.

When you put the swing inside the bag, it looks like a normal backpack as the sign is lightweight, while the bag carrying the bag will not feel any weight on your shoulder. So, it has to say that a baby swings a perfect fitting for all traveling purposes, and it can be your baby’s best traveling partner.

On the other side, the Mini crib is designed for home use only. It is made with good materials. This swing comes in a large dimension, that’s why traveling is not easy with this swing.

Safety and Protection 

The body of the pack n play baby swing is built-up with a mixer of plastic and metal. It is very safe and well-balanced. On the sleeping turf, good quality fabrics were used, which come with UV 50 protection. The cabinet of that swing always remains perfect for this special character.

With that UV protection, the swing will get heated from sun heat. Also, in cold conditions, this swing will save some heat to make your baby’s life more comfortable. For this special UV protection mode, doctors suggest this seat for the newborn.

Manufactured Materials

Both baby swings were manufactured with some excellent materials. The Mini crib baby swing was manufactured in New Zealand. Pinewood of New Zealand was used to build up the frame of that swing. The sleeping turf is made with soft mesh foam and polyester fabric.

This swing can be converted into a dual-size bed. Also, the compartment space is so large that it supports babies’ free movements. On the opposite side, the Pack n play is very safe because of using the main compartment’s UV protection system. 


Graco provides a 1-year limited warranty with the Pack n Play baby swing, which is quite satisfactory in duration. But must be aware of all those limitations. On the other side, Davinci provides the year of manufacturer warranty with the Mini crib baby swing.   


The Pack n Play is suited for both home and touring purposes. It has so many variations and features on this reasonable budget. So, my final preference is Graco Pack n play baby swing. But if you are thinking of buying a swing with a large compartment for babies’ free movement Mini crib is your desired option. This baby swing will be so ideal for your home also.

FAQs about Pack n Play vs Mini Crib Baby Swings

Question: Is it battery-supported? 

Answer: No, both swings don’t need any battery power and electricity powers to get functional. 

Question: Can I hook my smartphone on the railing of the crib? 

Answer: Yes, this railing hook can be used to attach the mobile phone device. Or some other things can be attached with that hook.

Question: Is there any storage facility available? 

Answer: Yes, Graco Pack n play has storage for keeping your kids’ important things. Like diapers, water bottles, etc., but the Mini crib doesn’t have any storage facility. 

Question: Can I get two diaper seats with pack n play? 

Answer: No, this swing comes with one diaper seat. If you want more diaper seats, you need to pay for that second one. 

Question: What is the weight limit of the pick n play infant seat? 

Answer: The pack n play has a removable infant seat option. This infant seat can hold up to 15 lbs. This infant seat can be placed anywhere. 

Question: Can I make a tour with the Mini crib swing? 

Answer: The Mini crib is not the preferable option for tours. The pack n-play is designed for traveling purposes. So, you can consider this baby swing.

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